Thursday, 22 January 2009

More proof that whites are second-class citizens

This article was posted as a comment to one of my blog entries and I would like to share my thoughts about it.

The extreme left-wing dhimmi Runnymede Trust has claimed that white disadvantage has nothing to do with race:

"'The white working classes are discriminated against on a range of different fronts, including their accent, their style, the food they eat, the clothes they wear, the social spaces they frequent, the postcode of their homes, possibly even their names,' it said. 'But they are not discriminated against because they are white.'

The Runnymede Trust's main claim to fame (or notoriety) is coining the word 'Islamophobia'

I take it the Runnymede Trust are condoning discrimination on everything but colour then? If it is OK to discriminate against whites for every part of their culture so long as pigment isn't mentioned then surely it is ok for me to discriminate against Asians, Blacks, Chinese?

Accent. Are runnymede condoning not giving Asians jobs in call centres because White brits can't understand them?

Style. Bit of a broad subject that. I would have thought style was all encompasing of culture.

Food. So I can refuse to sell Halal on the grounds I find it barbaric and reprehensable?

Clothes. So I can laugh at a Muslim man in a dress, or a Sikh in a turban. Can I now demand a Muslim woman remove her Burka for security purposes in a bank?

Social spaces. If my church, pubs and nightclubs are a target for discrimination then so is the Mosque and the corner shop.

Postcode. The whites never built the ghetto's, we didn't congregate in one area and depreciate it to the point you have to pay people to move in. Immigration did that. Do I now have carte blanche to use euphamisms like 'Londonistan' and 'Bradistan'?

Names. You cannot seriously tell me that we are being discriminated against because of names like Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, David and many more besides that were found in the Bible. Maybe if the qu'ran had focused on more than one person they wouldn't all be called Mohammed (and every varient spelling thereof, depending on the parents literacy I assume). Oops can I say that now?

The double standards in our society suck. Our constitution was not written in the blood of tyrants and patriots so some 7th century death cult could be handed the keys to our fair Isle. King Richard, Cromwell, Wellington, Nelson, Churchill will collectively be spinning in their graves at what the traitors in parliament are planning and at what we are allowing. It is mark of abject disrespect to every fallen man from every war that was ever fought against tyranny. We stopped the nazi's in '45, the commies in '89 and now we must fight for our children as your fathers and grandfathers fought for theirs.

Hitler was a great admirer of Islam. He liked the bloodthirsty, hardline doctrine as he saw Christianity as weak. He persecuted and slaughtered Jews as Mohammed proclaimed. Muslims have held placards at anti-semetic protests saying 'God bless Hitler' and 'get ready for the real holocaust'. Islam and Nazi are two sides of the same coin. They both want to eradicate all oppositionso there is nothing but their pure and undisputed doctrine.

The EEC, which gave birth to the EU, was Hitlers concept. After the war it disappeared for a couple of decades until heirachy and support was restored. The tactics have changed but the end-game is the same. Totalitarian elite rule over the world, Europe is only the begining. Only the BNP will get us out of Europe, close the borders, deport illegal asylum seekers, foreign criminals and those intent on our destruction. Only the BNP can give Britain a reason to be Great again. There is nowhere left to turn. Labour have sold us into slavery to Brussels after promising a referendum, they boldly lied. The conservatives did it in the eighties and will again despite their promises the Tories Are Blu-Labour. The Libs are as Yellow as their rossettes and UKIP just want their noses in the EU trough. It is the unelected courts that have all the power in Europe, the parliament is an illusion to keep the masses compliant.

I know you find this frightening, you do not want to believe your freedoms have been taken. You want to believe that your elected representatives are looking out for you. They are not and you know it. You might not know the depth of the deciet and levels of treachery but you can feel there is something wrong. The truth is on the net, go get it. It's here in this blog, on the BNP website, Youtube. Read my other articles and visit the links with open eyes and an open mind.

Speak the truth and shame the devil. It's only taboo if its a secret.

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  1. white devils are liars and culture thieves as well created aids and h5n1 and are ILLEGAL in non white lands such as north America south America south Africa Europe oceana pacific um the wworld as non whites were on this planet since 200,000 years