Friday, 13 February 2009

If you tolerate this then YOUR children will be next

Big hat-tip to the Green Arrow for this story, it is truly sickening.

Gwent police are flying the rainbow coloured flag for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) month for the 5th consecutive year. LGBT takes place every February, although I doubt you have heard much about it. That could be because the police do not want you to know that instead of being out fighting crime they are promoting 'alternative' lifestyles to our children. How can flying a multi-coloured flag do that? Well the Gwent flag takes pride of place above the official constabulary flag. As police force emblems bear reference to the royal household and service to the Queen this means they place the promotion of homosexuality among officers above loyalty to the Queen or law enforcement. This affront to public decency is a few hundred yards from the local comprehensive where children aged 11-18 pass everyday.

It does get worse though. In Kent the police have invited children under the age of 14 to write a 200 word essay on homosexuality and transexuality (gender confusion) with a prize of £25 for the winner! Not content with corrupting children they are wasting taxpayers money by hosting a homosexual and transsexual dinner dance with a gay quiz night and a seminar entitled 'from outcast to out'. Nice to see them spending OUR MONEY on catching robbers and rapists and keeping us safe. We are still waiting for a heterosexual policeman's month and white police officers association to be formed without it being labelled as 'discriminatory'.

Finally, the sickest piece of news I think I have ever read. I certainly don't remember ever heaving at a news story before this one. If you, as a parent, even consider for a second voting for any party other than the BNP, who will put the authors of vile propaganda and blatant promotion of paedophilia where they belong, then you are as guilty as the FILTH that write the following article here. I'm not sorry if this makes you feel ill, it fucking should.

"Fathers do not devote enough attention to the clitoris and vagina of their
daughters. Their caresses too seldom pertain to these regions, while this is the
only way the girls can develop a sense of pride in their sex," reads the booklet
regarding 1-3 year olds. The authors rationalize, "The child touches all parts
of their father's body, sometimes arousing him. The father should do the

I really suggest that you read the article and see what the NWO and EU have in store for your children and grandchildren. That paragraph is just one of many sick, vile, perverted messages in a booklet used in nine German regions to teach children as young as 1, it recommends showing children from age 4-6 "the movements of copulation".

I really hope you feel revolted, disgusted and most of all angry. Beyond angry. You should be furious, you should want to lash out, to smack some sense into the filth who author this stuff and then recommend it for teaching your children. Will there one day be masturbation lessons for your children? With some depraved paedophile giving 'practical demonstration'? If this does not convince you to stand up and be counted and shout out against what is happening to this country, you should never show your face in public again. Vote BNP for your children's sake.

Are these simple 'coincidences'?

The last few months have been interesting in the world of aviation. It is only February and two planes have come a cropper in New York state. The first one, you will remember, was the flight that hit a flock of geese and lost both engines. Only the absolute professionalism of the pilot and, by common consensus, a little bit of luck saved those people that day, the pilot executing a perfect ditch into the Hudson River. Jolly bad luck that one plane should lose both engines to a bird strike when when the chances are slim at best that you will lose one to a bird strike. Many airline pilots go through their whole career never hitting anything! You could call that unlucky and weird.

Only a few weeks later, as I turned on the TV this morning, a plane has crashed into a house in Buffalo, which incidentally is in New York, as is the Hudson and the WTC, and forty nine people are reported dead including the occupants of the house. Jolly bad luck that, a plane getting into trouble and crashing in New York. Or is it?

If you examine all the aviation related accidents in America and compare them to New York in the last decade, the Big Apple seems to be quite disproportionately represented. The WTC was an act of terrorism (by whom is debatable) but what is to say that these more recent 'accidents' were not planned? A double bird strike taking out both of an aircraft's engines? Statistically improbable but OK. Now a plane has trouble and crashes into a house, Statistically improbable but OK. Both can be accepted in isolation. Those events happening within miles of each other and within weeks of each other? I don't think so. When you consider that they both happen in a city that has a psychological scar from a devastating airborne attack, you have to consider that these things are not accidents and there is something occurring that they don't want us to know.

Another 'coincidence' is the story of two satellites colliding over Siberia. Wow who'da thunk it? You could let this pass if they didn't make such an issue about it but with all the reports on TV I have picked up on a few 'inconsistencies' and made a hypothesis of my own.

Firstly these were low-orbit satellites of little importance. One chap on the TV said that the important communications satellites are in geosynchronous orbit much higher up, about 4600Km from Earth and these low orbit satellites are just for weather and 'observation', important word that. Apparently there are lots of low orbit satellites just bombing around the earth uncontrolled and it's blind luck they haven't had a collision before. Really? They just hoof around willy-nilly and you take whatever data they grab at random? You mean you cannot direct a satellite to a specific location to perform a specific task? I'm pretty sure we have always been told you can. There is the first little doubt.

