Friday, 30 January 2009

Mark this day in history.....

30th of January 2009

This is the day that Britain said 'Enough is enough'. Up and down the country British workers are downing tools and walking out in 'sympathy strikes' for the British workforce at the Lindsay oil refinery of Grimsby. Despite the fact that there are unemployed men in Grimsby who have experience of working in refineries and are actively seeking work, Total awarded a contract to an Italian contractor who shipped in their own labour force, one of which was photographed giving the finger to the British workers who had walked out in disgust. So much for solidarity with their fellow Europeans!

The latest from the BNP is that there are hundreds of workers coming out under their own steam. The most important point here, and I cannot stress it enough, is that the unions do not condone this action!! Derek Simpson, general secretary of Unite made the ridiculous statement that “it’s not a question of foreign workers” and suggested that the union doesn’t mind its members being replaced by foreign workers as long as they get a chance to ‘compete’ before being thrown out of work! Apparently he is well out of touch with the workers feelings on this matter, but he would be with his £200K salary and £800K grace and favour home-for-life! Proof, if any were needed that the unions are in league with the Communists running the country and only wish to feather their nests while collecting the subs from the man on the ground.

The list as I write this is as follows but check the BNP link above for updates

STAYTHORPE, NOTTS. Hundreds out at the giant power station near Newark.

MILFORD HAVEN, WALES. Work on the giant South Hook and Dragon liquefied natural gas terminals halted by mass walkouts.

WARRINGTON, LANCS. Protests reported at the Fiddlers Ferry power plant, but no picket line visible at 1 p.m.

ABERTHAW, BARRY. Power station walkout.

MOSSMARAN, SCOTLAND. Workers at the terminal north of Edinburgh have downed tools.

St FERGUS, ABERDEENSHIRE. Workers at the giant gas terminal out on protest.

DOUNREAY, THURSO. Reports of workers downing tools to support the call for “British Jobs for British Workers”.

MOTHERWELL BRIDGE, SCOTLAND. Angry workers “on the fence” - ready to walk out but waiting for just a few more signs that the protest is truly national.

SELLAFIELD NUCLEAR PLANT, CUMBRIA. Meeting this morning expresses huge sympathy for construction workers, anger over the growing use of foreign cheap labour, and a readiness to come out in solidarity if workers are victimised or the strike grows.

All of this because at last the general population have had enough. The British stiff upper lip has given and the British sense of fair play and decency has come to the fore. This is not like the fuel protests or miners strike, this is not a union co-ordinated, politically motivated game. This is something much, much more powerful than that. This is the True Brit spirit that has seen our country through recession, depression and war countless times. This is the backlash for all the irritation and frustration the man on the street has been feeling for a decade. This could be the end of the nightmare we have been awaking to.

Unless the government pull off a huge reversal of policy and make an unreserved apology this will only grow. We need a General Strike, a million-man march. As more people come out so will even more follow their lead. We need to spread this feeling across sectors, not only construction workers but Fire and Rescue, Manufacturing, people working in banks need to come out on the street over what the hedge-fund debacle has done to their jobs. Every man and woman of voting age needs to shout at Whitehall and let those traitorous self-serving puppet politicians know we are saying no more. We want an election, we want out of the EU, we want 'British jobs for British people', we want Law and Order restoring, we want a proper education for our children, we want an NHS that is properly funded, we want a Military that has the weapons to defend our lands and not sent around the world fighting over sand-pits with sub-standard equipment.

We want the BNP. The mass media may not be reporting it, but the support for the BNP is growing at a fantastic rate. In recent months they have missed out in elections by as little as 8 votes. In Fenham, Newcastle their vote TRIPLED in less than a year. All over the country people are voting BNP even if they don't admit it for fear of being falsely labelled as a 'fascist', 'racist' or 'Nazi'. We all need to start talking about what is wrong in this country and be honest about our political allegiance. We need to boycott the newspapers that have become political mouthpieces and intentionally mislead us over what is happening not only in Britain but all across Europe.

Make yourself heard so the truth can no longer be denied. The media will join in once they realise their circulation, and therefore profits will suffer for the lies they peddle. Today is the day we all need to roar "NO MORE"

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

More Government Waste and Corruption

All this really beggars belief. I cannot believe the audacity of this Labour government and their suicidal approach to the credit crunch. Today 'Lord' Mandellson announced a £2Billion kitty for automotive manufacturers facing difficulties. That is two billion pounds of British taxpayers money. Two billion pounds in the coffers of companies owned by Japan and India as there is no British automotive industry anymore. Two billion pounds that goes on your children and grand children's tax liability, possibly before they are even born.

There is a serious problem here and it is that the Labour government know they are out soon and are putting the next government in the worst hole they can create. There is such a debt burden due to bailouts they cannot afford that no government for the next 20 years will be able to cut taxes and if the economy has some miracle turnaround and in a few years we see some good times, they can claim it was their 'radical action' that did it. If not, what the hell, its not them fighting for food and freezing to death.

On top of this, there is a story doing the rounds, not in the mainstream media of course, that the government turned down over £671million in backdated regional grants from the EU. This UK under-spend came about due to the pound weakening against the Euro and Brussels' 200Billion Euro 'fiscal stimulus' to member regions. The deal was accepted for Scotland, Ireland and Wales but declined for England and the money will now come off Britain's EU contribution bill, effectively putting the money in the Treasuries pot rather than directly to the regions it was meant for.

If that does not prove that Labour are self-serving corrupt criminals I don't know what does.

Perhaps the Labour Lords accused of taking cash to influence policy will? Or Labour Lord Ahmed, currently awaiting sentencing over the death of Mr. Martyn Gombar, killed by Lord Ahmed who was driving at 60mph, in the dark and sending texts to a reporter. Lord Ahmed also recently put a stop to a diplomatic conference by threatening to mobilise 10,000 Muslims if it went ahead. Perhaps the Labour minister for Neath Peter Hain, the Kenyan born South African former minister thrown out of South Africa by white and black alike, who recently 'forgot' to declare £103,000 from his election fund and was accused of armed robbery on a bank in 1974?

Every day they prove themselves to be unworthy of government and gag the media from reporting it, then accuse the same media of bias for not appeasing the Muslim vote over the Gaza DEC appeal.

Who is running this country?

News just in that Parliament have caved in to Lord Ahmed over the decision to have a debate over the movie 'Fitna' by Mr. Geert Wilders. Lord Ahmed said that if the private screening of the movie went ahead he would 'mobilise 10,000 muslims' against pariament to prevent it.

The movie in question, 'Fitna' is by a Dutch politician by the name of Geert Wilders. It is a short movie that looks at the reality of the lie about the 'religon of peace'. For daring to have an opinion that differs from the party line, Mr. Wilders faces prison in Holland. The movie was to be shown in a private conference room to invited guests to debate the points made by the movie. When Lord Ahmed heard about it he swung into action with his threats against democracy and free speech.

