Friday, 30 January 2009

Mark this day in history.....

30th of January 2009

This is the day that Britain said 'Enough is enough'. Up and down the country British workers are downing tools and walking out in 'sympathy strikes' for the British workforce at the Lindsay oil refinery of Grimsby. Despite the fact that there are unemployed men in Grimsby who have experience of working in refineries and are actively seeking work, Total awarded a contract to an Italian contractor who shipped in their own labour force, one of which was photographed giving the finger to the British workers who had walked out in disgust. So much for solidarity with their fellow Europeans!

The latest from the BNP is that there are hundreds of workers coming out under their own steam. The most important point here, and I cannot stress it enough, is that the unions do not condone this action!! Derek Simpson, general secretary of Unite made the ridiculous statement that “it’s not a question of foreign workers” and suggested that the union doesn’t mind its members being replaced by foreign workers as long as they get a chance to ‘compete’ before being thrown out of work! Apparently he is well out of touch with the workers feelings on this matter, but he would be with his £200K salary and £800K grace and favour home-for-life! Proof, if any were needed that the unions are in league with the Communists running the country and only wish to feather their nests while collecting the subs from the man on the ground.

The list as I write this is as follows but check the BNP link above for updates

STAYTHORPE, NOTTS. Hundreds out at the giant power station near Newark.

MILFORD HAVEN, WALES. Work on the giant South Hook and Dragon liquefied natural gas terminals halted by mass walkouts.

WARRINGTON, LANCS. Protests reported at the Fiddlers Ferry power plant, but no picket line visible at 1 p.m.

ABERTHAW, BARRY. Power station walkout.

MOSSMARAN, SCOTLAND. Workers at the terminal north of Edinburgh have downed tools.

St FERGUS, ABERDEENSHIRE. Workers at the giant gas terminal out on protest.

DOUNREAY, THURSO. Reports of workers downing tools to support the call for “British Jobs for British Workers”.

MOTHERWELL BRIDGE, SCOTLAND. Angry workers “on the fence” - ready to walk out but waiting for just a few more signs that the protest is truly national.

SELLAFIELD NUCLEAR PLANT, CUMBRIA. Meeting this morning expresses huge sympathy for construction workers, anger over the growing use of foreign cheap labour, and a readiness to come out in solidarity if workers are victimised or the strike grows.

All of this because at last the general population have had enough. The British stiff upper lip has given and the British sense of fair play and decency has come to the fore. This is not like the fuel protests or miners strike, this is not a union co-ordinated, politically motivated game. This is something much, much more powerful than that. This is the True Brit spirit that has seen our country through recession, depression and war countless times. This is the backlash for all the irritation and frustration the man on the street has been feeling for a decade. This could be the end of the nightmare we have been awaking to.

Unless the government pull off a huge reversal of policy and make an unreserved apology this will only grow. We need a General Strike, a million-man march. As more people come out so will even more follow their lead. We need to spread this feeling across sectors, not only construction workers but Fire and Rescue, Manufacturing, people working in banks need to come out on the street over what the hedge-fund debacle has done to their jobs. Every man and woman of voting age needs to shout at Whitehall and let those traitorous self-serving puppet politicians know we are saying no more. We want an election, we want out of the EU, we want 'British jobs for British people', we want Law and Order restoring, we want a proper education for our children, we want an NHS that is properly funded, we want a Military that has the weapons to defend our lands and not sent around the world fighting over sand-pits with sub-standard equipment.

We want the BNP. The mass media may not be reporting it, but the support for the BNP is growing at a fantastic rate. In recent months they have missed out in elections by as little as 8 votes. In Fenham, Newcastle their vote TRIPLED in less than a year. All over the country people are voting BNP even if they don't admit it for fear of being falsely labelled as a 'fascist', 'racist' or 'Nazi'. We all need to start talking about what is wrong in this country and be honest about our political allegiance. We need to boycott the newspapers that have become political mouthpieces and intentionally mislead us over what is happening not only in Britain but all across Europe.

Make yourself heard so the truth can no longer be denied. The media will join in once they realise their circulation, and therefore profits will suffer for the lies they peddle. Today is the day we all need to roar "NO MORE"


  1. I'm with you all the way Proudgeordie. Let's get this show on the road and show the TRAITORS in Westminster that we mean business!

  2. No longer the lemming31 January 2009 at 08:53

    At long long last the lemmings have stopped jumping!

  3. our time is coming ,we must make this an accross the board all out general strike,however we must ensure that the elderly and the vulnerable wont be caused any uneccesary suffering,a million or more marching to westminister,composed of angry white working class people will make the enemy quake in their boots,especially those from the religion of peace and those who wish to turn parts of our great land in to harlem or kingston jamaica by proxy, along with the inherent violence of these so called societies,for years they have had the false sense of security that whitey is scared of them,well how wrong they are , we brits are a slow to anger people,but now that is finished,enough is enough ,we will no longer sit back and let these bastards ride rough shod over our streets,our culture, our traditions,and god help those white flunkies, slags,and grovellers,who kicked their own people in the teeth ,because they will be standing trial for their treachery,and i will be the first to apply for the position of public executioner when the great day comes.