Friday, 16 January 2009

Liars Buggers and Thieves....Crooks one and all

So far I have talked about my awakening to the declining social standards in this country through political oppression, economic sabotage and unregulated immigration of those who seek to destroy us. Now I will deal with the reason all of this has been possible, the crooks in government from local council to the Houses of Parliament. I don't really have the time to relay entire stories here directly so I will link to resources where possible. Actually just visit the BNP website and

Former Labour leader of Redwich Borough Council, David Roy Cartwright pleaded guilty to stealing AT LEAST £24,695 from the homeless charity Step Out Drop In. He also admitted making false claims for the charity of over £63,000. The court will reconvene on the 27th February for sentancing. The charity has since collapsed. You have to be a fairly sick puppy to steal from people who sleep under newspapers or in cardboard shelters, eating from bins and washing in rain-puddles. I hope I can report a VERY stiff sentance being handed down but I doubt it, there will be handwashing getting done somewhere in the corridors of corruption.

Tory Haroon Rashid hoped to win the Bradford West seat by using bogus postal vote applications.

Rashid, 38, of Richings Way, Iver, Buckinghamshire
Mohammed Sultan, 51, of Toller Lane, Bradford
Mohammed Rafiq, 68, of Cecil Avenue, Bradford
Reis Khan, 39, of Whetley Hill, Bradford
Jamshed Khan, 64, of Russell Street, Bradford

all deny conspiracy to defraud the electoral registration officer of Bradford City Council. Alyas Khan has admitted the charge.

It is alleged that the accused falsely registered individuals to vote at addresses where they were not resident and had Postal Vote Apllications submitted on their behalf. It is also alledged that they submitted PVA's for legitimate voters who had no knowledge of a postal vote being submitted. “These defendants sought to manipulate the postal voting system,” the prosecutor said. He said they hoped to “rig the system so that Haroon Rashid could and would get elected.”

Now this group of fraudsters above are extremely dangerous in my opinion. Had they not been caught Haroon Rashid could have been sitting in the House of Commons giving backhanders to his co-conspiritors. I don't think it would be to much of a reach to say, as all of the accused are of the Asian persusion, that they would be more inclined to look more favourably upon Asian issues than Black or White issues. I would not say that about any other Asian politician without cause, but if it is proven that this man and his band of friends is a faudster, then one can safely assume he would be as dishonest in the discharge of his duties as he was in his attainment of office.

The Independant councillor for Keighley Paul Heseltine has been charged with making death threats, assault and criminal damage. THE Liberal Democrats' next general election contender for Totnes, Julian Brazil, faces being suspended as a district councillor following a dust-up with one of his council's own officers.

Those are only a few from this week, over the last months there have been Lib/Lab/Con MP's and Councillors arrested or thrown out of their jobs for charges ranging from fraud, deception, violence to 'possessing indecent pictures of children', another way of saying he was a peadophile with child porn on his computer. When a member of the public is caught he is a peodophile with child porn and the media go wild, when its a politician, its the less inflamatory and more forgettable 'possessing indecent pictures of children' and it might get mentioned as a side-note in the media, if at all.

To find out what kind of people you are voting for in the Lib/Lab/Con Tri-Axis of Evil, visit these links and see just what kind of scum are getting away with serious and foul crimes due to their position of power.

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