Tuesday, 27 January 2009

More Government Waste and Corruption

All this really beggars belief. I cannot believe the audacity of this Labour government and their suicidal approach to the credit crunch. Today 'Lord' Mandellson announced a £2Billion kitty for automotive manufacturers facing difficulties. That is two billion pounds of British taxpayers money. Two billion pounds in the coffers of companies owned by Japan and India as there is no British automotive industry anymore. Two billion pounds that goes on your children and grand children's tax liability, possibly before they are even born.

There is a serious problem here and it is that the Labour government know they are out soon and are putting the next government in the worst hole they can create. There is such a debt burden due to bailouts they cannot afford that no government for the next 20 years will be able to cut taxes and if the economy has some miracle turnaround and in a few years we see some good times, they can claim it was their 'radical action' that did it. If not, what the hell, its not them fighting for food and freezing to death.

On top of this, there is a story doing the rounds, not in the mainstream media of course, that the government turned down over £671million in backdated regional grants from the EU. This UK under-spend came about due to the pound weakening against the Euro and Brussels' 200Billion Euro 'fiscal stimulus' to member regions. The deal was accepted for Scotland, Ireland and Wales but declined for England and the money will now come off Britain's EU contribution bill, effectively putting the money in the Treasuries pot rather than directly to the regions it was meant for.

If that does not prove that Labour are self-serving corrupt criminals I don't know what does.

Perhaps the Labour Lords accused of taking cash to influence policy will? Or Labour Lord Ahmed, currently awaiting sentencing over the death of Mr. Martyn Gombar, killed by Lord Ahmed who was driving at 60mph, in the dark and sending texts to a reporter. Lord Ahmed also recently put a stop to a diplomatic conference by threatening to mobilise 10,000 Muslims if it went ahead. Perhaps the Labour minister for Neath Peter Hain, the Kenyan born South African former minister thrown out of South Africa by white and black alike, who recently 'forgot' to declare £103,000 from his election fund and was accused of armed robbery on a bank in 1974?

Every day they prove themselves to be unworthy of government and gag the media from reporting it, then accuse the same media of bias for not appeasing the Muslim vote over the Gaza DEC appeal.


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