Monday, 2 February 2009

Britain's Politicised Police Force

If anyone still doubts that Britain's police are in the hands of political careerists and only exist to push political will on the people need only to look at the last few years protest marches to see that they are exactly that. The current strikes were met with mounted police going up and down the lines of peaceful protesters, spurring their horses into what appeared to be a spooked state of almost rearing and shouting "get back". Play acting for the cameras and an invitation to confrontation so they could pepper spray and bludgeon with parliamentary consent.

Go to YouTube and look at their response to the Miners Strike in the 80's, particularly Orgreave. Smashing picket lines with charges of men and horse, the use of dogs to hold lines. Not to quell an unruly mob, but to harass and tire them, to quash their will and get them back in the pits, at Maggie's request.

The Poll Tax protests of the nineties. A peaceful march turned into a free-for-all when mounted police charged protesters, riot police cracked heads and arrested peaceful protesters. A peaceful protest march was turned into a 10 hour riot that saw thousands of civilians and police injured because the government didn't want people revolting against the most ridiculous tax since the people were taxed per window because they had the benefit of a nice view!

The Countryside Alliance mounted a peaceful protest march through London to gain support for their right to hunt. The police stormed in and cracked heads and arrested people for exercising their democratic right. The government didn't want their authority questioned so the boot-boys in blue were sent in.

On the 30th of January the Chinese prime minister came to visit the Chinese embassy. A handful of free Tibet campaigners were outside the Embassy protesting at the Chinese occupation of Tibet. The BBC clearly shows the Metropolitan police force throwing them about like rag dolls, one slightly-built woman tried to run away and was head locked by a copper twice her size and dragged back. Do I need to emphasise the importance of Britain getting into bed with China bearing in mind their overt COMMUNISM and appaling human rights record? How many of you remember how they put down a protest in Tianamen Square? Compare their policing of protests and Britains of the last few decades. Notice any similarities? Dissent is not tolerated unless it benefits the political agenda. Like allowing Muslims to go on the rampage and feel emboldened enough to be even more fanatical and aggressive?

Compare these actions to the anti-Israel protests of a few weeks ago. There is a very interesting video on YouTube of the police running away from the protesters! Why would they run away you might ask? Could it be because the protesters were Muslim and Labour do not want to upset their imported votaries? When the Muslims protested over the Mohammad cartoons they called for death to the British, held up placards saying the British police will go to hell and for a global Jihad on the publishers of the cartoons. Not one 'person' was arrested. At the anti-Israel protests two Starbucks were ransacked and vandalised, every window broken. There are pictures available on the net of the faces of the perpetrators yet no mention in the mainstream media. News teams were turned away from the protest by the police as they didn't want word to spread to the nation, in case we saw what Islam is REALLY about. Some people shot video with handy cams and took photo's with phones. Go and have a look at the thin blue line turning yellow and running like rabbits from a pack of rabid wolves to shouts of 'Cowards' 'Kuffar' 'Infidel' and 'Allah hu Akbar'

I give it by the end of the week for the BBC to report "a strike escalated today and thirty or more people were arrested by riot police". After that they will lie and say strike support is waining so people will lose heart. They used this tactic to great effect during the second fuel strike, they will use it again and we must be ready to report from the front lines. Don't be surprised if your phone suddenly starts to lose signal near strike areas, that's the masts getting turned off so the truth cannot spread.


  1. Very true. They are TERRIFIED of invoking the wrath of Islam. Imagine if footage was shown abroad, too? The Met. would be accused of racism. It's a two-tiered society - them and us. This is why we need to support the BNP.