Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Anti-White Racism in the 21st Century

What a title eh? Whoever would have thought in the mid-nineties that within a decade the indigenous white British people of this once Great Britain would be a persecuted and cowed race? Who would have thought that the nation that gave the world a working model of parliamentary democracy would be in the ravages of Communism? Who could have seen that the British, owners of the biggest and best run empire in history would be bankrupt and bereft of national identity?

The answer to ALL of those questions is Mr. Enoch Powell. He saw it back in the seventies. He was vilified and pilloried by the bleeding heart liberals and lunatic left after his Rivers of Blood speech. I suggest anyone who is unfamiliar with this piece of history get onto YouTube and listen to what the man said all those years ago then look at the world around you. Weep when you realise the prophetic nature of it and curse the traitors who didn't listen. One very important part of his speech was this line :

People ask me "How can you say these vicious and inflammatory things? I say how can I NOT, knowing what I know?

Every time I feel a little too tired to write an article or I get concerned about my safety I remember this line. When I hear about fellow BNP supporters and activists, going about their legal, legitimate political activities being arrested on trumped up charges, physically abused by the police, approached and intimidated by MI5, attacked by Searchlight/UAF thugs sponsored mainly by the Labour party but covertly by Tories, Libs and the Communist Party. How can I not speak my mind and tell people the truths I know? If I kept my mouth shut and maintained the status quo to save my own skin, how could I look in the mirror seeing a coward look back? Someone once said "Real evil is good men doing nothing". We ALL have to do something.

The BNP released a booklet entitled RACISM CUTS BOTH WAYS which shows the shocking truth about anti-white crime and most importantly, anti-white racist murder. You could be forgiven for thinking that they have slanted the results to suit their political agenda, that's what the main 3 parties have been doing for decades, they even have a PC name for these lies, they call it 'spin'. There is no spin in fact though, and this booklet simply shows the true statistics, the same statistics the government get but without the spin and blatant omission. Visit the link above and read the online version. Be prepared to be shocked, stunned and sickened by a lot of these stories.

If you are not convinced by the BNP's figures, then take a look at this report that came to my attention this morning. This was written by renowned researcher Tony Shell using Home Office and Ministry of Justice figures. The same figures the government get and spin, bury and flat-out lie about. The results are both shocking and disturbing to anyone who thinks our 'wonderful multi-cultural society' is working or that immigration 'enriches' our once beautiful land. I will post some of the highlights here but I do suggest reading the full report.

Racist Murders. Whites over-represented between 1997 and 2000 by a factor of 24. In 2001 to 2004 by a factor of 30 and 2004 to 2007 by a factor of 32. Labours immigration policy has 'enriched' your chances of being killed by a non-white with a racial grudge by a factor of 8. Don't you feel blessed?

Interracial Homicides. In the last ten years the level of murders by non-whites on whites has remained over represented by a factor of 20 fairly consistently. Please bear in mind these figures are for the Black Minority Ethnic sector and includes white ethnicity under the category of 'other' and include the victims of the 7/7/2005 terror attacks.

Ethnic experience of racial violence. This report was compiled using the latest available figures (Dec 2005) and list all racially motivated instances of violence that result in wounding (hit with a blunt instrument, assault, stabbing, non-fatal shooting etc.). White victims are over represented by a whopping 33%. I find this terrifying to be honest. The fact our elected representatives bury this information and when confronted say that it is because "whites are the majority" when they should know full well that the results should be the opposite where it is the size of the perpetrator's group that is significant, not the victims.

So as an indigenous white Brit, you are 32 times more likely to be killed by a BME because of your race, 20 times more likely to be killed by a BME due to misfortune and 33 times more likely to be physically assaulted and wounded by a BME for any reason he or she sees fit. Our government knows this and STILL does nothing about immigration. Our police know this and are called racists for arresting BME suspects!

These figures are not political spin or racist propaganda, they are fact. Ugly facts, embarrassing facts, terrifying facts, but facts non the less. It's time for the British people to show the will and determination that built the greatest empire ever known, that showed the world modern democracy, that has stood up for freedom against in numerous enemies, most notably the Nazi's. It's time for Britain to stop feeling guilty for being white and say enough is enough, vote for the BNP and look towards a time when Britain is the jewel of the world crown, liberators of the oppressed, innovators of science and structure, the way we were when great men like Eddi son invented electric light, when Stephenson invented the railway, Brunell who excelled at pretty much everything from tunnels and suspension bridges to steamboats. We gave the world supersonic passenger flight with Concorde. We have that strength of character even if we no longer receive that level of education.

Look at British history before mass immigration and look at us now. Facts are facts and they are indisputable.

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