Wednesday, 11 February 2009

What more can happen to freedom?

An astounding few days in the sub-public political world. While the BBC show endless footage of suffering in Australia they fail to mention that in September '08 The Age, a top newspaper in Australia ran a story about how the CIA had intercepted communications from a Muslim extremist website saying that bush fires would be very effective as a weapon of terror and suggested the use of petrol or sulphuric acid to assist in fire-raising. That story was pulled from the archives on Monday afternoon after it was discovered but can still be found via Google.

Yesterday the General Synod voted to ban members of the Church of England clergy from being members of the British National Party. The proposal was raised by one Vasantha Gnanados, a civilian worker in the Metropolit(ical?)an Police Force and backed by former commissioner Sir Ian Blair. Ms Gnanados was on BBC's Big Questions on Sunday morning in full traditional Hindu dress and Sir Ian Blair is the raving left socialist who put Labour party promotional stickers on Met police cars during Tony Blair's 1997 election campaign. There is no ban on clergy being members of any other political party or affiliation. Blatant discrimination and as one commentator said "This is ridiculous. Member or not you can still vote for them". Indeed they should do just that.

Another chapter in the story of Mr Geert Wilders. You may remember my previous articles about Mr Wilders and his short movie 'Fitna'. He is a democratically elected member of Dutch government who made a movie drawing parallels between passages from the Qu'ran and the various terrorist atrocities and barbarisms carried out by followers of the Cult of the Moon-worshipping Bloodthirsty Necrophiliac Paedophile. Well after he was invited to the House of Lords for a discussion about his movie, The Noble Lord Nazir Ahmed (the Pakistan-born dangerous driver, who I cannot call a killer as though a man died due to his actions, causing death by dangerous driving was dropped) threatened to raise an army of 10,000 Muslims against the Houses to prevent Mr Wilders attending. Well a Lord and Lady of the House grew a pair and re-invited Mr Wilders for a showing at a later date.

Well the Secretary of State Jacqui Smith has written to Mr Wilders telling him he is not welcome in Great Britain and if he attempts to enter the country he will be arrested. A copy of the letter can be seen here. You should find this absolutely galling, whether or not you believe Islam to be a vicious, evil, wicked satanic cult or not. Any EU citizen can steal our jobs, claim benefits and leach of our tax system, remove assets from our beleaguered economy, commit serious sex offences and violent crimes including murder, but a member of another EU state government cannot speak his mind if it goes against the Labour parties beliefs. This should be causing a diplomatic incident, and indeed still could as I read that the Dutch government will be 'applying pressure' to get the decision changed. You can read more about the situation here. Apparently it would 'threaten community harmony'. You mean Muslims would take to the streets? Smash up shops? Burn cars? Assault innocent bystanders? Really, the religion of peace?

Over the last few days in Glasgow there have been events that bode ill for our Scottish brethren. A group of kids having a friendly snowball fight were set upon and beaten with weapons by a gang of Asians in their twenties. The two groups having a bit of winter fun were Asian and white when a car pulled up and a gang of older Asian boys jumped out and assaulted the four white boys. They were taken to hospital with serious head injuries and broken bones. This occurred just a few hundred yards from where the body of a white boy was found who had been beaten and burned to death by an Asian gang. Kriss Donald was just 15 in March 2004 when he was snatched from the street, tortured, burned and dumped in a skip. More on this story here.

Also in Glasgow's Govanhill, an area now known as Govanhell, is a report on the increase in child prostitution amongst the Roma communities. There is a full story here but the crux of the story is that a man was out walking his dog and happened across a grown man having sex with a nine year old girl who he had stood on a car battery. This is the kind of filth and scum the Labour government have heaped upon us.

This is ABSOLUTE proof that there is a systematic destruction of civilisation occurring here and the ultimate objective is to have us all so busy fighting each other that we forget to fight the people who caused it. They just keep enslaving us with regulations and taxes 'for our safety'. The safest thing we can do is phone, write, text and email our politicians and media stooges. Let them know we have seen their plan and that we will take it no more. Let them know that their experiment is over. The reason they try so hard to silence the BNP is that they know the BNP are the only party that will correct all the wrongs in this country and try the traitors in a court of law. They are really sweating now as they see their time at the trough coming to an end and they will have to answer for their treachery and deceit. They know the real power of a nation lies in it's people and they fear the people realising the fact. Those corrupt parasites are public servants, not our masters. They need to be reminded we hired them and we can fire them, if the cowards ever call a general election that is.

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  1. Latest from the Green Arrow is Wr. Wilders still intends to arrive on Thursday at Heathrow. Lets see what dictatorial measures Labour employ. They simply MUST show their Stalinesque/Marxist totalitarianism and clamp him in irons, leaving no doubt as to their views on freedom of speech.