Thursday, 23 April 2009

Move over Darling.......

I was going to put a video of the song up here but in the spirit of those of limited bandwidth I will stick to my austere theme.

Labour have shown their true colours in yesterday's election. When under pressure or frightened people ALWAYS revert to type. Labour refused to acknowledge that Britain is bankrupt by stubbornly sticking to their massive spending plans, refusing to cut taxes for the poor and worst hit, increasing the top rate of Income Tax (effectively creating a new band for the top 1% of earners) which is a reversion to their Marxist 'class war' ideology. I seriously fear for Chairman Gordon's sanity, he sat on the front bench giggling like a teenager during Cameron's merciless mauling of their budget and indeed their entire term of office (term of Power if you are in Labour). I think he has totally lost touch with reality and responsibility as every time he is criticised he responds with giggles, as if it is a joke upon the entire world that they cannot see His wisdom. The Emperor really doesn't have any clothes.

So the budget focused on getting the financial services sector moving again but made NO provision for industry. There will be 'Incentives' for finding and utilising North Sea oil and gas, but NO incentives to reopen the coal mines that were still productive at the time of closing. There are several decades of coal under our feet, combined with oil, gas and renewable energy sources Britain could be energy self-sufficient and possibly even export some of the resources, bringing money into the economy. Rather than make money, lazy Labour prefer to take it on the tick. They are borrowing £525million to subsidise offshore wind farms over two years. Of course, that money is only going to pay foreign companies like EDF and NPower (RTE) to build in our waters and bill our people for our resources as has already been proven with the revelations last year about the great gas swindle. That money will not benefit Britain at all as these foreign companies use our resources to produce energy, charge us a premium for it and transport it to their own nations where they sell it cheaper. Labour are taxing us to the hilt and using the money to bring about our downfall.

The Chancellor's predictions for growth and recovery are laughable, even to non-financial experts. In the last budget he told us that by this budget the recession would be over and Britain would be back into 'sustainable growth'. NOW he says deflation will continue through 2009 at 3.5% and growth next year will be 1.25%. Given his track record do YOU believe that? That growth figure means we will be way past 2010 before we get back to 2007 levels, it will be way beyond 2012 before we are back on 2007 terms and don't forget, the better Britain does the more we will be taxed, by Labour and Tory, as all this borrowing needs to be paid back. The VAT cut, that is evidently a catastrophic failure and has done nothing for the economy and saddled us with even more debt, has been extended to December. You usually take your hand out of the flame when it starts to burn.

From January, under 25's who have been unemployed for 12 months or more will be offered a job or training. Why wait? Offer people jobs as soon as they become unemployed or, in the case of people like me who have lost an industry due to Globalisation, training from day 1. Why make people sit on the jobless list for a year, being bullied and pressured into taking unskilled work? I am an engineer with an IQ over 130 and the people at Jobcentreplus want me to take a job at McDonalds or KFC! I am more than happy to work but at least give me a chance to live up to my potential! I could have re skilled in any number of professions but if I'm flipping burgers I make the jobless figures look good.

Stamp duty holiday extended. That's nice. No-one can buy houses anyway because the banks are broke and there is no credit available. That is a totally meaningless 'tax break' as no-one will benefit and it will cost the Treasury nothing. Utterly pointless. The £80,000,000 extension to the shared equity scheme has not been taken up by a single person, nor has the payment assistance. These are merely words and gestures for political use in the General Election. I know this because although I myself am in serious difficulty with my mortgage there is NO help available, I do not meet the criteria. A one-legged lesbian from sub-Saharan Africa with 10 kids by 9 fathers probably gets oodles of assistance but a straight white man born and bred in Britain who has no dependants because government guidelines say I'm less worthy than my child's mother gets nothing. Thanks Labour, the party of the working man.

The scrap scheme on old cars is another electioneering exercise. To qualify your car must have been first registered before July 31st 1999 and you must have owned it for a year. If you trade it in you get £2000 of the price of a new car. This proves how out of touch Labour are with their core voters. The people who drive cars over 10 years old tend to be either very low waged, have high outgoings on mortgage/food due to having a family, or pensioners on modest incomes. These people cannot afford to take on more debt and certainly do not have/cannot afford to lash out their savings as they need them for income. A family with 3 kids and an S registered Ford Mondeo cannot afford to buy a £6000 used replacement, never mind trade in their car and tick on £11,000 for a new one! A very, very small minority of retirees might be able to part ex the old banger for a little Chevy Matiz but this is NOT going to bolster the car manufacturing industry in Britain or make an impression on the total emissions from private vehicles. It might save some fringe Labour votes from those with no more sense, but as an economic safety net, it is as much use as rice paper.