There is a much more detailed debate about this HERE and if you would like to see the movie that has Lord Ahmed in such a state it is available Part 1 and part 2

PLease be aware before you watch it that you have to confirm your date of birth before viewing this movie, and with good reason, some of the footage is what the TV would call 'disturbing' but it is worth seeing. If they are so determined to hide it, there must be a good reason for it.

The New CSA, A Sinister Admission

Watching the horrible Biased Broadcasting Corporation news channel this morning chilled me to the bone. The new CSA, known as the Child Maintenance Enforcement Commission, will be given the powers to remove passports and driving licences from non-paying parents without having to apply to a court. Now at face value that doesn't sound to bad really, especially to a single mother with a dead-beat absent father, but lets look at this a little more closely, because it is a really sinister step towards a totalitarian state.

For a start, the Government cannot run a department successfully, there isn't a single one that has succeeded at it's job. Especially not the CSA which lost literally billions of taxpayers money, £500million was lost on an IT upgrade! The easy targets will get lumbered with the bill again as fathers who want to and do pay for their children's upkeep will face higher and higher payments as the Commission tries to raise it's balance of payments to disguise the fact it is hemorrhaging money from the treasury.

What if you get hit with an amount you cannot pay? Maybe you have a new family and a 'clerical error' decides you have to pay an unaffordable amount? Without having to go through the trouble and inconvenience of going to court and having an impartial magistrate decide on the case, a government appointed Common Purpose stooge can take away your Freedom of Movement and civil liberty by simply emailing HM Customs immigration and suspending your passport and the DVLA to suspend your licence. Oh they say you can appeal the decision, but while you are waiting months for your day in court they have taken away your rights as a citizen. The removal of a passport is a bail restriction reserved for criminals undergoing court proceedings and the suspension of a driving license is punishment for doing something dangerous with a car. Both fitting punishments and precautions in the right circumstance. The removal of a passport and driving license because you have not done what the government COMMANDED you do is a totally Communist, Totalitarian form of control.

They have the nerve to call the BNP fascist? The CMEC have the authority to examine the tax records of anyone reported to them to assess their ability to pay. When did the Data Protection Act 1982 get scrapped? The whole problem here is that Labour and the EU only know one way to remedy a situation, by rule and by force. They cannot see that each and every person has a different reason for every decision they make. A relationship break-up is stressful enough without having the government come down upon you. How many suicides were the CSA responsible for during the nineties? I can't remember but one was too many.

In many cases it is the 'right of entitlement' attitude that is at fault. The parent with custody uses the children as a weapon, dictating when the absent parent is 'allowed' to see his/her children so the absent parent in retaliation uses money as leverage. They go to court and have an argument over it and the magistrate decides that the current situation should not be changed as it might upset the child, so he/she is stuck with 2 or 3 hours every Saturday. Then the absent parent is clubbed by the CSA/CMEC into paying through the nose for children he/she has no time to maintain a bond with. The custodial parent then gets a new partner who spends infinitely more time with the kids and builds a stronger bond than the absent biological parent. Where is the fairness in this system? The CWEC only exists to 'stealth tax' absent parents and make the benefits bill look lower. Any time the Treasury needs a cash injection, your payment will be 'reviewed'.

So what would be fairer? How about a policy of zero discrimination where it is assumed that separated parents have joint custody and financial responsibility for the children? That the child spends an equal amount of time with both parents unless there is an issue of safety. Instead of wasting billions on a committee that just adds stress to the situation, we should have an American style 'family court' to deal with these types of cases. If the parents have a disagreement over child welfare or financial contributions they can go to the court and have the court issue a summons to the other parent. In the event of non-attendance an arrest warrant can be issued to force the dead beat to court where they can make a legal attachment of earnings.

On the other hand, a parent who wants to spend more than money with his/her children, who wants to have an equal influence in the upbringing of their offspring will never need to bother the court. The parents simply split up and the children have a home at mummy and daddies house. Mummy supports them, feeds and clothes them at her house and Daddy does the same at his house. All responsibility and liability split 50/50. If for some reason one parent cannot make that commitment to their children then the parent with majority liability needs to be compensated financially. How simple is that? Any JP or Magistrate with an average IQ could sort that out. Better for the children, the parents and the benefits system. There would be incentive to make this an amicable agreement without court as reasonable costs would be assigned with a weighting of share towards any party being intentionally awkward or obstructive.

If you support this hands-off, mediation style approach to relieving the country of the bureaucracy of government interference in YOUR life, then support the BNP. If you want some semi-educated brainwashed communist stooge forcing you to live the way they want you to, vote for one of the others.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Why we must stop eugenics.

Last week I heard a news report where a geneticist was claiming they had identified the breast cancer gene and could detect it in an embryo. By removing those embryo's they could greatly reduce or even eradicate breast cancer. You may think this is an entirely laudable breakthrough in medicine until you look at the history of genetics and see exactly where this slippery slope is going.

Chances are you have never heard of eugenics. I will bet you have heard of 'ethnic cleansing' which is the 21st century name for the Nazi practice of 'racial hygiene'. Eugenics is, essentially and undeniably the pursuit of a master race. There are two schools of thought on eugenics, one is to promote reproduction amongst those considered superior or the dissuasion of reproduction among those considered inferior. Sounds vile already? It gets worse!

Eugenics (well born) from the Greek 'eu' meaning fit or well and 'genes' meaning born was coined by Sir Francis Galton in 1883 as "the study of all agencies under human control which can improve or impair the racial quality of future generations". Historically this has meant many things but is generally concerned with improving the gene pool, by forced sterilization, euthanasia, infanticide, pre-emptive abortion and in Nazi Germany the impregnation of unmarried German women by SS Commanders. No wonder this 'science' has been labelled 'scientific racism'.

There is also much argument over what is classed as a defect. Sickle cell anaemia and Tay Sachs disease are caused by the same gene that protects against malaria and tuberculosis respectively. Removing it from the gene pool could cause epidemics of contagious diseases that wipe out millions! Do we really understand genetics well enough to remove them? Similar concerns have been raised about prenatal diagnosis of a congenital disorder (preimplantation genetic diagnosis) such as the one I mentioned at the start. Who knows what Pandora's Box we could be opening by messing about with the genetic code?

Eugenics can be positive or negative in practice but both methods achieve the same goal, an enhanced master race. Possible 'positive' approaches include financial and political stimuli (welfare benefits?), targeted demographic analyses (free condoms or birth control pills?), in vitro fertilization, egg transplants, and cloning. Negative eugenics aim at lowering fertility among the genetically disadvantaged. This includes abortions, sterilization, and other methods of family planning (clinics nationwide!). Abortion by 'fit' women in Nazi Germany and Stalin's Russia was illegal and many 'unfit' women had forced abortions and forced sterilization.

