Friday, 23 January 2009

It is official......

...Labour have failed and we are in a recession so devastating we are facing post-war living conditions. The recession was officially announced today as there has been continued shrinkage of the economy quarter on quater and the economy is smaller in Jan 09 than it was in Jan 08. That is political bullshit which means we have been in a recession for a year but they made the rules so they could deny it for a while.

The official figure is 1.25% which is a bigger drop than at any time during the Tory recession of the Nineties, the worst then was around the 0.75% mark and we all know how bad that felt. Of course back then Britain was in a better position to recover from the slump as there are certain benefits to recession as I will discuss, unfortunately all the industries and demographics that flourish in recession have been squandered and abolished under Labour. Rather than the 'abolition of boom and bust' Gormless McBroon lauded, he has simply abolished boom and hidden the fact by selling all GB assets then maxing the credit card. The pigeons are home to roost and your grandchildren will be paying the price.

So why is this recession so much worse than the Tory recession of the nineties and why are we ill equipped to recover? Firstly Britain had gold stores worth around 400 Billion with which to secure loans from other countries. Gormless McBroon sold just about all, if not all to the EU for Euro's which basically rendered the Sterling a paper currency. The is no security to sterling except the GDP of Britain. This sounds confusing but it is very simple really, think of it as a secured versus an unsecured loan.

Lets say you own your home outright and you want to send your child to a good Uni. You get a loan secured on your home to pay the fees and help support your child with living expenses etc. You get a good rate on the loan because if your payments stop they take your house. If you cannot offer a security like a house you get a poor interest rate as there is a heavier risk that if you stop paying they get squat. Britain has nothing to secure favourable rates with except future performance and our future performance looks bleak, so no-one is lending and they are selling anything they own in Sterling for peanuts.

In the Nineties we had a half decent industrial base. Granted the tories had ruined us in respect of the mines, shipyards and steel but there were still SME manufacturers selling to the world. The largest of them would have been automotive, but Ford and Rover are gone now. How many small manufacturers have disappeared from your town? I personally know of 3 I worked for in the nineties that have gone abroad, countless others my friends worked for have gone. The North East of England used to have loads of small plastics manufacturers, you would be lucky to find 5 now they have upped sticks to Eastern Europe and China.

So where is the money coming into Britain? We dont make anything or sell anything so where is the income? If you do not have an income you cannot get credit, simple. How does GBplc make money? Quite simply we don't.

Which leads me on to another problem, that old chestnut 'immigration'. With Britain currently overrun with immigrants and British workers discarded in favour of inferior cheap labour, it's not just unfair to Brits, it heammorages worth from the economy. The very vast majority of immigrant workers are sending money back to their homelands to feed their family right? Thats common knowledge. That is money that vanishes from Britains balance books every day. Every time an immigrant sends his/her wages to Poland/Lithuania/Thailand/Africa their economy gets a little richer and ours gets a little poorer. With the millions of immigrants working in the UK and the further millions on benefits Britain is heammoraging wealth. For example....

5 Million immigrants send £1/day home to feed their family. Thats £7 a week each but it is £35million a week gone from the economy, a yearly drain on the country of £1.82 BILLION. let me show you how that looks on a bank statement:


And I'm sure you can assume that is one REALLY conservative estimate! So now you see the scale of the immigration problem. Even if you discount the rise in crime, the erosion of our culture, the no-go areas that are taking away our freedom of movement and the 'offended' that take away our freedom of speech, we simply cannot afford to feed the world anymore. Britain produces enough food to feed 30% of the population and falling as the population grows. When the EU ban pesticides and farming output drops it's going to get worse.

I read a statement the other day that said Britain has less water reserved per head than Egypt! Since when were we and arid desert? There are so many people living here now that our reservoirs cannot cope and we have nowhere to build new ones so not only can we not feed the world but we can't even offer them a drink. I wish I could find the link it really was a slap in the face.

We must start standing up and being counted. Talk about the issues, it is not racist to want to preserve your culture, your heritage and your homelands. Just beacause you are white does not mean you cannot defend the land of your ancestors in the same way as the Native Americans tried to do, the Inuit, the Aborigonal Australians to name a few. We have the right to Britain and the right to send the immigrants home. British people WILL do the menial jobs, we do not NEED immigration to make this country operate. We need to end it, and reverse it to stop this country dying.

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