Thursday, 5 February 2009

The TV has made me angry tonight......

I just watched the documentary 'BNP Wives' on SKY3 and I couldn't believe what I saw. Activists who were intentionally rude to people asking questions!! Antagonistic, argumentative and did nothing to promote calm, considered dialogue. The two more seasoned ladies were portrayed as lonely and bitter with nothing and no-one else to cling to but a collective of bigots who blamed immigrants for their own sorry existence. The young mum was made to look like she had no say in anything and went along with her husband out of sufferance.

It did nothing to enhance the public profile of the party and probably harmed it. The ratings would have been high tonight on the back of the strikes and I wouldn't be surprised if many of them were turned off by what they saw. I think the leadership seriously need to get hold of the activists and give them some training in dealing with the public and diffusing tension. In all honesty I think C4 played a blinder tonight and wrong footed the BNP. May I be so bold as to suggest next time the TV come sniffing to make a program they only get party officials who have some man-management experience and can keep a civil tongue in their head in the face of adversity. They will edit it to look bad anyway but handing them loaded weapons is foolish to say the least. I know three people do not make the party and the incidental members were more in keeping with the party core, most of the viewers will not have my insight to know this.

Question Time really got me smoked though. I don't usually watch it but I felt compelled tonight and I wish I hadn't. Do they fill the audience with people from antifa, SWP, searchlight? Or are they all told what they must ask? Smarmi Chuckyabhaji was absolutely raving about how someone once said 'Paki shop' in her presence and she felt sick and feverish! A touch much I think. The audience was full of people condemning 'Golliwog' as a vile and unforgivable word. If that is the case, how long until I can't use the shortened name for a Raccoon? Will I have to start digging my garden with a shovel? Play cards with a suit of shovels? It really has gone to far now.

On the Carol Thatcher subject, people are really missing the point. When they draw comparisons to Johnathan Ross saying he kept his job and she didn't but what he did was worse, they are forgetting that he did it live on air, issued an unreserved apology, bent over for the bosses and took what he had coming to him. He offended tens of thousands of listeners and suffered financial loss and public humiliation.

Carol on the other hand was in a room of maybe a handful of people and made a remark that some tennis player looked like a golliwog. Why anyone there was offended I don't know as she didn't call them names. If she told Jo Brand she had the body of a busted sofa and a face a dog wouldn't lick, I would have agreed! I would also understand her offence. If she called Adrian Chiles an adulterous home-wrecker, I could understand his being irked. She didn't say "all Africans look like golliwogs", she said, in her opinion, that a particular person did. That's not racist that an observation.

What it all comes down to is that Ross committed his 'sin' in public and was dealt with in public. Those leftards who jumped all over Carol Thatcher did so in private and it could have been kept private. She was not a regular on the show and they could have just refused to use her services again, simple. I find it oddly coincidental that it was Jo Brand (recently reported to the police for anti BNP material in her 'comedy' act) and Adrian Chiles (allegedly having an affair with his Irish co-presenter who is of ethnic appearance) at a time when the BNP were gathering real pace on the strikes. All of a sudden there is a public race row and a less than flattering documentary on the BNP hitting the screens.

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