Friday, 16 January 2009

How to survive 2009

This is only my opinion but to survive the "Global credit crunch" we have to get away from the current trend of Globalisation and start thinking local. If it wasn't for the "one world economy" then this would have been America's problem, not the worlds problem. Each and every country has a finger in the pie of every other country. It is this, and this alone, that has caused the current meltdown. If each nation did its banking within it's own borders then the collapse of a couple of America's biggest banks would have had negligable effect outside of the USA's borders. The rest of the world could then have come to their assistance and helped them through their trouble. This is how things used to be done before the "New World Order" got a foothold and and introduced the "global economy" where the slightest hiccup effects the entire world. No-one is in a position to help anyone because the international checks and measures that were in place when each nation was its own bank have gone.

So we need to start thinking local. Each and every person can influence how well Britain comes out of this and how quickly we get back on top. Every penny that is spent on foreign goods and imports or in foreign owned businesses is money that vanishes from our economy. Try to source your food from local or British retailers and producers. I have found a small local butcher 300 yards (not EU meters) from Tesco who is not only cheaper but sources all his meat from farms in the county. That is money going to fellow Brits. There are several greengrocers in my little town, only one displays the country of origin on all produce, that is where I shop. I eat whatever fruit and veg is in season in Britain. Granted I don't have what you could call a varied diet but I am supporting British retailers and British farmers. Not only are the economic effects beneficial to this country but the environmental effects benefit the world. How much pollution do you think is generated bringing pre-packaged beef or lamb from the other side of the world? How fresh is the food after its 12-24hr trip?

The cost of living in Britain is out of control mostly due to the cost of energy. Thatcher closed the mines and scrapped the coal fired power stations, buying in oil and gas from other countries who now keep us on a tight leash with rocketing prices and threats to shut the taps. That cost this country massively as we lost the ability to produce vast amounts of electricity 'in-house' and huge revenues from exports. The EU have warned they may demand the surrender of Britain's North Sea oil and gas reserves for the member states currently affected by the dispute between Russia and the Ukraine. They are OUR resources, in OUR sovereign borders. Our Fathers, Grandfathers and Great Grandfathers made the ultimate sacrifice defending them from continental Europe, will we hand them over with a smile? Will our government stand up for the people of this once great nation and defend our lands, history and heritage from the smiling assasins intent on our destruction?

An unbelievable fact that came to my attention just the other day is that Britain is buying gas from Russia in surplus, there is way more supply than demand. In most economies an excess of supply drives prices down, the government could use the surplus to get us cheaper energy. Do you want to know what they do with the surplus gas??


Thats right people! The CLOWNS running Britain's economy are buying high and selling low EVERY SINGLE DAY! We subsidise the EU's energy usage with our inflated energy prices. The continental Europeans are having a lovely warm and comfortable winter thanks to you, while you freeze in the coldest winter for a decade! Global warming indeed??!! EDF, a french owned company have increased prices in Britain by about 50%, yet in France by only 4 or 5%. The Germans are doing it too through the energy companies they own. Bend over for Brussels!!!

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