There are three ways to implement eugenics. The first is the authoritarian way as used by the Nazis under Hitler and communists under Stalin. The second way is elective, or promotional voluntary eugenics, which is the way it is pushed in Britain now, and private eugenics which is practiced voluntarily by groups where it is not promoted to the general public. How many times have you heard people say the Royal family and/or landed gentry are interbred?

Sir Francis Galton came up with the idea of eugenics after studying Charles Darwin's theories of natural selection where only the strong survive. He surmised that human civilisation protected the weak and defective from nature and contributed to its own demise, coining the phrase 'reversion to mediocrity', more commonly known now as 'reversion to the mean'. No matter what PC name you give it it is STILL the pursuit of a master race and murder of the perceived 'inferior'.

The reason you will never have heard of eugenics is that it has never received state funding and only two universities established courses in this field. Although sterilisation programs were never legalised in the UK many mentally ill patients were sterilised by supporters of a wider eugenics program. Galton's eugenic view of Britain was based on class, rather than race. He determined that negative eugenics should be used on about 50% of the 'respectable working class' with positive eugenics for the upper classes. British backers of eugenics include The Fabien Socialists Society, who are backers of the Labour Party and of which Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are members.

In my opinion this is a VERY slippery slope. The elitists have decided to prey upon our very humanity to promote their agenda. The Fabien Society promote change through gradualism rather than reformism, basically the erosion of rights rather than removal. They are depending on the very mention of cancer to invoke pity for the sufferers and their families and support from survivors and relatives of deceased to start the ball rolling. Once they have a screening program in place who knows what genetic 'defects' they could start to screen for? Big nose gene? brown eye gene? Resistance to diseases gene? They could remove a race or class of people by removing their ability to fight the common cold, leading to an epidemic of pneumonia. It sounds far fetched but it can be done.

Please give this subject a lot of thought. Remember that while it is a terrible thing for anyone to have to suffer cancer, the genocide that could be waged against a people by stealth is to horrible to contemplate. These are the tactics Hitler would have used if he had the knowledge/means. The only difference is he went out and did it for the world to see. That lesson was learned and learned well by those who have a 'global plan', they won't be so stupid as to reveal their plan this time.

Visit these links and open your eyes to the vileness that permeates our society.

Friday, 23 January 2009

It is official......

...Labour have failed and we are in a recession so devastating we are facing post-war living conditions. The recession was officially announced today as there has been continued shrinkage of the economy quarter on quater and the economy is smaller in Jan 09 than it was in Jan 08. That is political bullshit which means we have been in a recession for a year but they made the rules so they could deny it for a while.

The official figure is 1.25% which is a bigger drop than at any time during the Tory recession of the Nineties, the worst then was around the 0.75% mark and we all know how bad that felt. Of course back then Britain was in a better position to recover from the slump as there are certain benefits to recession as I will discuss, unfortunately all the industries and demographics that flourish in recession have been squandered and abolished under Labour. Rather than the 'abolition of boom and bust' Gormless McBroon lauded, he has simply abolished boom and hidden the fact by selling all GB assets then maxing the credit card. The pigeons are home to roost and your grandchildren will be paying the price.

So why is this recession so much worse than the Tory recession of the nineties and why are we ill equipped to recover? Firstly Britain had gold stores worth around 400 Billion with which to secure loans from other countries. Gormless McBroon sold just about all, if not all to the EU for Euro's which basically rendered the Sterling a paper currency. The is no security to sterling except the GDP of Britain. This sounds confusing but it is very simple really, think of it as a secured versus an unsecured loan.

Lets say you own your home outright and you want to send your child to a good Uni. You get a loan secured on your home to pay the fees and help support your child with living expenses etc. You get a good rate on the loan because if your payments stop they take your house. If you cannot offer a security like a house you get a poor interest rate as there is a heavier risk that if you stop paying they get squat. Britain has nothing to secure favourable rates with except future performance and our future performance looks bleak, so no-one is lending and they are selling anything they own in Sterling for peanuts.

In the Nineties we had a half decent industrial base. Granted the tories had ruined us in respect of the mines, shipyards and steel but there were still SME manufacturers selling to the world. The largest of them would have been automotive, but Ford and Rover are gone now. How many small manufacturers have disappeared from your town? I personally know of 3 I worked for in the nineties that have gone abroad, countless others my friends worked for have gone. The North East of England used to have loads of small plastics manufacturers, you would be lucky to find 5 now they have upped sticks to Eastern Europe and China.

So where is the money coming into Britain? We dont make anything or sell anything so where is the income? If you do not have an income you cannot get credit, simple. How does GBplc make money? Quite simply we don't.

Which leads me on to another problem, that old chestnut 'immigration'. With Britain currently overrun with immigrants and British workers discarded in favour of inferior cheap labour, it's not just unfair to Brits, it heammorages worth from the economy. The very vast majority of immigrant workers are sending money back to their homelands to feed their family right? Thats common knowledge. That is money that vanishes from Britains balance books every day. Every time an immigrant sends his/her wages to Poland/Lithuania/Thailand/Africa their economy gets a little richer and ours gets a little poorer. With the millions of immigrants working in the UK and the further millions on benefits Britain is heammoraging wealth. For example....

5 Million immigrants send £1/day home to feed their family. Thats £7 a week each but it is £35million a week gone from the economy, a yearly drain on the country of £1.82 BILLION. let me show you how that looks on a bank statement:


And I'm sure you can assume that is one REALLY conservative estimate! So now you see the scale of the immigration problem. Even if you discount the rise in crime, the erosion of our culture, the no-go areas that are taking away our freedom of movement and the 'offended' that take away our freedom of speech, we simply cannot afford to feed the world anymore. Britain produces enough food to feed 30% of the population and falling as the population grows. When the EU ban pesticides and farming output drops it's going to get worse.

I read a statement the other day that said Britain has less water reserved per head than Egypt! Since when were we and arid desert? There are so many people living here now that our reservoirs cannot cope and we have nowhere to build new ones so not only can we not feed the world but we can't even offer them a drink. I wish I could find the link it really was a slap in the face.

We must start standing up and being counted. Talk about the issues, it is not racist to want to preserve your culture, your heritage and your homelands. Just beacause you are white does not mean you cannot defend the land of your ancestors in the same way as the Native Americans tried to do, the Inuit, the Aborigonal Australians to name a few. We have the right to Britain and the right to send the immigrants home. British people WILL do the menial jobs, we do not NEED immigration to make this country operate. We need to end it, and reverse it to stop this country dying.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Immigration and the increase in crime

On the BNP's website right now, there are 3 stories in a row about an immigrant raping a young British girl. You can read all 3 in detail at

The first case is one I have already talked about. The romanian criminal who had done time in his own country, came here to visit his criminal brother in HMP Wakefield and decided he liked it so much he would rape a white girl he saw at the train station because he wanted to be sent to a British jail for 'a bed, food and English lessons'. We are currently obliging this filth on remand in HMP Leeds.