The second doubt is that these low orbit satellites are for 'observation'. So what exactly were they observing in Siberia? A place where Russia carried out much of it's military strategies because the place is virtually impenetrable by a mobile armoured force. Men cannot carry their equipment or think logically in -40c blizzards. Petrol and diesel freeze in those temperatures too. There is no natural cover to hide in or spy from. For nuclear installations and research labs it is ideal. You cant get so much as a camera within 100 miles, perfect anti-espionage terrain. Unfortunately in this day and age you can send a satellite with thermal imaging equipment and ultra-powerful cameras to look into these places. Even google can photograph your house from space, I dare say the Americans and Russians have similar abilities. Call me paranoid but I'm much more inclined to believe that an American satellite was looking at something it shouldn't and the Russians slapped it out of the skies. Either by crashing a 'weather' satellite into it or a good old fashioned rocket. This story was concocted in case some amateur astronomer saw the explosion.

Another lie I picked up on was the excuse for how much space debris there is floating about in low earth orbit. Apparently, the amount of CO2 in the stratosphere has cooled the air and the debris cannot fall to earth because it 'bounces' of the cold CO2. I don't know how stupid we are supposed to be but does CO2 not WARM the planet? Is that not why we recycle and turn off lights and reduce our 'carbon footprint'? Or do they just say whatever they want and hope we swallow it? Also, things do not burn up in the atmosphere because of the gasses in the outer layer or because of Ozone. They burn up because gravity gets a hold of them and pulls them towards Earth. Falling from that height causes a lot of friction, that causes a lot of heat. Every day there are bits of space debris falling to earth, they don't get within a few miles because the heat caused by friction disintegrates it. That's why space shuttles glow red on re-entry. That's why re-entry is an exact science that can very easily go wrong. If the atmosphere was that cold they would just plow into the atmosphere and charge towards terra firma, instead of controlling the speed of descent to stop the shuttle breaking into a million pieces because of friction and heat.

That gives lie to another statement about the satellites. That they just buzz around uncontrolled. They actually have a very complex system of 'thrusters' to stop them falling to earth. The way they stay up is that they are in the gravitational pull of the planet and they use occasional bursts from a rocket to counter the force. That is how orbit works. When the fuel runs out they can no longer maintain force against gravity and they go into 'decaying orbit' which basically means they fall and burn up. Is it not logical to assume those thrusters can be used to send a satellite to wherever you want? Or that you could make an old, almost useless satellite smash one you objected too? Seems pretty straightforward to me.

Lastly, on our own soil, or should I say in our own airspace, two planes collide in Wales, killing two cadets and their instructors. Two planes without flight recorders over a piece of country where the last thing people would be looking at is the sky. Why planes that are used to train cadets do not have flight recorders is a mystery to me I thought all planes from the smallest Cessna to the biggest Jumbo had flight recorders. I would have thought a flight recorder would be an invaluable training aid to show the cadets how smooth fluid movement of the controls gave better results than jerky sudden movements. They use this technology to teach racing drivers I'm fairly confident aviation would be ahead of them in the technology stakes. Maybe I'm a bit cynical but the dropping oil prices should be bringing down travel costs. A few 'safety issues' would be a good excuse to keep fares high in the name of 'safety' and 'security'.

Think on. Accidents are supposed to be rare!!

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

What more can happen to freedom?

An astounding few days in the sub-public political world. While the BBC show endless footage of suffering in Australia they fail to mention that in September '08 The Age, a top newspaper in Australia ran a story about how the CIA had intercepted communications from a Muslim extremist website saying that bush fires would be very effective as a weapon of terror and suggested the use of petrol or sulphuric acid to assist in fire-raising. That story was pulled from the archives on Monday afternoon after it was discovered but can still be found via Google.

Yesterday the General Synod voted to ban members of the Church of England clergy from being members of the British National Party. The proposal was raised by one Vasantha Gnanados, a civilian worker in the Metropolit(ical?)an Police Force and backed by former commissioner Sir Ian Blair. Ms Gnanados was on BBC's Big Questions on Sunday morning in full traditional Hindu dress and Sir Ian Blair is the raving left socialist who put Labour party promotional stickers on Met police cars during Tony Blair's 1997 election campaign. There is no ban on clergy being members of any other political party or affiliation. Blatant discrimination and as one commentator said "This is ridiculous. Member or not you can still vote for them". Indeed they should do just that.

Another chapter in the story of Mr Geert Wilders. You may remember my previous articles about Mr Wilders and his short movie 'Fitna'. He is a democratically elected member of Dutch government who made a movie drawing parallels between passages from the Qu'ran and the various terrorist atrocities and barbarisms carried out by followers of the Cult of the Moon-worshipping Bloodthirsty Necrophiliac Paedophile. Well after he was invited to the House of Lords for a discussion about his movie, The Noble Lord Nazir Ahmed (the Pakistan-born dangerous driver, who I cannot call a killer as though a man died due to his actions, causing death by dangerous driving was dropped) threatened to raise an army of 10,000 Muslims against the Houses to prevent Mr Wilders attending. Well a Lord and Lady of the House grew a pair and re-invited Mr Wilders for a showing at a later date.

Well the Secretary of State Jacqui Smith has written to Mr Wilders telling him he is not welcome in Great Britain and if he attempts to enter the country he will be arrested. A copy of the letter can be seen here. You should find this absolutely galling, whether or not you believe Islam to be a vicious, evil, wicked satanic cult or not. Any EU citizen can steal our jobs, claim benefits and leach of our tax system, remove assets from our beleaguered economy, commit serious sex offences and violent crimes including murder, but a member of another EU state government cannot speak his mind if it goes against the Labour parties beliefs. This should be causing a diplomatic incident, and indeed still could as I read that the Dutch government will be 'applying pressure' to get the decision changed. You can read more about the situation here. Apparently it would 'threaten community harmony'. You mean Muslims would take to the streets? Smash up shops? Burn cars? Assault innocent bystanders? Really, the religion of peace?

