Thursday, 15 January 2009

The start of something good

A few months ago, you may remember, a list of members of the BNP was leaked onto the internet in a media frenzy. I thought it would be a giggle to download a copy and see if anyone I know was on it, turns out not but that's not important. I, like most people didn't really bother with politics, they are all just a bunch of self-serving liars right?

I thought there would be fury in the party about this so went to the BNP site to see the seething anger in the responses. There was none. Infact, the opposite was true, most posters thought that while unfortunate for individuals who may suffer some sort of predjudice or discrimination over the memebrship, it would do good for the party as people would see that they are not "knuckle-dragging thugs" but normal people with respectable careers. I was surprised myself to see police, teachers, school governers and many other responsible folks.Since I was there I looked at their policies, thinking they would only have one and it would be lunatic racist ranting. Again I was surprised to see a very complete and detailed manifesto, far more intelligent than anything I have heard from the three main parties.

Since that day I have visited the site every day, reading the news reports that you don't see on TV or in the papers. I have come to the conclusion, as most BNP supporters have, that the goverment now censors the media and has almost full control of the BBC. There is so much we are not being told it is mind-blowing. If the BNP were lying they would be tried for libel as it is written on the website as evidence. Rather than answer the allegations the BNP level at them they ban the media from reporting on them in a positive light, enforce a policy of "no platform" for their political opinion and repeat "racist, fascist, nazi" when the BNP are mentioned. The truth of the matter is this.....

If the BNP were allowed a voice in the mainstream media most MP's would be in jail for treason!!!

When Labour were elected in '97 it was on the strenth of a referendum on the EU constitution. There has never been a referendum on the EU constitution because, with the approval of the British Parliament, it's name was changed to the Lisbon Treaty, and Britain was signed up to it. What this means is if Ireland now sign up to the Lisbon Treaty, control of Britain will be passed to the EU and Parliament disbanded. We will then be broken up into nine member states, take on the Euro as our currency and never again see a General Election. Great Britain will cease to exist except as areas of the communist EU. We are literally months away from the end of Great Britain unless Gormeless McBroon can be forced to call an early election and the BNP gain enough power to reverse the acceptance of the Lisbon Treaty until a referendum can be held.

What that means is Labour lied to Britain, and is now stalling for time until the final nail is in the coffin and their jobs-for-life and £2M on the EU council are cemented. This financial collapse that brought the pound to parity with the Euro wasno accident. Britain would be in a stronger position if McBroon had not sold all British gold to prop up the Euro. I could write pages and pages about this but I'll stop now.Please do yourself a favour and go to the BNP website, read their manifesto and news stories. Have your eyes opened to the truth and tell your friends and family. The lies created by the media and government about the BNP need to be squashed and the British people need to do something NOW!! It is our last chance to stop what two world wars failed to achieve. Please take the time to look at these links and use your own intelligence to decide who is telling the truth. The only voice you hear or the voice that is forcibly silenced.

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