Thursday, 22 January 2009

If ever proof were needed we are getting screwed 2

Here they go again the filthy, dirty, greedy rancid bastards!

Following Gormless Brownshirt's promise of 'British jobs for British workers' and following the news of the Nottinghamshire power station construction going to foreign labour, is the news that hundreds of British workers at a Grimsby oil refinery are to lose their jobs as the company's French owners import cheap foreign labour. The Italian and Portugese labour is being housed on a floating barge on Grimsby docks, another 'floatel' is due to arrive next week.

Total (boycott!), who own the plant, which is the third largest in the country, have already accepted 100 foreign workers and 300 more are due to arrive next month. The British workers have been put on 90 days notice and will not be allowed to apply for the positions that will be vacated as 'they only want foreign labour'.

Full story here

On a smaller but no less important note, workers at Deeside-based TI automotive group have contacted their local BNP councillor and asked him to intervene after 23 Brits lost their jobs in favour of Eastern European labour.

The company used a points based system to determine the redundancies but weighted it unfairly against the Brits, some whom had 10 years service, by heavily-weighting 'skill diversity' which favoured the temp foreigners as they get moved around alot whereas permanent staff tend to get left to the same job for years.

Full story here

Both of these stories and the one from a few days ago have only one place to lay the blame, the EU. It is their 'freedom of Labour' rules that allow Brits to recieve this kind of treatment and Gormless Brownshirt is their ever willing accomplice telling bald-faced lies about British jobs for British workers as he has absolutely no control over British jobs since he whored himself to Brussels and paid for his seat on the EU Council and £2M salary with our lives and the lives of our children.

Is it any wonder that Tony B Liar changed the rules regarding treason and had the death penalty removed as a punishment? The British people will want to see him and his cohorts tried when the BNP get a voice in the media and the people realise the very depth of the betrayal. He will choose exile to his villa in the med instead of having the noose forced around his neck. That in itself shows how long this 'credit crunch' has been planned.

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