Thursday, 22 January 2009

Immigration and the increase in crime

On the BNP's website right now, there are 3 stories in a row about an immigrant raping a young British girl. You can read all 3 in detail at

The first case is one I have already talked about. The romanian criminal who had done time in his own country, came here to visit his criminal brother in HMP Wakefield and decided he liked it so much he would rape a white girl he saw at the train station because he wanted to be sent to a British jail for 'a bed, food and English lessons'. We are currently obliging this filth on remand in HMP Leeds.

An illegal immigrant from South Africa is raping the British taxpayer after being jailed for nine years for raping an 18 yr old British girl 'because she was white' and locked her friend in another room while he carried out his vile act. He is merely importing South African tradition as it is estimated there are half a million rapes every year in South Africa of which 450,000 go unreported because of the backlog and lack of convictions. Interpol say that 1300 women are raped every day in South Africa (1 every 17 seconds)and 1 in 2 women can expect to be raped at some point in their life. Thanks to Liebours immigration non-policy we are the world toilet for every third world arsehole to take a shit in.

Peter Delisser is now enjoying her Majesty's hospitality for 5 and a half years after raping a teenage girl while waiting to be deported for the THIRD TIME!! He first arrived 12 years ago and lived here illegally while marrying and fathering 2 sons. He was deported in '99 but came back under the same name so returned in 2001 under a new name. He took a new wife to go with is new name and was arrested and jailed in 2005 and was due to be deported but evaded the authorities for long enough to rape the girl. He was deported from Canada in '92 after serving 18 months for importing drugs.

What is there to say? The only 'freedom of movement' this filth deserve is a downward one on a length of rope. Why should we, the taxpayers of this country have to house the flotsom and detritus of the worlds scum? Why should our women be raped by this filth? Why should we have to pay to jail them when a more fitting punishment would be the noose? If our prisons were not so full of the worlds turds we could jail our home-grown shitehawks for a decent spell instead of the weekend breaks they take now.

You watch how quickly the fuckers are on the next plane home when the rope is reintroduced.

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