Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Encams using anti-white racism in latest campaign.

In a bout of blatant anti-white racism that if reversed would have people jailed, Encams have launched a raft of posters where every single face is white and displayed in a negative light.

Encams (Environmental Campaigns) are the charity behind 'Keep Britain Tidy' and have been active in trying to keep litter in check for 50 years. There is a bit of history behind them HERE. They used to run wholesome campaigns featuring stars such as Morcambe and Wise, Marc Bolan, Emile Heskey and Micheal Owen. It would seem PC and most probably CP too have seeped in and polluted this once noble charity with the most blatant anti-white racism to date.

You can see the posters for yourself HERE. It is my understanding they are to be used massively in London before, during and after the 2012 Olympics. Be sure to check out the more adult 'Humorous' posters in the 15+ and 18+ catagories too.

The 'Dirty Pig' theme. A white teenage boy with a pig's snout and a white teenage girl, showing some naked derrier, with a curly pigs tail sticking out. This must please the Muslim community who believe Allah "made them [Jews and Christians] as Apes and Pigs"

'Don't turn a blind eye' to fly tipping, or the middle aged white man emptying his hatchback onto the roadside.

Smoking Related, a totally unnecesary and seemingly unconnected white hand in the bottom left corner.

'Colin' and 'Alice' Colin is standing with two other children who are wearing gas masks. Colin is portrayed as being unclean, untouchable, smelly/toxic, subhuman. I believe a certain Fascist employed similar methods against his chosen scapegoats. Alice is in a group of white girls apparently jumping to avoid stepping in rubbish. While not directly linking whites to the cause of the problem in this poster, it clearly insinuates littering as a white disease.

Cars. The abandoned vehicles poster shows a mature white couple standing next to an old banger. Spit shows a male in his late 20's spitting out of a moving vehicle and Nose shows a woman in roughly her early 30's with her finger up to the third knuckle booger-hooking.

15+ campaign. The use of implied foul language is evident in the posters regarding picking up dog faeces. Featuring a large specimen of a 'barkers egg' with the words Bull, No or Tough above it represents common use phrases. Granted not racist but unneccasarily vulgar. Three overtly sexual and vulgar references to genitalia complete the collection for mid-teens.

18+ campaign. This features two scantily clad whites in their early twenties. The allusion here is that whites are promiscuous and likely to let you 'get lucky' for being environmentally conscious and picking up litter.

Of course when you take each poster at face value there doesn't seem to be much harm in them. When you examine the entire campaign and note the anti-white bias in blaming whites for the litter problem, demonising and reducing them to the status of farm animals and implying they are so contaminated you require a gas mask to be near them, not including a single Asian, Black or Oriental face anywhere in the campaign, using lowest common denominator toilet humour and reducing white youngsters to nothing more than a sexual object, the nefarious touch of Political Correctness and Common Purpose's ethnic promotion agenda is obvious.

If any of these posters had used a minority there would have been accusations of 'racism' for portraying them negatively. If this had been a positive campaign with no ethnic faces there would have been 'racism' calls for not 'being inclusive'.

If you feel sufficiently victimised by this racist anti-white campaign please follow this link and let them know we are not going to stand for this demonisation any longer.

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  1. Great to see another articulate expression of this epidemic of anti-white propaganda. Next we need to locate specific perpetrators of anti-white racism and use internet vigilantism to punish them with severe consequences.