An illegal immigrant from South Africa is raping the British taxpayer after being jailed for nine years for raping an 18 yr old British girl 'because she was white' and locked her friend in another room while he carried out his vile act. He is merely importing South African tradition as it is estimated there are half a million rapes every year in South Africa of which 450,000 go unreported because of the backlog and lack of convictions. Interpol say that 1300 women are raped every day in South Africa (1 every 17 seconds)and 1 in 2 women can expect to be raped at some point in their life. Thanks to Liebours immigration non-policy we are the world toilet for every third world arsehole to take a shit in.

Peter Delisser is now enjoying her Majesty's hospitality for 5 and a half years after raping a teenage girl while waiting to be deported for the THIRD TIME!! He first arrived 12 years ago and lived here illegally while marrying and fathering 2 sons. He was deported in '99 but came back under the same name so returned in 2001 under a new name. He took a new wife to go with is new name and was arrested and jailed in 2005 and was due to be deported but evaded the authorities for long enough to rape the girl. He was deported from Canada in '92 after serving 18 months for importing drugs.

What is there to say? The only 'freedom of movement' this filth deserve is a downward one on a length of rope. Why should we, the taxpayers of this country have to house the flotsom and detritus of the worlds scum? Why should our women be raped by this filth? Why should we have to pay to jail them when a more fitting punishment would be the noose? If our prisons were not so full of the worlds turds we could jail our home-grown shitehawks for a decent spell instead of the weekend breaks they take now.

You watch how quickly the fuckers are on the next plane home when the rope is reintroduced.

If ever proof were needed we are getting screwed 2

Here they go again the filthy, dirty, greedy rancid bastards!

Following Gormless Brownshirt's promise of 'British jobs for British workers' and following the news of the Nottinghamshire power station construction going to foreign labour, is the news that hundreds of British workers at a Grimsby oil refinery are to lose their jobs as the company's French owners import cheap foreign labour. The Italian and Portugese labour is being housed on a floating barge on Grimsby docks, another 'floatel' is due to arrive next week.

Total (boycott!), who own the plant, which is the third largest in the country, have already accepted 100 foreign workers and 300 more are due to arrive next month. The British workers have been put on 90 days notice and will not be allowed to apply for the positions that will be vacated as 'they only want foreign labour'.

Full story here

On a smaller but no less important note, workers at Deeside-based TI automotive group have contacted their local BNP councillor and asked him to intervene after 23 Brits lost their jobs in favour of Eastern European labour.

The company used a points based system to determine the redundancies but weighted it unfairly against the Brits, some whom had 10 years service, by heavily-weighting 'skill diversity' which favoured the temp foreigners as they get moved around alot whereas permanent staff tend to get left to the same job for years.

Full story here

Both of these stories and the one from a few days ago have only one place to lay the blame, the EU. It is their 'freedom of Labour' rules that allow Brits to recieve this kind of treatment and Gormless Brownshirt is their ever willing accomplice telling bald-faced lies about British jobs for British workers as he has absolutely no control over British jobs since he whored himself to Brussels and paid for his seat on the EU Council and £2M salary with our lives and the lives of our children.

Is it any wonder that Tony B Liar changed the rules regarding treason and had the death penalty removed as a punishment? The British people will want to see him and his cohorts tried when the BNP get a voice in the media and the people realise the very depth of the betrayal. He will choose exile to his villa in the med instead of having the noose forced around his neck. That in itself shows how long this 'credit crunch' has been planned.

More proof that whites are second-class citizens

This article was posted as a comment to one of my blog entries and I would like to share my thoughts about it.

The extreme left-wing dhimmi Runnymede Trust has claimed that white disadvantage has nothing to do with race:

"'The white working classes are discriminated against on a range of different fronts, including their accent, their style, the food they eat, the clothes they wear, the social spaces they frequent, the postcode of their homes, possibly even their names,' it said. 'But they are not discriminated against because they are white.'

The Runnymede Trust's main claim to fame (or notoriety) is coining the word 'Islamophobia'

I take it the Runnymede Trust are condoning discrimination on everything but colour then? If it is OK to discriminate against whites for every part of their culture so long as pigment isn't mentioned then surely it is ok for me to discriminate against Asians, Blacks, Chinese?

Accent. Are runnymede condoning not giving Asians jobs in call centres because White brits can't understand them?

Style. Bit of a broad subject that. I would have thought style was all encompasing of culture.

Food. So I can refuse to sell Halal on the grounds I find it barbaric and reprehensable?

Clothes. So I can laugh at a Muslim man in a dress, or a Sikh in a turban. Can I now demand a Muslim woman remove her Burka for security purposes in a bank?

Social spaces. If my church, pubs and nightclubs are a target for discrimination then so is the Mosque and the corner shop.

Postcode. The whites never built the ghetto's, we didn't congregate in one area and depreciate it to the point you have to pay people to move in. Immigration did that. Do I now have carte blanche to use euphamisms like 'Londonistan' and 'Bradistan'?

Names. You cannot seriously tell me that we are being discriminated against because of names like Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, David and many more besides that were found in the Bible. Maybe if the qu'ran had focused on more than one person they wouldn't all be called Mohammed (and every varient spelling thereof, depending on the parents literacy I assume). Oops can I say that now?

The double standards in our society suck. Our constitution was not written in the blood of tyrants and patriots so some 7th century death cult could be handed the keys to our fair Isle. King Richard, Cromwell, Wellington, Nelson, Churchill will collectively be spinning in their graves at what the traitors in parliament are planning and at what we are allowing. It is mark of abject disrespect to every fallen man from every war that was ever fought against tyranny. We stopped the nazi's in '45, the commies in '89 and now we must fight for our children as your fathers and grandfathers fought for theirs.

Hitler was a great admirer of Islam. He liked the bloodthirsty, hardline doctrine as he saw Christianity as weak. He persecuted and slaughtered Jews as Mohammed proclaimed. Muslims have held placards at anti-semetic protests saying 'God bless Hitler' and 'get ready for the real holocaust'. Islam and Nazi are two sides of the same coin. They both want to eradicate all oppositionso there is nothing but their pure and undisputed doctrine.

The EEC, which gave birth to the EU, was Hitlers concept. After the war it disappeared for a couple of decades until heirachy and support was restored. The tactics have changed but the end-game is the same. Totalitarian elite rule over the world, Europe is only the begining. Only the BNP will get us out of Europe, close the borders, deport illegal asylum seekers, foreign criminals and those intent on our destruction. Only the BNP can give Britain a reason to be Great again. There is nowhere left to turn. Labour have sold us into slavery to Brussels after promising a referendum, they boldly lied. The conservatives did it in the eighties and will again despite their promises the Tories Are Blu-Labour. The Libs are as Yellow as their rossettes and UKIP just want their noses in the EU trough. It is the unelected courts that have all the power in Europe, the parliament is an illusion to keep the masses compliant.

