Monday, 2 February 2009

Wildcat Strikes = Lions Roaring

At last the people are standing up to the corrupt, deceitful political careerists intent on ruining our once great nation. The government are being forced to show their communist globalisation plan by ignoring the people who elected them and the unions are showing their true-colours by towing the party line. The people are beginning to show the true power of a country lies with the electorate. We all need to stand beside the construction and power workers now, the ball is rolling and momentum must be kept. Retailers, bank workers, call centre operators, bus and train drivers all must walk out and hold a nationwide General Strike against the governments suicidal immigration policy. If they will not give us a referendum over Europe at the ballot box, if they will not give us a General Election with which to voice our dissatisfaction, then we must take it to the streets in peaceful protest until they listen to our fears and do something about it.

The unions have a very dirty hand in this, they anger me as much if not more than the government. We expect politicians to be corrupt and try to have one over us at every opportunity. The unions are supposed to defend us, they are our voice, our comrades, the people who protect us from those who would take advantage. They have shown now that they are deeply in the pocket of government and have been the smiling assassins of our demise. They have blatantly lied to our faces and stabbed us in the back. The management of the liquid gas site at Milford Haven are allegedly set to inflame the situation by locking out anyone who strikes. Obviously they plan to ship in cheap labour in the future and want this nipping in the bud before their fat salaries suffer.

A Unite official was "lucky to escape with only a heckling" after he had called for the strikers to call off or scale down their protest in South Wales. When his calls were rejected he lost his temper and screamed "you are all racist scum!". So THAT'S what the unions think of anyone who is looking out for the best interest of their family, friends and countrymen? Isn't that what the unions are supposed to do? The unions now are not the unions of the 60's and 70's, they are politicised appeasers who's only job is to get disgruntled workers to swallow the globalisation pill. This is what sticks in my throat the most. My maternal grandfather was a union man in the pits, he had a coronary and died while giving hell to the management in defence of the workforce, right there on the floor of the bosses carpeted, heated office when they tried to screw men 10,000 feet underground. My mother was 6 months pregnant with me at the time. I never got to meet him because of his commitment to the union and defending it's members. Today's unions have shit on his memory and everything he believed in, and I will see those traitors swing for it.

The government have painted themselves into a corner they cannot get out of. They are sticking to the policy of free movement of workers and saying 'protectionism' will make the recession worse. How can making sure the British man and woman can earn a crust make the recession worse? How can keeping British money in the British economy make the recession worse? President Obama, who I have previously called a communist and a globalist, has changed tack and guaranteed that Americas bail out strategy will ONLY benefit Americans. Either he is lying through his teeth or I was wrong and he is protecting his own country first, like a good leader should.

The other option is for Labour to change policy, to expel foreign labour and give the 'British Jobs To British People' as Brown promised. The problem is, he cannot do that as it contravenes European Law, and European Law supersedes British Law (all members national laws) since the signing of the Lisbon Treaty. The only way Gormless McBroon can fulfil his promise is to tear up the European Treaties and enforce British Law. That simply will not happen. He stole a policy from the BNP and used it as a political soundbite and it has come back to bite him. He must look like a prized clown at Davos preaching communitarianism and globalisation with his home nation kicking off!

The problem is Brown, Mandelson and the Loony-left elitists actually BELIEVE that globalisation is the answer. They believe that Poles, Italians, Spanish etc can come and work here because we, the British, can go and work there. What if I don't want to go and work abroad? Do they really expect us to believe that the immigrant workforce are here because they want to be British? Or is it because there is no work in those countries or the pay is so poor that spending months or even years away from their families is worth the financial benefit? You couldn't pay me enough to be away from my son for a month, never mind an undetermined contractual obligation. So my only option is minimum wage and losing my home, or Jobseekers allowance and losing my home, with the benefit of being made to pick up litter and paint community centres like a criminal on community service, while losing my home.

Personally, i don't give a fig for what happens on the Continent. Let the Polish government look after the Poles and the Italians look after the Italians. I care about the society my forebears built going to hell in a handcart because of imported crime. I care about the industries built by British skills and ingenuity being exported to the East or staffed by imported labour while British people get shafted. I care about the British welfare system being so overloaded that pensioners freeze or starve. I care that British families are torn apart and children suffer parental break-ups because of the pressure of day-to-day life in this credit dependant society. I care about Britain and the British people. I care about stopping the rot now, and spending my life rebuilding society and the economy to the point where my children might have a better life than I have and instilling values in them that mean they will do the same for my grandchildren.

Starting with removing the filth in the Houses of Parliament and Lords

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