Thursday, 5 February 2009

Liars, Buggers and Thieves....Revisited

It has been almost a month since I last wrote about the corrupt and the criminal in our elected positions from local council all the way up to the Houses of Parliament and Lords. It's been a busy old time for them but you never hear a mention of it in the mainstream media, just in case we get wise and call the traitors to account.

An update on a story I glossed over last time was of former Wigan Labour councillor Joe Shaw, who was arrested by police over child pornography charges. Joe Shaw, of Avondale Street, Standish, will face 16 charges of 'making indecent images of a child' and one of 'possessing an indecent image of child' when he appears before Liverpool Crown Court on March 10.The 42-year-old was originally charged with 16 charges of possessing an indecent image of a child, but these charges were withdrawn by the Crown Prosecution Service with the agreement of the defendant. Mr Shaw made his second appearance before Wigan Magistrates' Court Early in January and was remanded on conditional bail until his first Crown Court date.He will face two alleged firearms offences on the same date. Mr Shaw, who joined Wigan Metro in 2004 and represented Wigan West ward for one term (three years), is alleged to have had a prohibited weapon and ammunition without a certificate.

Child porn and an illegal firearm. Not only did he possess pornographic images of children, he made them. One can only speculate as to whether the firearm was used in the persuasion of the children to co-operate. If this 'alleged' filth hadn't been a Labour councillor his name and face would have been all over the news.

A LibDem this time a prospective General Election candidate for Totnes has been suspended from the district council after a dust up with one of his own officers. Julian Brazil has admitted the incident took place but that 'it was taken out of context' and was simply a 'robust discussion'. They have the bare-faced cheek to call the BNP 'knuckle-dragging thugs'!!

Dorset councillor Daniel Martin of Poole Borough Council is charged with using false representation to obtain job seekers allowance. He was elected in 2007 and bailed to appear at Dorset Crown Court at a date to be set. The charge relates to a period prior to his election.

This is THE most disgusting case of recent times. Labour Lord Nazir Ahmed is to finally face a court almost a year after his car hit another in the outside lane of the M1 near Rotherham killing Martyn Gombar. A police investigation uncovered that 'Lord' Ahmed had been texting a reporter moments before he made the 999 call. The CPS however feel there is insufficient evidence for a charge of causing death by dangerous driving and he will be charged with the lesser offence of dangerous driving.

Now I don't know about you, but if he was driving dangerously, which he obviously was considering he was using his phone while driving, and he hit another vehicle causing somebody to die, then that is death by dangerous driving. No matter what position you hold or who your friends are. He is also the Lord who threatened to raise a 10,000 strong gang of Muslims against the House of Lords if they tried to show the Geert Wilders documentary Fitna or invite Mr Wilders to the house to discuss it. Maybe because the short film shows Islam for what it is, as do the 'Noble Lord's' actions.

A Conservative Councillor who acted as an advisor to West Mercia Police Force was jailed for six months and banned from driving for two years after leading police on a seventy miles per hour chase around the streets of Birmingham. Mohammed Farooqui was said to be speeding when he collided with another car on the twenty third of July last year causing four people to be taken to hospital. Judge Melbourne Inman QC said motorists who put members of the public at risk by their driving would go to prison. Lets see if that sentiment is shared by the judge who presides over the previous overstuffed sack of shit, or if title and influence can really get you off at court.

Labour Councillor Mohammed Najib is wanted on a charge of Electoral Fraud after failing to answer bail in September last year and was believed to be abroad and efforts were made to find him in Pakistan. However an eagle-eyed readers of the local paper the Courier called the newspaper to say they had spotted the errant cheat on David Dickinsons Real Deal! Mr. Najib's solicitors confirmed it was indeed him.

A Conservative Councillor who represented Claughton on Wirral Council in the 1980s has appeared in court charged with possessing 1,639 images in the lowest category and the other 83 were in the next three more serious categories of child pornography. He admitted to 'seeking to view images of girls aged 12-16 in erotic poses' but denied wanting to see children engaged in sex acts with adults. He also denied six charges of making indecent images which will now be dropped. He will be sentenced on February 24th. The Conservative party tried to distance themselves by saying that he had re-applied to join the party but had been declined. I have to wonder if that is because the party KNEW about his filthy perversion and brushed it under a rug to save themselves the shame and to hell with justice?

LibDem Councillor and Dentist Adrian Heath has appeared in court charged with sexual assault after an allegation that he touched a woman's breasts during an examination. Prince Sadik Chaudhury, aged 36, a Liberal Democrat councillor for Thorplands, appeared at Northampton Magistrates' Court yesterday, accused of assaulting Yousuf Miah, a former Conservative councillor who is the chairman of the Northampton Bangladeshi Association.

LibDem Mayor/Councillor Bernard McCartin broke down in tears after being convicted of an £18,000 benefit fraud. He had been claiming higher rate incapacity benefit and middle rate carers allowance, stating that he could not walk more than 25 yards without a stick. However in a damning set of clips compiled by the DWP investigators he was seen lifting and carrying a bag of compost from the back of his car, lifting large boxes of match day programs from the boot of his car and selling them from his wheelchair at a car boot sale, walking 1100 yards with no stick or sign of discomfort, carrying heavy shopping bags from a supermarket with his walking stick under his arm and painting fence posts. He was given a suspended prison sentence, a 5pm-5am curfew with electronic tag and ordered to pay £250 costs. He must also pay the money back at a rate of £12/week. By my reckoning that means it will take over 28 years to pay off, making 66 year old Mr McCartin 94 by the time his debt to society is paid.

Well that's it for this month. Please check out this site to see how many and who corrupt, nasty, deceitful, thieving leeches have been conning you out of taxes and abusing positions of power. Next time somebody refers to the BNP being 'knuckle-dragging thugs' or any of the other slurs they love to trot out in the hopes that if you repeat the lie often enough people will believe it, remember that the truth is well covered up and you are being fed misinformation by the government through the TV and Press. The Internet is the only untainted media source for now, use it while you can. Google censor the Internet in China, they could do it here too.


  1. I knew Mr Daniel Martin you featured in your article on a very intermate basis 4 and a half years ago as a then law student he may have broken my heart in the end but he's the most honest trustworthy person I have ever known he's not guilty of this crime and bear in mind that sometimes the Social Security can Prosecute even those people who make genuine mistakes on paper. Mybe Love is blind some may say Lydia

  2. Hhhmmmm were you studying the Law degree? I think maybe sticking to English would have been a good idea. Let's be honest here. Anyone who gets confused filling in an application for JSA (or IS, IB, DLA etc.) should not be representing a ward in local government, it's not exactly rocket science to claim dole accurately!

  3. Is there any further news on this case? The trail seems to have gone cold. Thanks.

  4. he's just a lying, thieving, cheating, selfish scumbag It's about time some of the bad karma reached him. What goes around, comes around...