Over the last few days in Glasgow there have been events that bode ill for our Scottish brethren. A group of kids having a friendly snowball fight were set upon and beaten with weapons by a gang of Asians in their twenties. The two groups having a bit of winter fun were Asian and white when a car pulled up and a gang of older Asian boys jumped out and assaulted the four white boys. They were taken to hospital with serious head injuries and broken bones. This occurred just a few hundred yards from where the body of a white boy was found who had been beaten and burned to death by an Asian gang. Kriss Donald was just 15 in March 2004 when he was snatched from the street, tortured, burned and dumped in a skip. More on this story here.

Also in Glasgow's Govanhill, an area now known as Govanhell, is a report on the increase in child prostitution amongst the Roma communities. There is a full story here but the crux of the story is that a man was out walking his dog and happened across a grown man having sex with a nine year old girl who he had stood on a car battery. This is the kind of filth and scum the Labour government have heaped upon us.

This is ABSOLUTE proof that there is a systematic destruction of civilisation occurring here and the ultimate objective is to have us all so busy fighting each other that we forget to fight the people who caused it. They just keep enslaving us with regulations and taxes 'for our safety'. The safest thing we can do is phone, write, text and email our politicians and media stooges. Let them know we have seen their plan and that we will take it no more. Let them know that their experiment is over. The reason they try so hard to silence the BNP is that they know the BNP are the only party that will correct all the wrongs in this country and try the traitors in a court of law. They are really sweating now as they see their time at the trough coming to an end and they will have to answer for their treachery and deceit. They know the real power of a nation lies in it's people and they fear the people realising the fact. Those corrupt parasites are public servants, not our masters. They need to be reminded we hired them and we can fire them, if the cowards ever call a general election that is.

Hat-tip to...

Archbishop Cranmer
Man of the woods
Green Arrow
Scottish/British Nationalist

Saturday, 7 February 2009

The problem is worse than I thought.....

There have been a few discoveries in the news the last few days that have been removed from the mainstream media that cause me a great deal of concern. One of them is an absolute hoot and that's the one I'll start with.

Jeremy Clarkson has been forced to issue an apology after saying to an Australian reporter that Gormeless Brown is a "One-eyed Scottish git". He should apologise for that in my opinion and here is why. It is an offence to anyone who ever lost an eye and to our Scottish brethren for being stereotyped with that spineless oaf. All gits of the world are stuck with the fat traitorous sack of shit.

It is worth noting that Ross and Clarkson launch a personal attack on a public figure, apologise and get a wrist slap. Carol Thatcher did no more than make a derogatory mark against a public figure in private and she gets publicly sacked. It is an appalling double standard and as much as I like Ross and Clarkson and have no feeling either way about Carol, I think all three should suffer a similar fate. Either those two should be sacked also, or she should have received a private ticking off and banning from the show, as she did offend one of the presenters. Her parentage probably had a lot to do with it.

Serious stuff now. Figures that hit the blogosphere this morning show that Britain's gas supplies are at a dangerously low level. During the gas embargo of Russia against the Ukraine, Britain was selling Gas to Belgium through the Interconnect. I wrote about how the interconnect is used to subsidise Europe's gas at the expense of the British customer in one of my earliest articles. Well while we were keeping Western Europe warm with our hard-earned money we were having to use up our gas reserves from North Sea gas facilities and storage depots, so now we have very little gas in reserve. Visit this blog to see the graphs and predictions. According to these we will be suffering shortages in the next few weeks with exhausted reserves by early March.

Here is the really nasty part. Much of Britain's electricity is generated by gas turbines. If gas becomes short then so does electricity which could result in 'rolling blackouts' where areas of the country are shut off for 1 hour on rotation to ease the load on the remaining generators. Petrol and Diesel prices will rocket as people try to run generators through the blackouts. Food prices will rocket because the transportation costs rely on petro-diesel prices. Starving people start committing crimes and the police are overwhelmed. They already ran from 10,000 Muslims to set up the "we are short staffed" story. Europe will help. They will send the EUROgendFOR police to assist ours in quelling riot and rebellion. Congratulations you are now policed by an armed occupying force!

To make sure the populace cannot organise against the occupiers and only the government news can be seen, ISP's based in the UK will be forced to shut down servers. As websites fight for space on the servers the government allow to run, they will have the implied powers to censor the Internet. Any site they consider dissident will not be allowed space on their servers. Having a site hosted abroad is easily put down by forcing the ISP's to block specific foreign servers or lose their operating license. Foreign server owners are then forced not to host sites barred in Britain as foreign commercial sites suffer trade loss, they cannot afford that in the 'global crisis'. No Internet freedom equals no blogs, no uncensored news source, no truth other than what the politicians consider 'correct'. I bet your seeing political correctness in a whole new light now!