The borrowing figures are quite obscene. The announcement of £175 Billion for 2009 drew a gasp from the majority of the house. This is 13% of our projected GDP, that percentage could easily climb if GDP drops, which is a very real possibility. By 2013/14, Britain's national debt, assuming Darling's growth predictions (pipe dreams) are correct will be 79% GDP. Britain will owe DOUBLE what it owed when Labour came to 'power'. Brown has maxed the credit card and the Bank of England has torn up the cheque book. That is like a person with an income of £20,000 having £15,800 of personal debt before interest calculations or living expenses like mortgage/rent, Utilities, clothes etc are accounted for. Children born today will be paying back Labour's debt.

Once again Labour hits the poorest of people where it hurts. Fuel duty is set to rise 2p in September, so Bus/plane/train prices will follow suit. It is quickly becoming too expensive to go to work. The job centre expect every unemployed person to travel 1 hour each way to a job, a trip that could cost up to £5 or more each way. £50/week from your wage on simply getting to work, on minimum wage that is 25% of GROSS INCOME. The low waged are getting priced out of travelling to work. Alcohol and tobacco are up 2%, again hitting those around the poverty line. It is an accepted fact that smoking is a social disease prevalent in the low waged but yet again they are squeezed for what is for some the only luxury they have. Alcohol takes another hit furthering Labours attack on social gatherings. Since 1997 the licenced trade has been under continuous assault with tax hikes, licencing strangulation, smoking prohibition. This assault on the working class will raise £6 Billion by 2012, whereas the new tax on the top earners will raise less than £1Billion. The working man is paying for Labour's mistakes.

Labour's housing plans are a joke. They have promised £500million for new homes, £100million for 'green' homes will be given to local authorities and £50million for the modernisation of army homes. They are putting money in entirely the wrong place! Surely it would have been better to say there would be £500million for green homes and £150 million for Modernising Military Accommodation? Why not demand ALL new homes are 'green'? The subsidy could be used for demolishing old run down housing and building new homes in their place. Instead, this money will be spent on covering over green land with houses for the unending tide of immigration. Again Labour are out of touch with reality.

Compare all of this with the British National Party's plans. That £175 billion of borrowing would become £115billion within 24 hours by withdrawing from the EU. Stopping foreign aid would save another few billion. Bringing our soldiers home would save another £4.5billion. We would end child poverty by removing the tax burden from those earning less than £15,000 (LibDems stole that from us and 'liberalised' it down to £10,000, which helps almost no-one but the under 21's) A 15p tax bracket for those earning less than £20,000 would remove the need for the tax credit system, the saving of the cost of running that alone would pay for the tax cuts!

The Liberals, Labour and the Tories have all said that after the next election we will all have to pay. The British National Party disagrees. By reducing the tax burden the economy will thrive as people have more money to spend than could ever be dreamed of under the current shower. We would reduce energy poverty by becoming self-sufficient for our energy requirements and shunning expensive gas imports. The BNP are the only party offering an alternative to the massive tax burden to come. If you fear for the future, change the future. Vote for the British National Party.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Time to end the Postal Voting con

Since Labour instigated postal voting it has been instrumental in helping them hold marginal seats and there are documented cases of it being abused by the criminally corrupt who only wish to achieve a position in office to feather their own nests and line their own pockets.

Full story HERE Is it any surprise to anyone that the extended family of it's conceiver, Tony B'Liar, stand accused of vote rigging? His wife Cherie's step-mother is the latest Labour MP to be accused of irregularities in the postal voting process. Stephanie Booth, 53, was selected as Labour's parliamentary candidate for the Calder Valley seat in West Yorkshire. On the night of the count, Booth secured 22 votes, while rival Susan Press won 35. However, when postal votes were added, Mrs Booth made a comeback worthy Christ himself and won by 95 to 52. Was it a coincidence the vote was held on Maundy Thursday, the day before the long weekend to take advantage of a low turnout and a rigged postal vote? There are accusations that Booth's supporters 'assisted' people with filling in their postal voting forms, a clear violation of the voting process. I doubt very much the claims will be investigated.