I know you find this frightening, you do not want to believe your freedoms have been taken. You want to believe that your elected representatives are looking out for you. They are not and you know it. You might not know the depth of the deciet and levels of treachery but you can feel there is something wrong. The truth is on the net, go get it. It's here in this blog, on the BNP website, Youtube. Read my other articles and visit the links with open eyes and an open mind.

Speak the truth and shame the devil. It's only taboo if its a secret.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Is Obamamania getting you down?

The BBC have spent more time covering his inauguration than any British news and some very important things have happened these last days. I will summarise a few for you.

Romanian rapes a 21yr old to "get sent to the same jail as his brother, get a bed and food and learn English". Apparently life in HMP Wakefield is preferable to Romania, where he was jailed twice.

3 black men convicted as part of a gang that raped a 16yr old with the mental age of an 8yr old and doused her in caustic soda to get rid of DNA evidence but recorded the vile attack with phones. The BBC didn't show their faces in the report but the face of the white groomer who ran away with a 15yr old to France has been on constantly.

Tory-linked deputy council leader from Stoke-on-Trent fined £250 and still has his job despite joining a child-porn site and throwing his laptop in a sink of water to destroy evidence when arrested.

The building of a power plant in Northamptonshire has sparked controversy and outrage over 500 of the 850 construction jobs set aside for migrant workers from Poland, Hungary, Spain and Portugal.

This is news I would have rather hear about but the Common Purpose fascists in government, the NUJ and BBC wouldn't. You can read full detailed stories here

Anywho, Barrack Hussain Obama, to give him his full title, starts his term of presidency on lies, omissions and propaganda. Start as you mean to go on I guess! His first, biggest and most blatant lie is that he is "the first black-American president". Bollocks. He is mixed race. His father was a Kenyan Muslim and his mother white American christian. He is as much Black as he is White. We could easily be saying he is the darkest skinned white man to ever be president but to deny his black heritage would be racist! Of all the double-standard hypocrisy! His white heritage can be ignored and buried like a dirty secret or a third nipple and his black heritage elevates him to the second coming of Christ. Americans herald the end of racism because a black man is in the white house. Short-sighted liberal leftist bullshit. He campaigned on and was elected on the colour of his skin. If that's not racist I don't know what is.

So let's look at some of the uncomfortable truths about BHO, these are all available on the net and there are some very good news files on you tube if you want to learn more about the great pretender.

Firstly, he has NEVER been able to produce a birth certificate to prove he was born in America! Rumours abound he was born in his fathers village in Kenya which would instantly render him ineligible for any office higher than Governor, like Arnie.

He is lauded as the first black president of the USA when he is in fact mixed-race. The colour of his skin should be of no consequence and the blatant erasure of his white heritage is as racial a slur as calling him a nigger. Racism cuts both ways.

He was raised by his white mother and grandmother, allegedly did a lot of drugs in college where he was terrible at his Law degree but had influential friends and for most of his life was a follower of the cult of the murdering paedophile and only converted to Christianity to advance his political career. He could very well be practicing 'taqqiya'!!

He is from the political scene in Chicago. Corruption is so rife there that there is the political way and the 'Chicago way'. I wonder how many extremely rich and powerful people he owes favours too after spending a record number of billions on his campaign. Even in this 'global meltdown' his inauguration ceremony cost $200,000,000

I have had enough of all the second-coming, saint Obama hyperbole. He is just another dirty, corrupt, lying, thieving, self-absorbed, deceitful political careerist. The colour of his skin doesn't even enter into it, his true colour is red and the 'change' he wants for America is the same NWO communist Utopia we are being shepherded into by the EU. Mark my words, if or when the Lisbon treaty is ratified and Europe becomes a police state, American laws will start to homogenise with Europe's and they will start using terms like "North Atlantic Alliance" or "Northern Hemisphere Alliance". BHO is nothing but a stooge. A place man to take the USA into the NWO and he will never be challenged as whites will be branded racist and blacks will stay silent or be branded 'Uncle Tom' for speaking against the black messiah.

Final thought. Isn't it a coincidence that the first act of Barack HUSSAIN Obama, a former Muslim, is to suspend military hearings with a view to closing Camp X-ray at Guantanamo?

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

If ever proof were needed that we are getting screwed

This has got to be the biggest kick in the teeth since the 'credit crunch' hit, it really beggars belief! I have just read an article where it has been revealed that the construction of a new power station at Stalythorpe near Newark, Nottinghamshire has incurred the wrath of the union Unite over the startling revelation that out of the 850 jobs on offer during the building 500 are being given to Polish, Hungarian, Spanish and Portuguese builders.

To add insult to injury, the power station is to be owned by Npower, a subsidiary of the German energy firm RWE, which as I reported the other day, has raised energy prices by 50% in the UK but by only about 5% in Germany. Now I already know the answer to this but I will ask it anyway. Does anyone think that this German firm, who produce energy in Britain, will charge us any less for it or will they pass on the cost benefits of a state-of-the-art power station to their fellow Germans?

Full story here

Anti-White Racism in the 21st Century

What a title eh? Whoever would have thought in the mid-nineties that within a decade the indigenous white British people of this once Great Britain would be a persecuted and cowed race? Who would have thought that the nation that gave the world a working model of parliamentary democracy would be in the ravages of Communism? Who could have seen that the British, owners of the biggest and best run empire in history would be bankrupt and bereft of national identity?

The answer to ALL of those questions is Mr. Enoch Powell. He saw it back in the seventies. He was vilified and pilloried by the bleeding heart liberals and lunatic left after his Rivers of Blood speech. I suggest anyone who is unfamiliar with this piece of history get onto YouTube and listen to what the man said all those years ago then look at the world around you. Weep when you realise the prophetic nature of it and curse the traitors who didn't listen. One very important part of his speech was this line :

People ask me "How can you say these vicious and inflammatory things? I say how can I NOT, knowing what I know?

Every time I feel a little too tired to write an article or I get concerned about my safety I remember this line. When I hear about fellow BNP supporters and activists, going about their legal, legitimate political activities being arrested on trumped up charges, physically abused by the police, approached and intimidated by MI5, attacked by Searchlight/UAF thugs sponsored mainly by the Labour party but covertly by Tories, Libs and the Communist Party. How can I not speak my mind and tell people the truths I know? If I kept my mouth shut and maintained the status quo to save my own skin, how could I look in the mirror seeing a coward look back? Someone once said "Real evil is good men doing nothing". We ALL have to do something.