Mobile phone masts will also have to be shut down as they use quite a bit of power. There will be huge mobile black spots and terrible reception making mobiles virtually useless except to track via GPS. Operators will have to stick to government rules if they want to operate in the UK, like recording all calls, censoring texts, blocking certain 'dissident' elements IMEI and SIM from the network to prevent them from communicating with colleagues from around the country. Divide and conquer is a time proven tactic. Landlines will become clogged as they are seconded for 'inter-government communication'.

Freedom of movement will be removed under The Civil Contingencies Act and Anti Terror legislation. There will be roadblocks and random stop-searches to root out dissidents and terrorists. You will not be allowed to leave your designated area in the name of keeping the peace. You will be forced to accept a biometric ID card as your passport across district and county borders, maybe even town and village borders if the unrest gets large enough. We will all be kept in small easily manageable groups and movements will be logged. God help you if you happen to travel into an area where there was trouble when you try to get back 'across the border' to your home town and you are arrested under anti-terror laws, without charge or trial, until they get bored with looking at you. Borders are likely to follow the European Regional Areas with trouble hot-spots singled out for seclusion.

I know you find it hard to believe. It sounds like an apocalyptic nightmare from a movie. A USSR or East German Gulag. That cannot happen to Britain. We are a free country. We have freed Europe twice and countless other countries have been liberated by our flag. Our Empire took civilisation and democracy to sandpits and savages for centuries. It cannot happen to us.

Bad news, it has. It is done. Precisely because of the last paragraph it has happened to us. We were the European pivotal force in both World Wars. That's why we have been taken firsts and by stealth, they have learned their lesson well. The very countries we liberated, the people we freed and civilised are not grateful, they are greedy. They do not want the help we gave, it is not enough. They want the world and all that is in it for themselves. They used to fight each other in sandboxes and flea-pits for dominance and now they fight for world dominance. Every country that was united by the empire has since segregated and warred internally since we left. Every single one without exception.

Force could not take the British Isles. The harder they pushed the more we resisted and not even the Nazi war machine could run over us. A new strategy of patience and persuasion was used to sleepwalk us into oblivion. We have never fought back because we never felt threatened. Over the last 50 years we have had our national identity, our lifestyle, our self-determination has been undermined and denigrated. We have been taught to believe we are evil for our history. The British Empire has been rewritten as an evil occupying force when the truth is we took civilisation to the uncivilised. Education to the uneducated. Farming to the starving.

Look at the world around us. We left East Asia and it collapsed into warring factions. We left Africa and it collapsed into warring factions. We stayed in America and it prospered. We stayed in Canada and it prospered. We stayed in Australia and it prospered. Now they want to bring their warring, tribal ways to us.

Nevertheless we are taught that we are bad because we are white, we have to make reparations for the slave trade (which existed in Africa long before they saw a white man), our culture is worthless and we are 'enriched' by 'vibrant' foreign cultures.

Go to this site and forget about the brainwashing you have received. All of your life you have been told to believe it is wrong to believe that white people did anything good. Ignore the impulse that was programmed into you that you must ignore anything that promotes whites as anything but evil oppressors of the people. You have been trained through political correctness to automatically shun anything pro-white as 'racist' when in fact there is rampant anti-white racism everywhere. You are scared to accept white people are capable of good because that would make you a 'supremacist'. What if you only want to believe, for once, that you are not an evil white person but just a person who wants to find their identity.

Why is there no White history month? No Association of White Police officers? A white version of the Muslim council of Great Britain? Why is every culture from around the world represented and encouraged to flourish while British culture is mocked, degraded, vilified and condemned? Why has British culture only gone downhill since immigration exploded?

When did white children turn their backs on the traditions of their fathers and grandfathers in favour of Indian/Chinese food and Black/African music? How many Africans do you see racing pigeons and wearing flat caps and raising whippets? How many ethnics do you see embracing English culture like hunting? Playing Folk music? Brewing 'real ale'? The British have eaten Pork since time immemorial but now it is hard to find in many fast food or even traditional restaurants. There was a time when every Brit knew how to snare, course and shoot. How to grow food, find food, catch food. There was a timer you could walk into a friends house and call out 'only me'. Now the doors are locked even when they are in, just in case.

I want my fucking country back. I want my culture back. I want to walk the streets knowing some illegal immigrant isn't going to stab me for 50p. I want to know that a British child, high on imported drugs isn't going to burgle my house. I want all drugs gone from our shores and a proper future for the children, not one so hideous they need to get high to get by. Heroin, cocaine and cannabis do not grow in our climate, even cannabis needs specialist equipment, another imported culture that can fuck off home, we don't want it. I want the ghetto's and slums flattening and trees and fields in their place. I want the right to walk in the forests and fields without paying Centre-Parks a couple of hundred for the pleasure. I want to eat the blackberries I find and the game I catch, pitch a tent because I feel like it and I can. I want to teach my son how to feed himself and his future family without being totally reliant on Tesco.

But after reading the articles I read this morning, it might be too late.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

The TV has made me angry tonight......

I just watched the documentary 'BNP Wives' on SKY3 and I couldn't believe what I saw. Activists who were intentionally rude to people asking questions!! Antagonistic, argumentative and did nothing to promote calm, considered dialogue. The two more seasoned ladies were portrayed as lonely and bitter with nothing and no-one else to cling to but a collective of bigots who blamed immigrants for their own sorry existence. The young mum was made to look like she had no say in anything and went along with her husband out of sufferance.

