Monday, 19 January 2009

Erosion of culture and self-reliance

Over the weekend I have thought about how I could weather the financial storm by digging up my generous back garden, which is mostly lawn, and start growing vegetables instead. Every item of food I don't have to buy is a precious penny saved and once started a garden doesn't really take much tending. Those who know me will know I am no vegetarian and I thought about looking into the livestock laws of built-up areas, thinking I might keep chickens for eggs and eat the older ones who became inefficient while hatching some eggs to replace the consumed birds. I thought rabbits might be a good idea too until I thought of how my young son might feel about eating a fluffy bunny from the garden!

This train of thought brought me to hunting and fishing. Surely I could eat of the land that God provided? Wild duck, rabbit, pigeon can all be taken with a low-power air rifle easily enough. Alas, it would appear not. So much of our countryside has been built on in the last ten years that there are precious few places left that you can use an airgun legally. Hunting with dogs is out unless you own a large piece of land so no lamping rabbits. Snaring is banned also as it can 'cause the animal distress', starvation can cause me quite a bit of distress too!!

Surely fishing is a viable alternative for putting food on my plate? Well yes, for the time being. Not if the Commisars at the EU get their way though. Their latest piece of 'legislation', read totalitarian control, is to force all recreational anglers register their boats, even if they only cast their line once a year and record all catches to the fisheries committee. All fish caught by recreational anglers will be deducted from the country's EU quota (the amount of fish they say WE are allowed to catch in OUR own rivers and seas).

I have come to the conclusion that the EU and their pets in Parliament are eroding our rights and abilities to be self sufficient. Look at the way we have been legislated into dependence on supermarkets since Labour came to power. A total ban on handguns and specific rifles except for on a shooting range killing pieces of paper, hunting and snaring bans, more public land sold off to people who will not grant shooting rights for low-power airguns. I recently found out it is illegal to hunt with a bow or crossbow though I don't know how long that has been banned. Now they want to squeeze us away from the rivers and seas too. How many of your fathers/grandfathers had an allotment? How many allotment plots do you see nowadays? How many have been built on and filled with 'enrichers'?

I will bet there are not many who would have the space or the knowledge to grow your own food as a last resort. How many would know how to gut a fish or skin a rabbit if you managed to catch one? This has been part of the plan for years. Remove our ability to feed ourselves then collapse the economy (in progress) then starve us into submission. Once Gormless Brown has bankrupted the country and we cannot afford to buy in foreign food and there are queues outside Tesco on bread delivery day and riots for the last loaf, the traitors in Parliament will tell us 'the EU will save us if we join'. We will all be so hungry that there will be a landslide referendum on joining the EU and the Euro.

If you don't believe this is possible, cast your mind back to the Eighties or further back to when we really had freedom of speech, expression and movement. Back then they made sci-fi movies about 'thought crimes', where holding a view contrary to the government mantra (a politically incorrect view) was a criminal offence and look at the world we live in today. We are a nation paranoid where everyone is viewed with suspicion and fear. Our kids cannot play out-of-sight in case a paedophile grabs them. We cannot leave our cars unlocked or un-alarmed in case they are stolen. We are careful of everything we do or say in case someone claims to be offended and we get hounded out of our jobs or we end up in court for 'hate-speech' or 'thought crimes'.

There are some truly alarming times ahead. Start educating yourself in the old ways of surviving before technology and the nanny-state robbed us of our Independence and self-reliance. Even if you don't believe things can get as bad as I do, everything you can do for yourself is a little less control the Commies have and a better chance of survival if I am right! Start supporting the BNP too, when they eventually gain power at least we will only have to feed Brits and not half of the worlds leeches!!!

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