While I am in B'Liar bashing mode, it should also be noted that another of his wife's family, Lauren Booth spoke at an anti-Israel/pro-Palestine rally and used inflammatory remarks to whip the crown into a frenzy. Claims that the Israelis are war criminals (ironic considering Tony's track record) and claiming "we are all Palestinians". In that case can you all surrender your British passports on the way out to Palestine and make a noise there, instead of interrupting the lives of normal British people going about their peaceful business? It would appear to me that this family are just publicity seekers and will do anything to bask in a little limelight, whether that be lying to the British public over a referendum on Europe, whipping Muslims into a frenzy and inciting riot or rigging a postal vote, they obviously have no shame and a great deal of immunity from prosecution.

Back to vote rigging. This from the Liars, Buggers and Thieves site, which acts as an archive for political corruption. THIS link is to a search for vote rigging only and the above link will take you to the main site where you can find out about the fraudsters, perverts, rapists, thugs and cheats from the 'Big 3' parties who are so fond of accusing the BNP of being crooks. A little taster.....

Mohammed Najib, Labour, currently on the run.

Haroon Rashid, Conservative (Co-Accused Mohammed Sultan, Mohammed Rafiq, Reis Khan, Jamshed Khan)

John Hall, Conservative Councillor

Abdul Razaq, Conservative

Maqbool Hussein, Labour (Co-Accused Mohammed Choudhary and Tariq Mahmood)

Eshaq Khan, Conservative

Iftikhar Hussain, Consevative

Abdul Aziz, Labour

These examples only go back to November 2007, Postal voting has been in use since 2000. Postal voting must be abandoned as it is apparently extremely easy to cheat. The proposed 'electronic voting' must also be shelved, the government have failed too many IT projects to be able to ensure fair and balanced representation, they cant even get snail mail right! We cannot assume these are the only cases of fraudulent voting. There is NO crime with a 100% detection rate so we must assume, being generous, that for every case caught at least one got away with it. Postal Voting, keeping the banana republic bent since the millennium.

It is time to return to fair, open and transparent government, starting with the means of choosing the government. Only the BNP propose to return to the style of democracy first conceived in this country centuries ago and copied around the world. When you vote next, remember who cares where your cross goes and who has already took steps to ensure your vote doesn't matter and your voice is not heard.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Encams using anti-white racism in latest campaign.

In a bout of blatant anti-white racism that if reversed would have people jailed, Encams have launched a raft of posters where every single face is white and displayed in a negative light.

Encams (Environmental Campaigns) are the charity behind 'Keep Britain Tidy' and have been active in trying to keep litter in check for 50 years. There is a bit of history behind them HERE. They used to run wholesome campaigns featuring stars such as Morcambe and Wise, Marc Bolan, Emile Heskey and Micheal Owen. It would seem PC and most probably CP too have seeped in and polluted this once noble charity with the most blatant anti-white racism to date.

You can see the posters for yourself HERE. It is my understanding they are to be used massively in London before, during and after the 2012 Olympics. Be sure to check out the more adult 'Humorous' posters in the 15+ and 18+ catagories too.

The 'Dirty Pig' theme. A white teenage boy with a pig's snout and a white teenage girl, showing some naked derrier, with a curly pigs tail sticking out. This must please the Muslim community who believe Allah "made them [Jews and Christians] as Apes and Pigs"

'Don't turn a blind eye' to fly tipping, or the middle aged white man emptying his hatchback onto the roadside.

Smoking Related, a totally unnecesary and seemingly unconnected white hand in the bottom left corner.

'Colin' and 'Alice' Colin is standing with two other children who are wearing gas masks. Colin is portrayed as being unclean, untouchable, smelly/toxic, subhuman. I believe a certain Fascist employed similar methods against his chosen scapegoats. Alice is in a group of white girls apparently jumping to avoid stepping in rubbish. While not directly linking whites to the cause of the problem in this poster, it clearly insinuates littering as a white disease.

Cars. The abandoned vehicles poster shows a mature white couple standing next to an old banger. Spit shows a male in his late 20's spitting out of a moving vehicle and Nose shows a woman in roughly her early 30's with her finger up to the third knuckle booger-hooking.

15+ campaign. The use of implied foul language is evident in the posters regarding picking up dog faeces. Featuring a large specimen of a 'barkers egg' with the words Bull, No or Tough above it represents common use phrases. Granted not racist but unneccasarily vulgar. Three overtly sexual and vulgar references to genitalia complete the collection for mid-teens.

