Thursday, 2 July 2009

Sharia courts. The creep of Islam in Britain

I haven't written here for quite some time now, almost, if not longer than, two months. I stopped having time on the run-in to the Euro elections, leafleting reaches far more people than my humble blog! I must digress, back to the matter at hand.

The small (!) matter of how more and more of the Muslim way of life, and of the influence of Islam, has on our day to day lives is getting more and more worrying. Back in September of 2008 Sharia Law became binding when they began to exploit the 1996 Arbitration Act, which is also used by the Jewish Beth Din courts, to settle family grievances and property disputes. Back then it was recognised that there were 5 Sharia courts in the UK, which had settled 100 cases. This week the truth is revealed by the think-tank Civitas that there are 86 sharia courts operating underground in the UK, parallel to UK law. Before we look at the kinds of rulings that come from these courts, which are run by elders from mosques, lets compare the number of Sharia courts to the number of courts upholding English Law.

77 Crown courts , 216 County Courts, 357 Magistrate Courts.

More than plenty I am sure you will agree. Now as these Sharia Courts claim to only 'arbitrate' and give rulings on civil and family matters, lets compare numbers with the English equivalent, County Courts. There are 2 shariah courts for every 5 County courts, does that not seem disproportionate? As a percentage that is a whopping 40% in comparison! Do Muslims make up 40% of the population? Or is this another tactic for exercising disproportionate influence over the legal system? No nation can survive a dual-legal system, this has ALWAYS ended up as a separate state being created within, or adjoining, the targeted nation. Pakistan was created from India, Kosovo IS Serbia, the Chechens have been nothing if not troublesome to the Russians. Very recently the Pakistani Muslims were forced to give away part of Pakistan to Al Qaeda, a Muslim tribe, under duress, so it is not even ancient history, it is happening across the world, now, in 2009.

This is where we are headed in Britain, this is another tool to take away another slice of British identity. When they have a big enough population density in a given area, when they occupy the majority share of the housing and schools, when the churches have been replaced by mosques, when the local court has replaced the host nation's provision of law and order, they start the ethnic cleansing of non-Muslims and demand an independent state, where the 'alien', man-made laws of the infidel cannot corrupt their pure Islamic law as given by the bloodthirsty paedophile, Mohammad. This is not scaremongering, this is history repeating itself, this is Islamic domination in effect.

Let's look at the kinds of rulings, or 'Fatwas', delivered by these courts. Firstly, they are anti-female. A man can receive the very lightest of punishments for domestic violence, like anger management and 'counselling' from community leaders where a British court would have delivered a much stiffer sentence. If the Imam was to decree (issue a fatwa) that charges against the husband should be dropped with the Infidel courts the woman would have no choice but to comply. In Nuneaton, a fathers estate was split between three daughters and two sons, with each son receiving twice as much as each daughter, in keeping with Sharia Law and the teachings of the Koran, an English County Court would have split the pot 5 ways equally. At the time of this article going to print, it was thought there were only 5 Sharia courts, not the 86 it is now widely accepted as being in operation. In 2008 the Centre for Social Cohesion released a survey that showed 40% of British Muslims want Sharia Law in the UK and 33% want a Sharia Islamic world government, so they can run parallel governments within a nation, before making the aforementioned demands for a separate state.

As recently as this week the 'Religion of Peace' has been peacefully declaring that it is the religious duty of ALL Muslims to fight Britain and America. Further rulings are :-

- Sharia law must override the judgements of British courts;
- Muslims living in this country are under orders to disobey Britain’s laws when it contradicts Islamic values;
- Muslims are forbidden to take out insurance, even if required by (UK) law.
- There is no requirement to register a marriage according to the law of the country;
- Polygamous marriage (that is, two to four wives) is legal; and
- A Muslim lawyer has to act contrary to UK law where it contradicts Sharia.

Further more, they have peacefully declared that Islam will have "dreadful revenge" on France and French interests (EDF and Total for a start) internationally for President Sarkozy's declaration that the "Burka is not welcome in France". There is no difference in any of these cases regarding the legality of them under Sharia Law. A fatwa is a Fatwa, no matter where or which Imam gives it. A woman can be ordered to drop criminal charges against her husband, daughters can be done out of their inheritance by a panel of gynaephobes or a Holy War can be declared against a single man, as with Salman Rushdie, or an entire nation, as with France.

If we allow these Sharia Courts to flourish, they will use it as an excuse for an Islamic State on the British mainland. So this Brandy sodden old fart does not help when he says Sharia rulings should be binding under British Law! How can a religious ruling be made enforceable under British Law without including ALL religions? Should catholics be allowed to discriminate, in law, against homosexuals? Should Hindu's hold open air funeral pyres on village greens? Islam teaches homosexuals should be "thrown from mountaintops". If that Fatwa was issued by a Shariah court, would British Law have to accept the ruling? Ben Nevis is going to get awfully busy!Madness!

The creep of Islam MUST be stopped.