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Why we must stop eugenics.

Last week I heard a news report where a geneticist was claiming they had identified the breast cancer gene and could detect it in an embryo. By removing those embryo's they could greatly reduce or even eradicate breast cancer. You may think this is an entirely laudable breakthrough in medicine until you look at the history of genetics and see exactly where this slippery slope is going.

Chances are you have never heard of eugenics. I will bet you have heard of 'ethnic cleansing' which is the 21st century name for the Nazi practice of 'racial hygiene'. Eugenics is, essentially and undeniably the pursuit of a master race. There are two schools of thought on eugenics, one is to promote reproduction amongst those considered superior or the dissuasion of reproduction among those considered inferior. Sounds vile already? It gets worse!

Eugenics (well born) from the Greek 'eu' meaning fit or well and 'genes' meaning born was coined by Sir Francis Galton in 1883 as "the study of all agencies under human control which can improve or impair the racial quality of future generations". Historically this has meant many things but is generally concerned with improving the gene pool, by forced sterilization, euthanasia, infanticide, pre-emptive abortion and in Nazi Germany the impregnation of unmarried German women by SS Commanders. No wonder this 'science' has been labelled 'scientific racism'.

There is also much argument over what is classed as a defect. Sickle cell anaemia and Tay Sachs disease are caused by the same gene that protects against malaria and tuberculosis respectively. Removing it from the gene pool could cause epidemics of contagious diseases that wipe out millions! Do we really understand genetics well enough to remove them? Similar concerns have been raised about prenatal diagnosis of a congenital disorder (preimplantation genetic diagnosis) such as the one I mentioned at the start. Who knows what Pandora's Box we could be opening by messing about with the genetic code?

Eugenics can be positive or negative in practice but both methods achieve the same goal, an enhanced master race. Possible 'positive' approaches include financial and political stimuli (welfare benefits?), targeted demographic analyses (free condoms or birth control pills?), in vitro fertilization, egg transplants, and cloning. Negative eugenics aim at lowering fertility among the genetically disadvantaged. This includes abortions, sterilization, and other methods of family planning (clinics nationwide!). Abortion by 'fit' women in Nazi Germany and Stalin's Russia was illegal and many 'unfit' women had forced abortions and forced sterilization.

There are three ways to implement eugenics. The first is the authoritarian way as used by the Nazis under Hitler and communists under Stalin. The second way is elective, or promotional voluntary eugenics, which is the way it is pushed in Britain now, and private eugenics which is practiced voluntarily by groups where it is not promoted to the general public. How many times have you heard people say the Royal family and/or landed gentry are interbred?

Sir Francis Galton came up with the idea of eugenics after studying Charles Darwin's theories of natural selection where only the strong survive. He surmised that human civilisation protected the weak and defective from nature and contributed to its own demise, coining the phrase 'reversion to mediocrity', more commonly known now as 'reversion to the mean'. No matter what PC name you give it it is STILL the pursuit of a master race and murder of the perceived 'inferior'.

The reason you will never have heard of eugenics is that it has never received state funding and only two universities established courses in this field. Although sterilisation programs were never legalised in the UK many mentally ill patients were sterilised by supporters of a wider eugenics program. Galton's eugenic view of Britain was based on class, rather than race. He determined that negative eugenics should be used on about 50% of the 'respectable working class' with positive eugenics for the upper classes. British backers of eugenics include The Fabien Socialists Society, who are backers of the Labour Party and of which Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are members.

In my opinion this is a VERY slippery slope. The elitists have decided to prey upon our very humanity to promote their agenda. The Fabien Society promote change through gradualism rather than reformism, basically the erosion of rights rather than removal. They are depending on the very mention of cancer to invoke pity for the sufferers and their families and support from survivors and relatives of deceased to start the ball rolling. Once they have a screening program in place who knows what genetic 'defects' they could start to screen for? Big nose gene? brown eye gene? Resistance to diseases gene? They could remove a race or class of people by removing their ability to fight the common cold, leading to an epidemic of pneumonia. It sounds far fetched but it can be done.

Please give this subject a lot of thought. Remember that while it is a terrible thing for anyone to have to suffer cancer, the genocide that could be waged against a people by stealth is to horrible to contemplate. These are the tactics Hitler would have used if he had the knowledge/means. The only difference is he went out and did it for the world to see. That lesson was learned and learned well by those who have a 'global plan', they won't be so stupid as to reveal their plan this time.

Visit these links and open your eyes to the vileness that permeates our society.

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  1. I just came across your blog and I agree with what your wrote regarding eugenics. I believe there is a very sophisticated eugenics movement happening globally underway.

    As a parent of a child with autism, I have been reading about Mitochondrial DNA (MtDNA) mutations and how a dysfunction of the mitochondria, an organelle that provides cellular energy to all our bodies organs, can result in a variety of neuro-degenerative diseases such as MS, ALS and neuro-psychiatric disorders such as autism, bipolar and schizophrenia.

    Mitochondrial disease is a disorder of cellular energy metabolism. I believe many people carry mtDNA mutations that predispose them to disease. That MtDNA mutations are very common but one may or may not develop a disease. Environmental stressors are neccessary.

    Mitochondrial experts wrote in a letter to President Obama that mitochondrial disease is at the core of many common diseases.

    Read: Letter to President Barack Obama

    I feel part of the eugenics movements agenda is, through the vaccination process, to provoke an immune response so powerful that it will result in the deliberate expression of these mtDNA defects. By bringing the defects to the surface, they can be easily identified and catalogued not for the purpose of finding a cure, but for the purpose of purifying the gene pool. This is the true goal.

    I believe this forced expression is why we are seeing skyrocketing autism rates in children. Currently 1 in 70 boys has been diagnosed with autism in the US.. a 600% increase in the last twenty years. I believe these children in reality had a mitochondrial dysfunction triggered by vaccines that resulted in autistic behaviors.

    I believe the eugenics movement is collecting this data via the Human genome project and Mito map to use as a way of identifying and eliminating mitochondrial mutations that predispose the human population to disease in order to purify the gene pool.

    I advise anyone this: do not surrender your DNA in the name of research and, no matter how hard they push, do not vaccinate or at least educate yourself before making the decision.