18+ campaign. This features two scantily clad whites in their early twenties. The allusion here is that whites are promiscuous and likely to let you 'get lucky' for being environmentally conscious and picking up litter.

Of course when you take each poster at face value there doesn't seem to be much harm in them. When you examine the entire campaign and note the anti-white bias in blaming whites for the litter problem, demonising and reducing them to the status of farm animals and implying they are so contaminated you require a gas mask to be near them, not including a single Asian, Black or Oriental face anywhere in the campaign, using lowest common denominator toilet humour and reducing white youngsters to nothing more than a sexual object, the nefarious touch of Political Correctness and Common Purpose's ethnic promotion agenda is obvious.

If any of these posters had used a minority there would have been accusations of 'racism' for portraying them negatively. If this had been a positive campaign with no ethnic faces there would have been 'racism' calls for not 'being inclusive'.

If you feel sufficiently victimised by this racist anti-white campaign please follow this link and let them know we are not going to stand for this demonisation any longer.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Is Blair's mask slipping or is he creating a new one?

I picked up on a news story this morning and without waiting for the interview to air (I hope I can get hold of a transcript I cannot bear to hear the man) I can expose this Fabian, Common Purpose fraud for the smirking reptile that he is. Apologies for the diseased link but their obvious bias makes ridiculing so much easier!

He is either a very confused person where religion is concerned or he is simply covering all bases to enhance his 'peace envoy' credentials. His maternal family are Irish Protestants, indeed his grandfather was a grand master of the Orange Order lodge. That's that sect covered. His father was an Atheist, let's get them onside. Since leaving government he has converted to Catholicism, a useful friend to have when discussing religion but I will bet a pound to your penny his maternal grandfather sat bolt upright in his grave screaming 'pogue mahone' at that one!

He has now confessed to reading the Qu'ran daily to get the bloodthirsty psychopaths of the desert onside! Does this shell of a man have no shame? Is there no cause he will not pin his colours to in the name of international recognition? I would like to know which sanitised version he is reading because the version I see is full of hate. I'm also curious as to which Haddith he is reading as without that the Qu'ran is jumbled garbage. You may as well tear up a bible and read the shreds in random order, that is how the Qu'ran is written, you need the Haddith to decipher it and put the quotes in chronological order and context. He must be lying or he would know this and the followers of the bloodthirsty paedophile will see through him too. Will he in a few years convert to Islam? Claiming he has seen the way of the Prophet and the true word of god in Allah? His sister-in-law Lauren Booth recently said at an anti -Israel rally "we are all Palestinians". Will this be the next step in his anti-Semitic career? I don't see any evidence of him studying the Torah.

He is also of the opinion faith schools are not sectarian and divisive. He believes that faith schools foster inter-faith relations. This is of course Fabian PC double-speak. Segregation means integration, of course it does you lying reptile! He added that a question of equality was involved. Why yes if you mean equally insular. When these kids leave school having little or no practical knowledge of other faiths and have to mix in the real world, that is where problems start. Segregated education and integrated society simply does not work, cannot work. If children attend a 'faith school' they are educated in accordance with their faith, so when they leave and encounter other faiths they have a poor understanding, this causes further division as people retreat to the comfort of their own kind. If you force 'faith schools' to provide a secular education then they are no longer faith schools!

"You can't say to Christians and to Jews that you can have a faith school but Muslims can't". Why yes you can because Islam is NOT a religion, it is an ideology. Scientology is more of a religion than Islam! If you are going to allow Islamic faith schools (madrassah's, lets call a spade a spade) in the UK then you have to give communism, socialism, Marxism, nazi-ism faith school status, a question of equality is involved in it's political sphere. Let's also give capitalism and free-trade economics faith school status to bring equality in Islam's finance laws. Would the Westboro Baptist Church be allowed a faith school? They spread a similar poisoned message of hate and hellfire.

On the invasion of Iraq he "insisted Britain went to war for the right reasons". Were they the reasons you stated at the time you despicable vermin? Was it because you had credible intelligence of WMD or was it for different 'right reasons'? He also claims the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan and Britain's foreign policy in general did not radicalise Muslims. This is damning evidence he knows NOTHING of Islam, let alone the Qu'ran. Allow me to explain Islamic Jihad.

