Friday, 13 February 2009

If you tolerate this then YOUR children will be next

Big hat-tip to the Green Arrow for this story, it is truly sickening.

Gwent police are flying the rainbow coloured flag for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) month for the 5th consecutive year. LGBT takes place every February, although I doubt you have heard much about it. That could be because the police do not want you to know that instead of being out fighting crime they are promoting 'alternative' lifestyles to our children. How can flying a multi-coloured flag do that? Well the Gwent flag takes pride of place above the official constabulary flag. As police force emblems bear reference to the royal household and service to the Queen this means they place the promotion of homosexuality among officers above loyalty to the Queen or law enforcement. This affront to public decency is a few hundred yards from the local comprehensive where children aged 11-18 pass everyday.

It does get worse though. In Kent the police have invited children under the age of 14 to write a 200 word essay on homosexuality and transexuality (gender confusion) with a prize of £25 for the winner! Not content with corrupting children they are wasting taxpayers money by hosting a homosexual and transsexual dinner dance with a gay quiz night and a seminar entitled 'from outcast to out'. Nice to see them spending OUR MONEY on catching robbers and rapists and keeping us safe. We are still waiting for a heterosexual policeman's month and white police officers association to be formed without it being labelled as 'discriminatory'.

Finally, the sickest piece of news I think I have ever read. I certainly don't remember ever heaving at a news story before this one. If you, as a parent, even consider for a second voting for any party other than the BNP, who will put the authors of vile propaganda and blatant promotion of paedophilia where they belong, then you are as guilty as the FILTH that write the following article here. I'm not sorry if this makes you feel ill, it fucking should.

"Fathers do not devote enough attention to the clitoris and vagina of their
daughters. Their caresses too seldom pertain to these regions, while this is the
only way the girls can develop a sense of pride in their sex," reads the booklet
regarding 1-3 year olds. The authors rationalize, "The child touches all parts
of their father's body, sometimes arousing him. The father should do the

I really suggest that you read the article and see what the NWO and EU have in store for your children and grandchildren. That paragraph is just one of many sick, vile, perverted messages in a booklet used in nine German regions to teach children as young as 1, it recommends showing children from age 4-6 "the movements of copulation".

I really hope you feel revolted, disgusted and most of all angry. Beyond angry. You should be furious, you should want to lash out, to smack some sense into the filth who author this stuff and then recommend it for teaching your children. Will there one day be masturbation lessons for your children? With some depraved paedophile giving 'practical demonstration'? If this does not convince you to stand up and be counted and shout out against what is happening to this country, you should never show your face in public again. Vote BNP for your children's sake.


  1. Remember, Mohammed had to promise to his followers four wives each, plus as many infidel women and concubines "as your right hand possesses", plus 72 virgins in Paradise.

    Maybe the perverts who want to enslave Europe figure that by giving them the okay to mess with their own daughters, they can pacify everyone and prevent a very necessary uprising?

  2. Said article (German "how-to" booklets) came across my inbox from a group of Moms in the US who have, in divorce process, lost their kids to parents with documented (and ignored, in certain venues) history of either this, or domestic violence against them. That is apparently how your blog came to my attention. . . .. I happen to be one of them -- battery, incest in the family, under-educated, and the next thing we know: "Where are my children?" I had committed no crime, and he had -- could I get them back? No. Instead, a counter-crime (thought-crime?) has been created and spread abroad to counter these things, "PAS." . . .
    I posted the article you referred to, with some trepidation, yesterday. With permission, I will also quote your reaction, which I share.
    . . .
    I have been curious where all these "perps" come from in our country. I have been thinking about our public education system, as one contributor. It is commonly acknowledged to have origins (late 1800s) in Prussia. (a blog with plenty of grammar errors, but I'm lucky to get the info out, past post-traumatic stress. Blogroll links may help trace origins of some of the issues.

    Or see:

    A difficulty we have (as women) is that conservative associations that might speak up against, say paedophilia (whether or not practicing it) are also promoting hate-talk towards women, some of who had to leave their marriages for simple physical safety, only to have their churches (etc.), say, "who-me? ? I never knew!"

    Anyhow, your insolence is refreshing. And appropriate. You can post on my site any time.

    (NB: I don't follow British politics, we have enough trouble over here as the justice system is attempting to behavioral therapy through the courts, I suppose to handle the jobs the schools failed to do. Policies got set in Washington in late 1990s, judicial organizations set up to change things about a decade earlier. HISTORY remains one of the most censored topics in our school system (see "The Language Police" by Diane Ravitch, addressing textbook self-censorship, and smaller publishers following practices in Texas and California, largest states.
    . . .
    Oh, by the way, we homeschooled, basically, until a new convert (credentialed teacher) in my extended family put a stop to that, just as our household was stablized after a decade of violence, which he knew about and did not speak up about, either.

    I am not following Islam so closely, I'm concerned about ways in which churches are beginning to imitate its attitudes. I read the books "Infidel" and "They call me Infidel" (about a woman who converted, in the US, and also she spoke about the radicalization of Islam over here. She also tried to speak at Brown University, and was ousted by a group there, initially).

    I have dealt with stalking (by ex) and other difficulties, and so have a general policy right now of speaking up as much as I can, hopefully safely.

    By the way, I almost never get to see my own daughters any more, as a consequence of not saying "yes, sir" enough post-divorce, to whatever sir showed up. This is 9 years after..It is a very common thing.

    Probably more than enough for a single post...