Saturday, 7 February 2009

The problem is worse than I thought.....

There have been a few discoveries in the news the last few days that have been removed from the mainstream media that cause me a great deal of concern. One of them is an absolute hoot and that's the one I'll start with.

Jeremy Clarkson has been forced to issue an apology after saying to an Australian reporter that Gormeless Brown is a "One-eyed Scottish git". He should apologise for that in my opinion and here is why. It is an offence to anyone who ever lost an eye and to our Scottish brethren for being stereotyped with that spineless oaf. All gits of the world are stuck with the fat traitorous sack of shit.

It is worth noting that Ross and Clarkson launch a personal attack on a public figure, apologise and get a wrist slap. Carol Thatcher did no more than make a derogatory mark against a public figure in private and she gets publicly sacked. It is an appalling double standard and as much as I like Ross and Clarkson and have no feeling either way about Carol, I think all three should suffer a similar fate. Either those two should be sacked also, or she should have received a private ticking off and banning from the show, as she did offend one of the presenters. Her parentage probably had a lot to do with it.

Serious stuff now. Figures that hit the blogosphere this morning show that Britain's gas supplies are at a dangerously low level. During the gas embargo of Russia against the Ukraine, Britain was selling Gas to Belgium through the Interconnect. I wrote about how the interconnect is used to subsidise Europe's gas at the expense of the British customer in one of my earliest articles. Well while we were keeping Western Europe warm with our hard-earned money we were having to use up our gas reserves from North Sea gas facilities and storage depots, so now we have very little gas in reserve. Visit this blog to see the graphs and predictions. According to these we will be suffering shortages in the next few weeks with exhausted reserves by early March.

Here is the really nasty part. Much of Britain's electricity is generated by gas turbines. If gas becomes short then so does electricity which could result in 'rolling blackouts' where areas of the country are shut off for 1 hour on rotation to ease the load on the remaining generators. Petrol and Diesel prices will rocket as people try to run generators through the blackouts. Food prices will rocket because the transportation costs rely on petro-diesel prices. Starving people start committing crimes and the police are overwhelmed. They already ran from 10,000 Muslims to set up the "we are short staffed" story. Europe will help. They will send the EUROgendFOR police to assist ours in quelling riot and rebellion. Congratulations you are now policed by an armed occupying force!

To make sure the populace cannot organise against the occupiers and only the government news can be seen, ISP's based in the UK will be forced to shut down servers. As websites fight for space on the servers the government allow to run, they will have the implied powers to censor the Internet. Any site they consider dissident will not be allowed space on their servers. Having a site hosted abroad is easily put down by forcing the ISP's to block specific foreign servers or lose their operating license. Foreign server owners are then forced not to host sites barred in Britain as foreign commercial sites suffer trade loss, they cannot afford that in the 'global crisis'. No Internet freedom equals no blogs, no uncensored news source, no truth other than what the politicians consider 'correct'. I bet your seeing political correctness in a whole new light now!

Mobile phone masts will also have to be shut down as they use quite a bit of power. There will be huge mobile black spots and terrible reception making mobiles virtually useless except to track via GPS. Operators will have to stick to government rules if they want to operate in the UK, like recording all calls, censoring texts, blocking certain 'dissident' elements IMEI and SIM from the network to prevent them from communicating with colleagues from around the country. Divide and conquer is a time proven tactic. Landlines will become clogged as they are seconded for 'inter-government communication'.

Freedom of movement will be removed under The Civil Contingencies Act and Anti Terror legislation. There will be roadblocks and random stop-searches to root out dissidents and terrorists. You will not be allowed to leave your designated area in the name of keeping the peace. You will be forced to accept a biometric ID card as your passport across district and county borders, maybe even town and village borders if the unrest gets large enough. We will all be kept in small easily manageable groups and movements will be logged. God help you if you happen to travel into an area where there was trouble when you try to get back 'across the border' to your home town and you are arrested under anti-terror laws, without charge or trial, until they get bored with looking at you. Borders are likely to follow the European Regional Areas with trouble hot-spots singled out for seclusion.

I know you find it hard to believe. It sounds like an apocalyptic nightmare from a movie. A USSR or East German Gulag. That cannot happen to Britain. We are a free country. We have freed Europe twice and countless other countries have been liberated by our flag. Our Empire took civilisation and democracy to sandpits and savages for centuries. It cannot happen to us.