It did nothing to enhance the public profile of the party and probably harmed it. The ratings would have been high tonight on the back of the strikes and I wouldn't be surprised if many of them were turned off by what they saw. I think the leadership seriously need to get hold of the activists and give them some training in dealing with the public and diffusing tension. In all honesty I think C4 played a blinder tonight and wrong footed the BNP. May I be so bold as to suggest next time the TV come sniffing to make a program they only get party officials who have some man-management experience and can keep a civil tongue in their head in the face of adversity. They will edit it to look bad anyway but handing them loaded weapons is foolish to say the least. I know three people do not make the party and the incidental members were more in keeping with the party core, most of the viewers will not have my insight to know this.

Question Time really got me smoked though. I don't usually watch it but I felt compelled tonight and I wish I hadn't. Do they fill the audience with people from antifa, SWP, searchlight? Or are they all told what they must ask? Smarmi Chuckyabhaji was absolutely raving about how someone once said 'Paki shop' in her presence and she felt sick and feverish! A touch much I think. The audience was full of people condemning 'Golliwog' as a vile and unforgivable word. If that is the case, how long until I can't use the shortened name for a Raccoon? Will I have to start digging my garden with a shovel? Play cards with a suit of shovels? It really has gone to far now.

On the Carol Thatcher subject, people are really missing the point. When they draw comparisons to Johnathan Ross saying he kept his job and she didn't but what he did was worse, they are forgetting that he did it live on air, issued an unreserved apology, bent over for the bosses and took what he had coming to him. He offended tens of thousands of listeners and suffered financial loss and public humiliation.

Carol on the other hand was in a room of maybe a handful of people and made a remark that some tennis player looked like a golliwog. Why anyone there was offended I don't know as she didn't call them names. If she told Jo Brand she had the body of a busted sofa and a face a dog wouldn't lick, I would have agreed! I would also understand her offence. If she called Adrian Chiles an adulterous home-wrecker, I could understand his being irked. She didn't say "all Africans look like golliwogs", she said, in her opinion, that a particular person did. That's not racist that an observation.

What it all comes down to is that Ross committed his 'sin' in public and was dealt with in public. Those leftards who jumped all over Carol Thatcher did so in private and it could have been kept private. She was not a regular on the show and they could have just refused to use her services again, simple. I find it oddly coincidental that it was Jo Brand (recently reported to the police for anti BNP material in her 'comedy' act) and Adrian Chiles (allegedly having an affair with his Irish co-presenter who is of ethnic appearance) at a time when the BNP were gathering real pace on the strikes. All of a sudden there is a public race row and a less than flattering documentary on the BNP hitting the screens.

Would it be racist to suggest.......

......that minorities are not very good at maths? Maybe so without evidence, so lets examine two stories from this week alone.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) have finally reached a conclusion regarding the submitting of accounts and lack thereof from the National Black Policeman's Association. IPCC commissioner Naseem Malik was critical of several members of the IPCC for their 'lack of co-operation' which 'delayed her work'. She also found that several members had incurred personal expenditure against charity funds including some on a holiday in Zimbabwe! The commission concluded that there was 'insufficient evidence' to bring charges against any individual, but the Home Office have withdrawn their funding (The IPCC is a registered charity funded by the Home Office, i.e. Taxpayers cash).

The North Staffordshire Race Equality Commission, which recieves £1M of taxpayer money every year to 'combat racism' has been forced to shut down after collapsing under the weight of it's debts. It is not known exactly how much is owed to creditors, but the charities commission say they have received no accounts since February 2006 pertaining to the tax year 2004/2005 in which they showed profit of over £1M. Why nobody asked the question before now is anybodies guess, maybe they were worried they would be called racist for asking what they were doing with the money? The charities chief officer, director Vince Simpson, has been unavailable for comment. This issue was only brought to light because Stoke has 9 BNP councillors who questioned the lack of accounts and pressed for an investigation.

Two organisations supposed to 'ensure fair treatment of minorities' and 'combat racism' having dubious methods of accounting. We can either assume that they cannot add up or are corrupt. Whichever way you slice it, it doesn't look good. If you take into account the minorities who are currently under investigation for electoral fraud, dangerous driving, threatening the House of Lords and fraud, would it be racist to suggest they are unethical cheats who will resort to any methods, legal or otherwise to achieve their goals?

I really don't think it is.

Liars, Buggers and Thieves....Revisited

It has been almost a month since I last wrote about the corrupt and the criminal in our elected positions from local council all the way up to the Houses of Parliament and Lords. It's been a busy old time for them but you never hear a mention of it in the mainstream media, just in case we get wise and call the traitors to account.

An update on a story I glossed over last time was of former Wigan Labour councillor Joe Shaw, who was arrested by police over child pornography charges. Joe Shaw, of Avondale Street, Standish, will face 16 charges of 'making indecent images of a child' and one of 'possessing an indecent image of child' when he appears before Liverpool Crown Court on March 10.The 42-year-old was originally charged with 16 charges of possessing an indecent image of a child, but these charges were withdrawn by the Crown Prosecution Service with the agreement of the defendant. Mr Shaw made his second appearance before Wigan Magistrates' Court Early in January and was remanded on conditional bail until his first Crown Court date.He will face two alleged firearms offences on the same date. Mr Shaw, who joined Wigan Metro in 2004 and represented Wigan West ward for one term (three years), is alleged to have had a prohibited weapon and ammunition without a certificate.

