Tuesday, 3 February 2009


I have just spent 4 hours watching Zeitgeist-The Movie and Zietgeist Addendum. It really is an eye-opening piece of docu-cinema and I heartily suggest anyone who is interested in conspiracy theories takes the time to watch it. If YouTube keep pulling clips from it no matter how well editted there must be someone who doesnt want it seen!


A quick rundown on some of the topics covered are: Christianity and the evidence of its origin as an astrological myth. Basically God was etheral and his sun was the centre of the zodiac (Gods sun = Son of God) he had 12 disciples, there are 12 signs of the zodiac. The Virgin birth was the zodiac sign Virgo, you get the idea. This alone is worth watching if you have ever wondered where the Bible story came from.

The best bit from my point of view is the coincidences and bare facts behind the International Bankers. It is broadly biased towards American economic history but it gives a fantastic history of economics thats easy to follow, and it will leave you with a much better understanding of why we are in this current mess. It has been done before too, the similarities are uncanny!

The scariest part is the evidence that the International Bankers, often refered to as Masons, Illuminati, Bildebergers etc are the real power in the world. There is evidence of them pulling the strings behind every major international event. They were apparently behind pushing America into WWI and WWII, Vietnam and orchestrated the War on Terror.

The documentary evidence of CIA 'false flag' operations at the World Trade Centre is jaw dropping. Questions that have never been answered to this day like why did a 3rd building collapse when it was untouched? The way it collapsed is a textbook professional demolition, as was the way the Towers fell. Why were eye witness reports of pre-crash explosions in the basements before the impacts not investigated?

Why was there no plane wreckage at the Pentagon? They said the plane 'vapourised' on impact but aviation fuel does not burn hot enough to melt the steel or titanium the jet engines are made of. They also said they identified passengers by fingerprints. If steel and titanium vapourised how did fingerprints survive? Norad had an 80 minute warning that the planes had deviated from flight plan but never responded when the average response time is 10 minutes.

They said it was because they were doing disaster drills that day and the radar had false blips from the exercise. Coincidently, the scenario they were practicing for was terrorists seizing multiple passenger airliners and crashing them into buildings........ funnily enough, the security team responsable for London Underground were running an exercise on 7/7, their exercise was multiple terrorist explosions on trains.

The second video gets a bit new-age hippy in the last hour with spokespeople for the Venus Project saying that we have the technology now to produce abundant energy and food for the entire world. Their goals are laudable, to free the entire world from wage slavery. To make the planet totally self sustaining in an environmentally friendly way. It is very interesting from a conspiracy point of view, we have this technology but the petro-dollar and IMF keeps it supressed for profit. One interesting claim is that the entire world population could fit into Australia, each person getting a quarter acre plot of land to grow vegatables and half of Queensland would still be uninhabitted!! There goes the population explosion theory!

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