There are two definitions of Jihad. Big Jihad and little Jihad. The size reference is not linked to the importance of one over the other, they carry equal weight, but rather the amount of truth you may tell about each version.

Big Jihad is the one all Muslims will claim is what Jihad actually means. Personal struggle. The mastery of body and mind, the struggle to live as close to the word of Allah and the example of Mohammed (if you want to be a bloodthirsty psychopath, thief, liar, gynaphobe and necrophile). Little jihad is the one they speak of only rarely and quietly, even then they dress it up in non-aggressive terms like 'defending Islam'. Little Jihad is written in scripture, Islam must be defended at all costs from the infidel, and you think storming into Islamic state with superior firepower and displacing their citizens wouldn't peeve them? Just a little maybe? The devoutly Christian G.W. Bush and the now Catholic T. B'Liar invading Muslim lands wouldn't be seen as something to be fought against? Fucking dipshit.

Little Jihad is also the reason they are in a permanent state of offence and always making demands. They up sticks to a new area that offers them something they cannot have in their home country. When the get here they find decadence, lewdness, a life devoid of faith. Is it any wonder the arrogant nature of the Qu'ran would make them think "this place would be perfect if only they followed Allah's word", so they try to convert this new land, rather than just going back home where our culture will not offend them. Our culture becomes a threat to Islam, as our decadence could corrupt the mind of the Mohammedan, and must be subjugated and destroyed to PROTECT ISLAM!

It doesn't matter how many faiths he converts to, there is no God that will save him from standing trial for Treason against the British by selling our sovereignty to the EU or for War Crimes by lying about the reasons for the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, the needless deaths of British Army boys in an illegal war and the theft of Iraqi and Afghan resources (90% of the worlds heroin is grown in Afghanistan and it is CHEAPER since the invasion......why?)

Tick Tock Tony, Tick Tock

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Exposing themselves at the G20

The very name of this 'summit' shows the mentality of the attendees. The 'Great' 20. The elite, the leaders, the ones who have the right to make decisions that affect the whole world whether you want it to or not. You have no say, you are not 'Great'. Is it any wonder they refer to it simply as a 'G', to hide it's true meaning?

Obama is showing his true 'colours' again, this time while in discussions with Irish First Minister and murdering IRA terrorist Martin McGuiness. During his week long trip to America McGuiness said the objections to 'undocumented Irish' immigrants came up repeatedly and that "President Obama intends to tackle the problem". He is also quoted as saying “The issue of the undocumented Irish came up consistently and persistently at many of the engagements in which we were involved. There is no doubt that it is a matter with which the new Administration will grapple.”

Obama intends to tackle illegal immigration? Good on him! If only our government would do the same. Oh but wait, there is more! The mixed race president intends to tackle a few thousand WHITE immigrants, there is no mention of the millions of South American illegal immigrants, or Continental African immigrants, just the white ones and particularly the Irish ones. An interesting note is that his maternal parents are white Irish immigrants.

At the same time as he is making these anti-white racist overtures, he refuses to comment, never mind condemn, his paternal Kenyan born aunt's court appearance for being in the country illegally. She has been granted leave to stay until 4th Feb 2010 as she claims her life would be in danger in Kenya due to her nephew's status. Zeituni Onyango, 56, appeared in court wearing a bright red curly wig. She was ordered to leave the country in 2004 when Obama had never been heard of outside of Chicago but evaded authorities until her nephew became famous.

Michelle Obama wrote in a thesis while studying at Princeton "There was no doubt in my mind that as a member of the black community, I am obligated to this community and will utilize all of my present and future resources to benefit the black community first and foremost."

Well well well. Not only does Barrack Hussein Obama hide his mixed race birth and Irish ancestry to appear more black, he also allegedly was born outside of the USA, making him ineligible for presidential office. He messed up swearing in and completed the legal ceremony in private and allegedly ON A QUR'AN because a bible could not be found. In the Whitehouse? What about the one he fluffed his lines on outside? Now he is personally attacking the hated white side of his family while embracing the beloved black side. His wife is an admitted anti-white racist saying she will serve her own race before any other. If you change her statement by substituting black for white, she would be in jail, not the oval office!

It is no wonder Obama and Brown have a special relationship. They both believe non-white immigration 'enriches' the nation and white culture debases and degrades it. They are both anti-white racists who would like nothing better than to see white people erased from existence. Does anyone still doubt the sinister agenda they have for the world?