Bad news, it has. It is done. Precisely because of the last paragraph it has happened to us. We were the European pivotal force in both World Wars. That's why we have been taken firsts and by stealth, they have learned their lesson well. The very countries we liberated, the people we freed and civilised are not grateful, they are greedy. They do not want the help we gave, it is not enough. They want the world and all that is in it for themselves. They used to fight each other in sandboxes and flea-pits for dominance and now they fight for world dominance. Every country that was united by the empire has since segregated and warred internally since we left. Every single one without exception.

Force could not take the British Isles. The harder they pushed the more we resisted and not even the Nazi war machine could run over us. A new strategy of patience and persuasion was used to sleepwalk us into oblivion. We have never fought back because we never felt threatened. Over the last 50 years we have had our national identity, our lifestyle, our self-determination has been undermined and denigrated. We have been taught to believe we are evil for our history. The British Empire has been rewritten as an evil occupying force when the truth is we took civilisation to the uncivilised. Education to the uneducated. Farming to the starving.

Look at the world around us. We left East Asia and it collapsed into warring factions. We left Africa and it collapsed into warring factions. We stayed in America and it prospered. We stayed in Canada and it prospered. We stayed in Australia and it prospered. Now they want to bring their warring, tribal ways to us.

Nevertheless we are taught that we are bad because we are white, we have to make reparations for the slave trade (which existed in Africa long before they saw a white man), our culture is worthless and we are 'enriched' by 'vibrant' foreign cultures.

Go to this site and forget about the brainwashing you have received. All of your life you have been told to believe it is wrong to believe that white people did anything good. Ignore the impulse that was programmed into you that you must ignore anything that promotes whites as anything but evil oppressors of the people. You have been trained through political correctness to automatically shun anything pro-white as 'racist' when in fact there is rampant anti-white racism everywhere. You are scared to accept white people are capable of good because that would make you a 'supremacist'. What if you only want to believe, for once, that you are not an evil white person but just a person who wants to find their identity.

Why is there no White history month? No Association of White Police officers? A white version of the Muslim council of Great Britain? Why is every culture from around the world represented and encouraged to flourish while British culture is mocked, degraded, vilified and condemned? Why has British culture only gone downhill since immigration exploded?

When did white children turn their backs on the traditions of their fathers and grandfathers in favour of Indian/Chinese food and Black/African music? How many Africans do you see racing pigeons and wearing flat caps and raising whippets? How many ethnics do you see embracing English culture like hunting? Playing Folk music? Brewing 'real ale'? The British have eaten Pork since time immemorial but now it is hard to find in many fast food or even traditional restaurants. There was a time when every Brit knew how to snare, course and shoot. How to grow food, find food, catch food. There was a timer you could walk into a friends house and call out 'only me'. Now the doors are locked even when they are in, just in case.

I want my fucking country back. I want my culture back. I want to walk the streets knowing some illegal immigrant isn't going to stab me for 50p. I want to know that a British child, high on imported drugs isn't going to burgle my house. I want all drugs gone from our shores and a proper future for the children, not one so hideous they need to get high to get by. Heroin, cocaine and cannabis do not grow in our climate, even cannabis needs specialist equipment, another imported culture that can fuck off home, we don't want it. I want the ghetto's and slums flattening and trees and fields in their place. I want the right to walk in the forests and fields without paying Centre-Parks a couple of hundred for the pleasure. I want to eat the blackberries I find and the game I catch, pitch a tent because I feel like it and I can. I want to teach my son how to feed himself and his future family without being totally reliant on Tesco.

But after reading the articles I read this morning, it might be too late.


  1. 'I know you find it hard to believe.'

    I think there will be riots and strife, in fact I am certain of it. I have written about Peak Oil before, and the consequences will be civil unrest, with racial/religious communities aggravating matters.

  2. The scariest thing is this is not only Britain, it is the whole world. WWIII will not be a nuclear apocalypse as so many movies have portrayed. It will be an economic war. It will be fought on the streets for food and water rather than in the skies and seas for territory. The armies will be made up of groups of Indigenous, Asian, black, oriental, christian, Islamic, Buddhist all competing for the resources to feed their kith and kin. The bloodshed will make WWI and WWII look like handbags at 20 paces and will take alot longer to come to an end. Lets see how many multi-cultural groups exist and how many stab their ethnic friends in the back for bread.

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