Friday, 20 March 2009

Democracy is a funny old game.

News just in that the anti-Semitic dhimmi-fascist George Galloway has been denied entry to Canada over his support of Hamas. The Palestinian anti-democracy terror group are banned in Canada and now they have banned George Galloway as a Dhimmi Islamofascist appeaser and hate promoter. British media is also reporting that Canadian immigration are stating his views on Afghanistan and the presence of Canadian soldiers there is the reason for the ban.

Galloway founded a party called Respect after being ejected from the Labour party for criticizing Tony Blair and his illegal war in Iraq. Labour chairman Ian McCartney said he had "incited foreign forces to rise up against British troops". He was due to speak at a public forum called 'Resisting war from Gaza to Kandahar'. In 2006 he was detained in Cairo airport after travelling there to attend a mock trial of Tony Blair and then-president George Bush. Most recently, during the Israeli retaliation on Hamas Galloway and his Respect party were responsible for whipping protesters into a frenzy until they went on the rampage and smashed up a number of shops, which was covered up by the mainstream media but footage is available on YouTube. A true champagne socialist he stood in the middle of London, smiling in a nice warm sheepskin coat smoking a fat cigar that probably cost a months wage in Palestine, obviously not missing meals judging by the roundness of of his face making a lot of noise while his protesters froze in thin coats and Palestinians went hungry. Like the majority of the government MP's they are full of complaints and rules on what everyone else should do, so long as it doesn't affect their cosy existence.

Compare this if you will to the case of Geert Wilders who was banned from Britain by the equally dhimmified Labour party because of his views on Islam and the movie he made exposing the true messages of the satanic desert death cult. I don't think Galloway is so impressed now the sandal is on the other foot!

On the Geert Wilders subject he is appealing the ban and the immigration and asylum tribunal service has confirmed they have received a request to overturn the Home Office ruling but it could take up to four months to set a court date. All true patriots and democrats wish him the very best of luck.

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