The BNP released a booklet entitled RACISM CUTS BOTH WAYS which shows the shocking truth about anti-white crime and most importantly, anti-white racist murder. You could be forgiven for thinking that they have slanted the results to suit their political agenda, that's what the main 3 parties have been doing for decades, they even have a PC name for these lies, they call it 'spin'. There is no spin in fact though, and this booklet simply shows the true statistics, the same statistics the government get but without the spin and blatant omission. Visit the link above and read the online version. Be prepared to be shocked, stunned and sickened by a lot of these stories.

If you are not convinced by the BNP's figures, then take a look at this report that came to my attention this morning. This was written by renowned researcher Tony Shell using Home Office and Ministry of Justice figures. The same figures the government get and spin, bury and flat-out lie about. The results are both shocking and disturbing to anyone who thinks our 'wonderful multi-cultural society' is working or that immigration 'enriches' our once beautiful land. I will post some of the highlights here but I do suggest reading the full report.

Racist Murders. Whites over-represented between 1997 and 2000 by a factor of 24. In 2001 to 2004 by a factor of 30 and 2004 to 2007 by a factor of 32. Labours immigration policy has 'enriched' your chances of being killed by a non-white with a racial grudge by a factor of 8. Don't you feel blessed?

Interracial Homicides. In the last ten years the level of murders by non-whites on whites has remained over represented by a factor of 20 fairly consistently. Please bear in mind these figures are for the Black Minority Ethnic sector and includes white ethnicity under the category of 'other' and include the victims of the 7/7/2005 terror attacks.

Ethnic experience of racial violence. This report was compiled using the latest available figures (Dec 2005) and list all racially motivated instances of violence that result in wounding (hit with a blunt instrument, assault, stabbing, non-fatal shooting etc.). White victims are over represented by a whopping 33%. I find this terrifying to be honest. The fact our elected representatives bury this information and when confronted say that it is because "whites are the majority" when they should know full well that the results should be the opposite where it is the size of the perpetrator's group that is significant, not the victims.

So as an indigenous white Brit, you are 32 times more likely to be killed by a BME because of your race, 20 times more likely to be killed by a BME due to misfortune and 33 times more likely to be physically assaulted and wounded by a BME for any reason he or she sees fit. Our government knows this and STILL does nothing about immigration. Our police know this and are called racists for arresting BME suspects!

These figures are not political spin or racist propaganda, they are fact. Ugly facts, embarrassing facts, terrifying facts, but facts non the less. It's time for the British people to show the will and determination that built the greatest empire ever known, that showed the world modern democracy, that has stood up for freedom against in numerous enemies, most notably the Nazi's. It's time for Britain to stop feeling guilty for being white and say enough is enough, vote for the BNP and look towards a time when Britain is the jewel of the world crown, liberators of the oppressed, innovators of science and structure, the way we were when great men like Eddi son invented electric light, when Stephenson invented the railway, Brunell who excelled at pretty much everything from tunnels and suspension bridges to steamboats. We gave the world supersonic passenger flight with Concorde. We have that strength of character even if we no longer receive that level of education.

Look at British history before mass immigration and look at us now. Facts are facts and they are indisputable.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Erosion of culture and self-reliance

Over the weekend I have thought about how I could weather the financial storm by digging up my generous back garden, which is mostly lawn, and start growing vegetables instead. Every item of food I don't have to buy is a precious penny saved and once started a garden doesn't really take much tending. Those who know me will know I am no vegetarian and I thought about looking into the livestock laws of built-up areas, thinking I might keep chickens for eggs and eat the older ones who became inefficient while hatching some eggs to replace the consumed birds. I thought rabbits might be a good idea too until I thought of how my young son might feel about eating a fluffy bunny from the garden!

This train of thought brought me to hunting and fishing. Surely I could eat of the land that God provided? Wild duck, rabbit, pigeon can all be taken with a low-power air rifle easily enough. Alas, it would appear not. So much of our countryside has been built on in the last ten years that there are precious few places left that you can use an airgun legally. Hunting with dogs is out unless you own a large piece of land so no lamping rabbits. Snaring is banned also as it can 'cause the animal distress', starvation can cause me quite a bit of distress too!!

Surely fishing is a viable alternative for putting food on my plate? Well yes, for the time being. Not if the Commisars at the EU get their way though. Their latest piece of 'legislation', read totalitarian control, is to force all recreational anglers register their boats, even if they only cast their line once a year and record all catches to the fisheries committee. All fish caught by recreational anglers will be deducted from the country's EU quota (the amount of fish they say WE are allowed to catch in OUR own rivers and seas).

I have come to the conclusion that the EU and their pets in Parliament are eroding our rights and abilities to be self sufficient. Look at the way we have been legislated into dependence on supermarkets since Labour came to power. A total ban on handguns and specific rifles except for on a shooting range killing pieces of paper, hunting and snaring bans, more public land sold off to people who will not grant shooting rights for low-power airguns. I recently found out it is illegal to hunt with a bow or crossbow though I don't know how long that has been banned. Now they want to squeeze us away from the rivers and seas too. How many of your fathers/grandfathers had an allotment? How many allotment plots do you see nowadays? How many have been built on and filled with 'enrichers'?

I will bet there are not many who would have the space or the knowledge to grow your own food as a last resort. How many would know how to gut a fish or skin a rabbit if you managed to catch one? This has been part of the plan for years. Remove our ability to feed ourselves then collapse the economy (in progress) then starve us into submission. Once Gormless Brown has bankrupted the country and we cannot afford to buy in foreign food and there are queues outside Tesco on bread delivery day and riots for the last loaf, the traitors in Parliament will tell us 'the EU will save us if we join'. We will all be so hungry that there will be a landslide referendum on joining the EU and the Euro.

If you don't believe this is possible, cast your mind back to the Eighties or further back to when we really had freedom of speech, expression and movement. Back then they made sci-fi movies about 'thought crimes', where holding a view contrary to the government mantra (a politically incorrect view) was a criminal offence and look at the world we live in today. We are a nation paranoid where everyone is viewed with suspicion and fear. Our kids cannot play out-of-sight in case a paedophile grabs them. We cannot leave our cars unlocked or un-alarmed in case they are stolen. We are careful of everything we do or say in case someone claims to be offended and we get hounded out of our jobs or we end up in court for 'hate-speech' or 'thought crimes'.

There are some truly alarming times ahead. Start educating yourself in the old ways of surviving before technology and the nanny-state robbed us of our Independence and self-reliance. Even if you don't believe things can get as bad as I do, everything you can do for yourself is a little less control the Commies have and a better chance of survival if I am right! Start supporting the BNP too, when they eventually gain power at least we will only have to feed Brits and not half of the worlds leeches!!!