Child porn and an illegal firearm. Not only did he possess pornographic images of children, he made them. One can only speculate as to whether the firearm was used in the persuasion of the children to co-operate. If this 'alleged' filth hadn't been a Labour councillor his name and face would have been all over the news.

A LibDem this time a prospective General Election candidate for Totnes has been suspended from the district council after a dust up with one of his own officers. Julian Brazil has admitted the incident took place but that 'it was taken out of context' and was simply a 'robust discussion'. They have the bare-faced cheek to call the BNP 'knuckle-dragging thugs'!!

Dorset councillor Daniel Martin of Poole Borough Council is charged with using false representation to obtain job seekers allowance. He was elected in 2007 and bailed to appear at Dorset Crown Court at a date to be set. The charge relates to a period prior to his election.

This is THE most disgusting case of recent times. Labour Lord Nazir Ahmed is to finally face a court almost a year after his car hit another in the outside lane of the M1 near Rotherham killing Martyn Gombar. A police investigation uncovered that 'Lord' Ahmed had been texting a reporter moments before he made the 999 call. The CPS however feel there is insufficient evidence for a charge of causing death by dangerous driving and he will be charged with the lesser offence of dangerous driving.

Now I don't know about you, but if he was driving dangerously, which he obviously was considering he was using his phone while driving, and he hit another vehicle causing somebody to die, then that is death by dangerous driving. No matter what position you hold or who your friends are. He is also the Lord who threatened to raise a 10,000 strong gang of Muslims against the House of Lords if they tried to show the Geert Wilders documentary Fitna or invite Mr Wilders to the house to discuss it. Maybe because the short film shows Islam for what it is, as do the 'Noble Lord's' actions.

A Conservative Councillor who acted as an advisor to West Mercia Police Force was jailed for six months and banned from driving for two years after leading police on a seventy miles per hour chase around the streets of Birmingham. Mohammed Farooqui was said to be speeding when he collided with another car on the twenty third of July last year causing four people to be taken to hospital. Judge Melbourne Inman QC said motorists who put members of the public at risk by their driving would go to prison. Lets see if that sentiment is shared by the judge who presides over the previous overstuffed sack of shit, or if title and influence can really get you off at court.

Labour Councillor Mohammed Najib is wanted on a charge of Electoral Fraud after failing to answer bail in September last year and was believed to be abroad and efforts were made to find him in Pakistan. However an eagle-eyed readers of the local paper the Courier called the newspaper to say they had spotted the errant cheat on David Dickinsons Real Deal! Mr. Najib's solicitors confirmed it was indeed him.

A Conservative Councillor who represented Claughton on Wirral Council in the 1980s has appeared in court charged with possessing 1,639 images in the lowest category and the other 83 were in the next three more serious categories of child pornography. He admitted to 'seeking to view images of girls aged 12-16 in erotic poses' but denied wanting to see children engaged in sex acts with adults. He also denied six charges of making indecent images which will now be dropped. He will be sentenced on February 24th. The Conservative party tried to distance themselves by saying that he had re-applied to join the party but had been declined. I have to wonder if that is because the party KNEW about his filthy perversion and brushed it under a rug to save themselves the shame and to hell with justice?

LibDem Councillor and Dentist Adrian Heath has appeared in court charged with sexual assault after an allegation that he touched a woman's breasts during an examination. Prince Sadik Chaudhury, aged 36, a Liberal Democrat councillor for Thorplands, appeared at Northampton Magistrates' Court yesterday, accused of assaulting Yousuf Miah, a former Conservative councillor who is the chairman of the Northampton Bangladeshi Association.

LibDem Mayor/Councillor Bernard McCartin broke down in tears after being convicted of an £18,000 benefit fraud. He had been claiming higher rate incapacity benefit and middle rate carers allowance, stating that he could not walk more than 25 yards without a stick. However in a damning set of clips compiled by the DWP investigators he was seen lifting and carrying a bag of compost from the back of his car, lifting large boxes of match day programs from the boot of his car and selling them from his wheelchair at a car boot sale, walking 1100 yards with no stick or sign of discomfort, carrying heavy shopping bags from a supermarket with his walking stick under his arm and painting fence posts. He was given a suspended prison sentence, a 5pm-5am curfew with electronic tag and ordered to pay £250 costs. He must also pay the money back at a rate of £12/week. By my reckoning that means it will take over 28 years to pay off, making 66 year old Mr McCartin 94 by the time his debt to society is paid.

Well that's it for this month. Please check out this site to see how many and who corrupt, nasty, deceitful, thieving leeches have been conning you out of taxes and abusing positions of power. Next time somebody refers to the BNP being 'knuckle-dragging thugs' or any of the other slurs they love to trot out in the hopes that if you repeat the lie often enough people will believe it, remember that the truth is well covered up and you are being fed misinformation by the government through the TV and Press. The Internet is the only untainted media source for now, use it while you can. Google censor the Internet in China, they could do it here too.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009


I have just spent 4 hours watching Zeitgeist-The Movie and Zietgeist Addendum. It really is an eye-opening piece of docu-cinema and I heartily suggest anyone who is interested in conspiracy theories takes the time to watch it. If YouTube keep pulling clips from it no matter how well editted there must be someone who doesnt want it seen!

