Friday, 10 April 2009

Is Blair's mask slipping or is he creating a new one?

I picked up on a news story this morning and without waiting for the interview to air (I hope I can get hold of a transcript I cannot bear to hear the man) I can expose this Fabian, Common Purpose fraud for the smirking reptile that he is. Apologies for the diseased link but their obvious bias makes ridiculing so much easier!

He is either a very confused person where religion is concerned or he is simply covering all bases to enhance his 'peace envoy' credentials. His maternal family are Irish Protestants, indeed his grandfather was a grand master of the Orange Order lodge. That's that sect covered. His father was an Atheist, let's get them onside. Since leaving government he has converted to Catholicism, a useful friend to have when discussing religion but I will bet a pound to your penny his maternal grandfather sat bolt upright in his grave screaming 'pogue mahone' at that one!

He has now confessed to reading the Qu'ran daily to get the bloodthirsty psychopaths of the desert onside! Does this shell of a man have no shame? Is there no cause he will not pin his colours to in the name of international recognition? I would like to know which sanitised version he is reading because the version I see is full of hate. I'm also curious as to which Haddith he is reading as without that the Qu'ran is jumbled garbage. You may as well tear up a bible and read the shreds in random order, that is how the Qu'ran is written, you need the Haddith to decipher it and put the quotes in chronological order and context. He must be lying or he would know this and the followers of the bloodthirsty paedophile will see through him too. Will he in a few years convert to Islam? Claiming he has seen the way of the Prophet and the true word of god in Allah? His sister-in-law Lauren Booth recently said at an anti -Israel rally "we are all Palestinians". Will this be the next step in his anti-Semitic career? I don't see any evidence of him studying the Torah.

He is also of the opinion faith schools are not sectarian and divisive. He believes that faith schools foster inter-faith relations. This is of course Fabian PC double-speak. Segregation means integration, of course it does you lying reptile! He added that a question of equality was involved. Why yes if you mean equally insular. When these kids leave school having little or no practical knowledge of other faiths and have to mix in the real world, that is where problems start. Segregated education and integrated society simply does not work, cannot work. If children attend a 'faith school' they are educated in accordance with their faith, so when they leave and encounter other faiths they have a poor understanding, this causes further division as people retreat to the comfort of their own kind. If you force 'faith schools' to provide a secular education then they are no longer faith schools!

"You can't say to Christians and to Jews that you can have a faith school but Muslims can't". Why yes you can because Islam is NOT a religion, it is an ideology. Scientology is more of a religion than Islam! If you are going to allow Islamic faith schools (madrassah's, lets call a spade a spade) in the UK then you have to give communism, socialism, Marxism, nazi-ism faith school status, a question of equality is involved in it's political sphere. Let's also give capitalism and free-trade economics faith school status to bring equality in Islam's finance laws. Would the Westboro Baptist Church be allowed a faith school? They spread a similar poisoned message of hate and hellfire.

On the invasion of Iraq he "insisted Britain went to war for the right reasons". Were they the reasons you stated at the time you despicable vermin? Was it because you had credible intelligence of WMD or was it for different 'right reasons'? He also claims the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan and Britain's foreign policy in general did not radicalise Muslims. This is damning evidence he knows NOTHING of Islam, let alone the Qu'ran. Allow me to explain Islamic Jihad.

There are two definitions of Jihad. Big Jihad and little Jihad. The size reference is not linked to the importance of one over the other, they carry equal weight, but rather the amount of truth you may tell about each version.

Big Jihad is the one all Muslims will claim is what Jihad actually means. Personal struggle. The mastery of body and mind, the struggle to live as close to the word of Allah and the example of Mohammed (if you want to be a bloodthirsty psychopath, thief, liar, gynaphobe and necrophile). Little jihad is the one they speak of only rarely and quietly, even then they dress it up in non-aggressive terms like 'defending Islam'. Little Jihad is written in scripture, Islam must be defended at all costs from the infidel, and you think storming into Islamic state with superior firepower and displacing their citizens wouldn't peeve them? Just a little maybe? The devoutly Christian G.W. Bush and the now Catholic T. B'Liar invading Muslim lands wouldn't be seen as something to be fought against? Fucking dipshit.

Little Jihad is also the reason they are in a permanent state of offence and always making demands. They up sticks to a new area that offers them something they cannot have in their home country. When the get here they find decadence, lewdness, a life devoid of faith. Is it any wonder the arrogant nature of the Qu'ran would make them think "this place would be perfect if only they followed Allah's word", so they try to convert this new land, rather than just going back home where our culture will not offend them. Our culture becomes a threat to Islam, as our decadence could corrupt the mind of the Mohammedan, and must be subjugated and destroyed to PROTECT ISLAM!

It doesn't matter how many faiths he converts to, there is no God that will save him from standing trial for Treason against the British by selling our sovereignty to the EU or for War Crimes by lying about the reasons for the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, the needless deaths of British Army boys in an illegal war and the theft of Iraqi and Afghan resources (90% of the worlds heroin is grown in Afghanistan and it is CHEAPER since the invasion......why?)

Tick Tock Tony, Tick Tock

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