Friday, 16 January 2009

Liars Buggers and Thieves....Crooks one and all

So far I have talked about my awakening to the declining social standards in this country through political oppression, economic sabotage and unregulated immigration of those who seek to destroy us. Now I will deal with the reason all of this has been possible, the crooks in government from local council to the Houses of Parliament. I don't really have the time to relay entire stories here directly so I will link to resources where possible. Actually just visit the BNP website and

Former Labour leader of Redwich Borough Council, David Roy Cartwright pleaded guilty to stealing AT LEAST £24,695 from the homeless charity Step Out Drop In. He also admitted making false claims for the charity of over £63,000. The court will reconvene on the 27th February for sentancing. The charity has since collapsed. You have to be a fairly sick puppy to steal from people who sleep under newspapers or in cardboard shelters, eating from bins and washing in rain-puddles. I hope I can report a VERY stiff sentance being handed down but I doubt it, there will be handwashing getting done somewhere in the corridors of corruption.

Tory Haroon Rashid hoped to win the Bradford West seat by using bogus postal vote applications.

Rashid, 38, of Richings Way, Iver, Buckinghamshire
Mohammed Sultan, 51, of Toller Lane, Bradford
Mohammed Rafiq, 68, of Cecil Avenue, Bradford
Reis Khan, 39, of Whetley Hill, Bradford
Jamshed Khan, 64, of Russell Street, Bradford

all deny conspiracy to defraud the electoral registration officer of Bradford City Council. Alyas Khan has admitted the charge.

It is alleged that the accused falsely registered individuals to vote at addresses where they were not resident and had Postal Vote Apllications submitted on their behalf. It is also alledged that they submitted PVA's for legitimate voters who had no knowledge of a postal vote being submitted. “These defendants sought to manipulate the postal voting system,” the prosecutor said. He said they hoped to “rig the system so that Haroon Rashid could and would get elected.”

Now this group of fraudsters above are extremely dangerous in my opinion. Had they not been caught Haroon Rashid could have been sitting in the House of Commons giving backhanders to his co-conspiritors. I don't think it would be to much of a reach to say, as all of the accused are of the Asian persusion, that they would be more inclined to look more favourably upon Asian issues than Black or White issues. I would not say that about any other Asian politician without cause, but if it is proven that this man and his band of friends is a faudster, then one can safely assume he would be as dishonest in the discharge of his duties as he was in his attainment of office.

The Independant councillor for Keighley Paul Heseltine has been charged with making death threats, assault and criminal damage. THE Liberal Democrats' next general election contender for Totnes, Julian Brazil, faces being suspended as a district councillor following a dust-up with one of his council's own officers.

Those are only a few from this week, over the last months there have been Lib/Lab/Con MP's and Councillors arrested or thrown out of their jobs for charges ranging from fraud, deception, violence to 'possessing indecent pictures of children', another way of saying he was a peadophile with child porn on his computer. When a member of the public is caught he is a peodophile with child porn and the media go wild, when its a politician, its the less inflamatory and more forgettable 'possessing indecent pictures of children' and it might get mentioned as a side-note in the media, if at all.

To find out what kind of people you are voting for in the Lib/Lab/Con Tri-Axis of Evil, visit these links and see just what kind of scum are getting away with serious and foul crimes due to their position of power.

The truth about Islam

There are so many news stories from 2008 I need to talk about I don't know where to start! I have dealt with why I support the BNP wholeheartedly and the most important topic of the new year, the "credit crunch". So what next? The biggest danger to British society......Islam.

This is not going to be a racist rant, I am not a racist. Racism is holding a deep and unrelenting hate in your heart for people of a different race to your own. I do not hate any race but I do love my own and do not wish to be forced into accepting any beliefs or cultural habits of another. That is my choice and it is my right to say so without demonisation, persecution or oppresson. I would also like to add here and now that you cannot judge every muslim by Islam nor should you judge Islam by the muslims you meet. Each deserves to state it's case on its own merits.

There are many myths surrounding Islam being the Religion of Peace, yet it's symbol is a sword and the word Islam does not mean peace, it is kind of like surrender. You must surrender to Allah and his prophet Muhammad. There are two types of state in the Qu'ran, Dar al Islam (lands of surrender), Islamic states that have surrendered to Islamic (Sharia) Law and Dar al Harb (lands of war) where the 'infidel' has not surrendered to Islam and is under attack. This is the problem with Islamic immigration, how do you know if they are here to integrate with our society or destroy it from within for the glory of Allah? The Qu'ran also tells it's followers that Al Taqqiya (lying for Allah) is an acceptable tactic of war. Any Muslim can denounce the the teachings of Muhammed like peadophilia, terrorism, mutilation, ritual slaughter, oppression of women and children so long as they do not believe it in their heart and to convince the infidel that they are harmless. Who can you trust?

Islam preaches that all men should follow the example of 'the perfect man', Mohammed. Yet by the standards of western society, he was FAR from perfect. His biggest crime in my eyes and I would hope yours too (not that mass murder, mutilation, rape are acceptable crimes) was peadophilia. It is documented in the Qu'ran that his wife Aishia was 6yrs old when they married, but he didn't take to her bed until she was 9. What a benevolent chap waiting all that time! In the last years of his life he is quoted as saying "Allah only speaks to me from aishia's bed", proof he was sleeping with her and not, as Muslims will tell you, married to her to save her from slavery. I will further back up the evidence of peadophilia with yesterday's story on the BNP website ( of the Grand Mufti of Arabia, the worlds leading Muslim cleric saying...

"It is wrong to say it’s not permitted to marry off girls who are 15 and younger. A female who is 10 or 12 is marriageable and those who think she’s too young are wrong and are being unfair to her"

Last month a court in Oneiza in central Saudi Arabia dismissed a divorce petition by the mother of an eight-year-old girl whose father married her off to a man in his 50s. Newspaper reports said the court argued that the mother did not have the right to file such a case on behalf of her daughter and said that the petition should be filed by the girl when she reaches puberty.

It is hard to deny peadophilia is rife in the religion when their 'perfect man' commited it and their foremost religious leader condones it in this day and age. It is not racist to report that in West Yorkshire a gang of Muslim men aged up to 35 were grooming girls 13yrs and younger for sex. It is not racist when it is fact. They did it, a court found them guilty. On the subject of criminality, there is documented evidence that crime is rife in their society. Muslims only make up 3% of the population (feels like more with all the allowances made for them) but 13% of the prison population is Muslim. If they were as law abiding as the rest of the population, they would make up 3% of the prisoners, the fact the number is so much higher shows only that they are more likely to engage criminal behavior. Fact, not racism.