A quick rundown on some of the topics covered are: Christianity and the evidence of its origin as an astrological myth. Basically God was etheral and his sun was the centre of the zodiac (Gods sun = Son of God) he had 12 disciples, there are 12 signs of the zodiac. The Virgin birth was the zodiac sign Virgo, you get the idea. This alone is worth watching if you have ever wondered where the Bible story came from.

The best bit from my point of view is the coincidences and bare facts behind the International Bankers. It is broadly biased towards American economic history but it gives a fantastic history of economics thats easy to follow, and it will leave you with a much better understanding of why we are in this current mess. It has been done before too, the similarities are uncanny!

The scariest part is the evidence that the International Bankers, often refered to as Masons, Illuminati, Bildebergers etc are the real power in the world. There is evidence of them pulling the strings behind every major international event. They were apparently behind pushing America into WWI and WWII, Vietnam and orchestrated the War on Terror.

The documentary evidence of CIA 'false flag' operations at the World Trade Centre is jaw dropping. Questions that have never been answered to this day like why did a 3rd building collapse when it was untouched? The way it collapsed is a textbook professional demolition, as was the way the Towers fell. Why were eye witness reports of pre-crash explosions in the basements before the impacts not investigated?

Why was there no plane wreckage at the Pentagon? They said the plane 'vapourised' on impact but aviation fuel does not burn hot enough to melt the steel or titanium the jet engines are made of. They also said they identified passengers by fingerprints. If steel and titanium vapourised how did fingerprints survive? Norad had an 80 minute warning that the planes had deviated from flight plan but never responded when the average response time is 10 minutes.

They said it was because they were doing disaster drills that day and the radar had false blips from the exercise. Coincidently, the scenario they were practicing for was terrorists seizing multiple passenger airliners and crashing them into buildings........ funnily enough, the security team responsable for London Underground were running an exercise on 7/7, their exercise was multiple terrorist explosions on trains.

The second video gets a bit new-age hippy in the last hour with spokespeople for the Venus Project saying that we have the technology now to produce abundant energy and food for the entire world. Their goals are laudable, to free the entire world from wage slavery. To make the planet totally self sustaining in an environmentally friendly way. It is very interesting from a conspiracy point of view, we have this technology but the petro-dollar and IMF keeps it supressed for profit. One interesting claim is that the entire world population could fit into Australia, each person getting a quarter acre plot of land to grow vegatables and half of Queensland would still be uninhabitted!! There goes the population explosion theory!

Monday, 2 February 2009

Britain's Politicised Police Force

If anyone still doubts that Britain's police are in the hands of political careerists and only exist to push political will on the people need only to look at the last few years protest marches to see that they are exactly that. The current strikes were met with mounted police going up and down the lines of peaceful protesters, spurring their horses into what appeared to be a spooked state of almost rearing and shouting "get back". Play acting for the cameras and an invitation to confrontation so they could pepper spray and bludgeon with parliamentary consent.

Go to YouTube and look at their response to the Miners Strike in the 80's, particularly Orgreave. Smashing picket lines with charges of men and horse, the use of dogs to hold lines. Not to quell an unruly mob, but to harass and tire them, to quash their will and get them back in the pits, at Maggie's request.

The Poll Tax protests of the nineties. A peaceful march turned into a free-for-all when mounted police charged protesters, riot police cracked heads and arrested peaceful protesters. A peaceful protest march was turned into a 10 hour riot that saw thousands of civilians and police injured because the government didn't want people revolting against the most ridiculous tax since the people were taxed per window because they had the benefit of a nice view!

The Countryside Alliance mounted a peaceful protest march through London to gain support for their right to hunt. The police stormed in and cracked heads and arrested people for exercising their democratic right. The government didn't want their authority questioned so the boot-boys in blue were sent in.

On the 30th of January the Chinese prime minister came to visit the Chinese embassy. A handful of free Tibet campaigners were outside the Embassy protesting at the Chinese occupation of Tibet. The BBC clearly shows the Metropolitan police force throwing them about like rag dolls, one slightly-built woman tried to run away and was head locked by a copper twice her size and dragged back. Do I need to emphasise the importance of Britain getting into bed with China bearing in mind their overt COMMUNISM and appaling human rights record? How many of you remember how they put down a protest in Tianamen Square? Compare their policing of protests and Britains of the last few decades. Notice any similarities? Dissent is not tolerated unless it benefits the political agenda. Like allowing Muslims to go on the rampage and feel emboldened enough to be even more fanatical and aggressive?