In HMP Long Lartin Worcestershire, 25% of the inmates are muslim ( and now virtually control the wings. Muslim prisoners make up one third of the population of Whitemoor, 15 percent of Full Sutton top security prison in Yorkshire and 20 percent of Belmarsh jail. These are not soft, open prisons for minor offences, these are for the most dangerous of criminals. An inmate is quoted in the report as saying that all violence in the jail was gang related and that Long Lartin was in danger of turning into an American-style prison. He said: “If you are not in a gang, you’re in trouble. People are converting to Islam for protection.” It should be noted that a Muslim is forbidden to attack another Muslim, according to the word of Mohammed. This is where the myth 'religion of peace' stems from. If everyone was a muslim there would be peace, and there is peace in areas where it is 100% Muslim. That sounds a bit dictatorial and fascist for me. "It is not for a believer to kill a believer unless it be by mistake" -- Qur'an 4:92

If you want to learn more about the truth of Islam, check out these websites, the first one lists every Islamic terror attack worldwide in 2008 (2204 resulting in over 10,000 dead and over 18,000 critically injured) and over 12,000 individual attacks since 9/11. A really peaceful religion I'm sure you will agree. Please email this site's link to your friends, the more people who know the truth the better.

How to survive 2009

This is only my opinion but to survive the "Global credit crunch" we have to get away from the current trend of Globalisation and start thinking local. If it wasn't for the "one world economy" then this would have been America's problem, not the worlds problem. Each and every country has a finger in the pie of every other country. It is this, and this alone, that has caused the current meltdown. If each nation did its banking within it's own borders then the collapse of a couple of America's biggest banks would have had negligable effect outside of the USA's borders. The rest of the world could then have come to their assistance and helped them through their trouble. This is how things used to be done before the "New World Order" got a foothold and and introduced the "global economy" where the slightest hiccup effects the entire world. No-one is in a position to help anyone because the international checks and measures that were in place when each nation was its own bank have gone.

So we need to start thinking local. Each and every person can influence how well Britain comes out of this and how quickly we get back on top. Every penny that is spent on foreign goods and imports or in foreign owned businesses is money that vanishes from our economy. Try to source your food from local or British retailers and producers. I have found a small local butcher 300 yards (not EU meters) from Tesco who is not only cheaper but sources all his meat from farms in the county. That is money going to fellow Brits. There are several greengrocers in my little town, only one displays the country of origin on all produce, that is where I shop. I eat whatever fruit and veg is in season in Britain. Granted I don't have what you could call a varied diet but I am supporting British retailers and British farmers. Not only are the economic effects beneficial to this country but the environmental effects benefit the world. How much pollution do you think is generated bringing pre-packaged beef or lamb from the other side of the world? How fresh is the food after its 12-24hr trip?

The cost of living in Britain is out of control mostly due to the cost of energy. Thatcher closed the mines and scrapped the coal fired power stations, buying in oil and gas from other countries who now keep us on a tight leash with rocketing prices and threats to shut the taps. That cost this country massively as we lost the ability to produce vast amounts of electricity 'in-house' and huge revenues from exports. The EU have warned they may demand the surrender of Britain's North Sea oil and gas reserves for the member states currently affected by the dispute between Russia and the Ukraine. They are OUR resources, in OUR sovereign borders. Our Fathers, Grandfathers and Great Grandfathers made the ultimate sacrifice defending them from continental Europe, will we hand them over with a smile? Will our government stand up for the people of this once great nation and defend our lands, history and heritage from the smiling assasins intent on our destruction?

An unbelievable fact that came to my attention just the other day is that Britain is buying gas from Russia in surplus, there is way more supply than demand. In most economies an excess of supply drives prices down, the government could use the surplus to get us cheaper energy. Do you want to know what they do with the surplus gas??


Thats right people! The CLOWNS running Britain's economy are buying high and selling low EVERY SINGLE DAY! We subsidise the EU's energy usage with our inflated energy prices. The continental Europeans are having a lovely warm and comfortable winter thanks to you, while you freeze in the coldest winter for a decade! Global warming indeed??!! EDF, a french owned company have increased prices in Britain by about 50%, yet in France by only 4 or 5%. The Germans are doing it too through the energy companies they own. Bend over for Brussels!!!

Thursday, 15 January 2009

The start of something good

A few months ago, you may remember, a list of members of the BNP was leaked onto the internet in a media frenzy. I thought it would be a giggle to download a copy and see if anyone I know was on it, turns out not but that's not important. I, like most people didn't really bother with politics, they are all just a bunch of self-serving liars right?

I thought there would be fury in the party about this so went to the BNP site to see the seething anger in the responses. There was none. Infact, the opposite was true, most posters thought that while unfortunate for individuals who may suffer some sort of predjudice or discrimination over the memebrship, it would do good for the party as people would see that they are not "knuckle-dragging thugs" but normal people with respectable careers. I was surprised myself to see police, teachers, school governers and many other responsible folks.Since I was there I looked at their policies, thinking they would only have one and it would be lunatic racist ranting. Again I was surprised to see a very complete and detailed manifesto, far more intelligent than anything I have heard from the three main parties.

Since that day I have visited the site every day, reading the news reports that you don't see on TV or in the papers. I have come to the conclusion, as most BNP supporters have, that the goverment now censors the media and has almost full control of the BBC. There is so much we are not being told it is mind-blowing. If the BNP were lying they would be tried for libel as it is written on the website as evidence. Rather than answer the allegations the BNP level at them they ban the media from reporting on them in a positive light, enforce a policy of "no platform" for their political opinion and repeat "racist, fascist, nazi" when the BNP are mentioned. The truth of the matter is this.....

If the BNP were allowed a voice in the mainstream media most MP's would be in jail for treason!!!

When Labour were elected in '97 it was on the strenth of a referendum on the EU constitution. There has never been a referendum on the EU constitution because, with the approval of the British Parliament, it's name was changed to the Lisbon Treaty, and Britain was signed up to it. What this means is if Ireland now sign up to the Lisbon Treaty, control of Britain will be passed to the EU and Parliament disbanded. We will then be broken up into nine member states, take on the Euro as our currency and never again see a General Election. Great Britain will cease to exist except as areas of the communist EU. We are literally months away from the end of Great Britain unless Gormeless McBroon can be forced to call an early election and the BNP gain enough power to reverse the acceptance of the Lisbon Treaty until a referendum can be held.

What that means is Labour lied to Britain, and is now stalling for time until the final nail is in the coffin and their jobs-for-life and £2M on the EU council are cemented. This financial collapse that brought the pound to parity with the Euro wasno accident. Britain would be in a stronger position if McBroon had not sold all British gold to prop up the Euro. I could write pages and pages about this but I'll stop now.Please do yourself a favour and go to the BNP website, read their manifesto and news stories. Have your eyes opened to the truth and tell your friends and family. The lies created by the media and government about the BNP need to be squashed and the British people need to do something NOW!! It is our last chance to stop what two world wars failed to achieve. Please take the time to look at these links and use your own intelligence to decide who is telling the truth. The only voice you hear or the voice that is forcibly silenced.