Compare these actions to the anti-Israel protests of a few weeks ago. There is a very interesting video on YouTube of the police running away from the protesters! Why would they run away you might ask? Could it be because the protesters were Muslim and Labour do not want to upset their imported votaries? When the Muslims protested over the Mohammad cartoons they called for death to the British, held up placards saying the British police will go to hell and for a global Jihad on the publishers of the cartoons. Not one 'person' was arrested. At the anti-Israel protests two Starbucks were ransacked and vandalised, every window broken. There are pictures available on the net of the faces of the perpetrators yet no mention in the mainstream media. News teams were turned away from the protest by the police as they didn't want word to spread to the nation, in case we saw what Islam is REALLY about. Some people shot video with handy cams and took photo's with phones. Go and have a look at the thin blue line turning yellow and running like rabbits from a pack of rabid wolves to shouts of 'Cowards' 'Kuffar' 'Infidel' and 'Allah hu Akbar'

I give it by the end of the week for the BBC to report "a strike escalated today and thirty or more people were arrested by riot police". After that they will lie and say strike support is waining so people will lose heart. They used this tactic to great effect during the second fuel strike, they will use it again and we must be ready to report from the front lines. Don't be surprised if your phone suddenly starts to lose signal near strike areas, that's the masts getting turned off so the truth cannot spread.

Wildcat Strikes = Lions Roaring

At last the people are standing up to the corrupt, deceitful political careerists intent on ruining our once great nation. The government are being forced to show their communist globalisation plan by ignoring the people who elected them and the unions are showing their true-colours by towing the party line. The people are beginning to show the true power of a country lies with the electorate. We all need to stand beside the construction and power workers now, the ball is rolling and momentum must be kept. Retailers, bank workers, call centre operators, bus and train drivers all must walk out and hold a nationwide General Strike against the governments suicidal immigration policy. If they will not give us a referendum over Europe at the ballot box, if they will not give us a General Election with which to voice our dissatisfaction, then we must take it to the streets in peaceful protest until they listen to our fears and do something about it.

The unions have a very dirty hand in this, they anger me as much if not more than the government. We expect politicians to be corrupt and try to have one over us at every opportunity. The unions are supposed to defend us, they are our voice, our comrades, the people who protect us from those who would take advantage. They have shown now that they are deeply in the pocket of government and have been the smiling assassins of our demise. They have blatantly lied to our faces and stabbed us in the back. The management of the liquid gas site at Milford Haven are allegedly set to inflame the situation by locking out anyone who strikes. Obviously they plan to ship in cheap labour in the future and want this nipping in the bud before their fat salaries suffer.

A Unite official was "lucky to escape with only a heckling" after he had called for the strikers to call off or scale down their protest in South Wales. When his calls were rejected he lost his temper and screamed "you are all racist scum!". So THAT'S what the unions think of anyone who is looking out for the best interest of their family, friends and countrymen? Isn't that what the unions are supposed to do? The unions now are not the unions of the 60's and 70's, they are politicised appeasers who's only job is to get disgruntled workers to swallow the globalisation pill. This is what sticks in my throat the most. My maternal grandfather was a union man in the pits, he had a coronary and died while giving hell to the management in defence of the workforce, right there on the floor of the bosses carpeted, heated office when they tried to screw men 10,000 feet underground. My mother was 6 months pregnant with me at the time. I never got to meet him because of his commitment to the union and defending it's members. Today's unions have shit on his memory and everything he believed in, and I will see those traitors swing for it.

The government have painted themselves into a corner they cannot get out of. They are sticking to the policy of free movement of workers and saying 'protectionism' will make the recession worse. How can making sure the British man and woman can earn a crust make the recession worse? How can keeping British money in the British economy make the recession worse? President Obama, who I have previously called a communist and a globalist, has changed tack and guaranteed that Americas bail out strategy will ONLY benefit Americans. Either he is lying through his teeth or I was wrong and he is protecting his own country first, like a good leader should.

The other option is for Labour to change policy, to expel foreign labour and give the 'British Jobs To British People' as Brown promised. The problem is, he cannot do that as it contravenes European Law, and European Law supersedes British Law (all members national laws) since the signing of the Lisbon Treaty. The only way Gormless McBroon can fulfil his promise is to tear up the European Treaties and enforce British Law. That simply will not happen. He stole a policy from the BNP and used it as a political soundbite and it has come back to bite him. He must look like a prized clown at Davos preaching communitarianism and globalisation with his home nation kicking off!

The problem is Brown, Mandelson and the Loony-left elitists actually BELIEVE that globalisation is the answer. They believe that Poles, Italians, Spanish etc can come and work here because we, the British, can go and work there. What if I don't want to go and work abroad? Do they really expect us to believe that the immigrant workforce are here because they want to be British? Or is it because there is no work in those countries or the pay is so poor that spending months or even years away from their families is worth the financial benefit? You couldn't pay me enough to be away from my son for a month, never mind an undetermined contractual obligation. So my only option is minimum wage and losing my home, or Jobseekers allowance and losing my home, with the benefit of being made to pick up litter and paint community centres like a criminal on community service, while losing my home.

Personally, i don't give a fig for what happens on the Continent. Let the Polish government look after the Poles and the Italians look after the Italians. I care about the society my forebears built going to hell in a handcart because of imported crime. I care about the industries built by British skills and ingenuity being exported to the East or staffed by imported labour while British people get shafted. I care about the British welfare system being so overloaded that pensioners freeze or starve. I care that British families are torn apart and children suffer parental break-ups because of the pressure of day-to-day life in this credit dependant society. I care about Britain and the British people. I care about stopping the rot now, and spending my life rebuilding society and the economy to the point where my children might have a better life than I have and instilling values in them that mean they will do the same for my grandchildren.

Starting with removing the filth in the Houses of Parliament and Lords