Friday, 20 March 2009

Racism or 'Fairness Doctrine' in FIA?

My last writing was about Sir Oswald Mosely, the British Fascist who counted Hitler, Goebbels, Mussolini and General Franco (European Fascists of Germany, Italy and Spain) among his friends and was a strong supporter of the Fabian Society (the Labour think-tank). His Union Movement (UM) of post-war politics was aimed at a single European super-state, just like the EU of today's nightmare. Today I would like to look at the life and times of his youngest and most infamous son, Max Mosely.

Max Rufus Mosely (13 April 1940) Is currently the president of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), a non-profit association that represents the interests of motoring organisations and car users worldwide. The FIA is also the governing body for Formula One and other international motor sports. Most people think of the FIA as a motor sport governing body but fail to realise that is is also heavily involved, behind the scenes, in European politics and was responsible for the introduction of the EUROncap or ENcap motor vehicle safety tests.

During his teens and early twenties he was heavily involved in his father's Union Movement (UM). You will remember that this was the 'brainchild' of his Nazi-sympathising Fascist father. It is said that his surname's association with fascism prevented his political career, although he was involved with the Conservatives briefly in the Eighties (round the tri-partate houses they go). Due to his father's notoriety he was educated in France and then Germany, where he learned fluent German, before attending Christ Church at Oxford where he was Secretary of the Oxford Union. During his time there he campaigned for 'free speech for Fascists' when his fathers invitation to speak was opposed.

In his teens and early twenties, Max was an active member of his father's Union Movement, A political party devoted to a unified Europe. A European super-state where all nations were ruled by a central government. An important note at this time is that OSWALD MOSELY OPENLY OPPOSED THE BNP IN THE EARLY 1960's!! It should be noted that the BNP of the 1960's is not the party of today and was only formed from 1960-67. Far from the fascist being a founding member he actually disliked the party because of their devotion to racial identity and opposition to a European Union. Trevor Grundy, a central figure in the UM youth movement recalls a 16yr old Max painting the 'flash and circle' symbol of Fascism on walls in London the day the Soviet Union invaded Hungary (4th November 1956). This is a heinous act the BNP are often blamed for yet even the first, and separate, BNP was not founded until 4 years later. The truth is the Fascist, anti-Semite, pro-EU Max Mosely did it, striking fear into the Jews of London as it brought back memories of the Nazi's as the 'flash' looks like one S of the SS insignia.

In the early 1980's, Mosely attempted to revive his political career working for the Conservative party. Bernie Ecclestone's biographer, Terry Lovell, writes that he gave up this aspiration after being unimpressed by "the calibre of senior party officials". He also felt his name would be a handicap stating "If I had a completely open choice in my life, I would have chosen party politics, but because of my name, that's impossible." It should be noted the Mosely not only campaigned for his father's fascist pro-EU UM, and attempted a political career with the Tory's, but is a major contributor to the Labour Party!! Do I need to provide any more proof of the anti-democratic, Fascist, tweedledum-tweedledee nature of the tri-partate cabal?

In his FIA career the F1 world has been his mainstay, using it to push his Euroncap tests on consumer car manufacturers (What happened to democracy? They didn't want it so he forced them! Fascist) Could the FIA be a way for Mosely to be involved in his fathes one-state dream without staining it with his name? Food for thought indeed we all know the true power in Europe lies with an unelected elite. I'm confident a Mosely would be considered 'elite' in fascist circles!The most recent topics I want to discuss are his alleged racism and deviant practices.

Lewis Hamilton won the F1 Drivers Championship by the skin of his teeth, outpointing Phillipe Massa despite having won fewer races. Hamilton had consistently scored highly with a handful of firsts but a huge amount of seconds and thirds. This was because of his skill as a driver and his cool temperament he could get a sick car across the finish line in a point scoring position, drive well in adverse conditions like heavy rain without spinning off the track, very rarely crashed out of a race due to his self-control. He was the most accomplished and well rounded skillful driver. I don't say this because he is English or because it is Politically-correct to back the black man, it is a fact, that is the reason for a points based system. The other drivers, including Massa had a 'shit or bust' attitude, win or crash, that is why Lewis won.

However! There has been a rule change for 2009. Now the Drivers Champion will be decided by the number of race wins. In the event of a draw there will be a count back system of second place finishes, if that is tied, thirds etc. This system was scrapped as being unfair to safe consistent drivers in the 70's! The points system was introduced to reward teams that had drivers who didn't cross the line or hit the wall and teams that built reliable cars not ballistic or broken. It would seem the fair system is only fair if you like the person benefiting from it. How dare some uppity half-caste win the title from a white man!! Change the rules so it doesn't happen again!

Finally in 2008 the News of the World released video footage of Max Mosely engaged in sex games with FIVE sex workers (PC name for sluts, whores, prostitutes) which the paper suggested involved a Nazi theme. Mosely won a High court legal case against the paper as "the games did not seem to mock the Holocaust". I'm sure that makes the Jewish people feel much better, that a confirmed fascist wore a Nazi uniform to engage in BDSM sex with five paid whores didn't mock the victims of the holocaust. How nice.

Another openly Fascist, Pro-EU, anti-Semitic member of the Mosely family going around the houses in British politics and trying to drip feed us (Fabian ideology, reform not revolution) into a fascist police state that could not be brought about by force (Military revolution). It should be noted that this elitist, fascist anti-Semite has NEVER been associated with the British National Party and stands for everything we oppose. If you think he is a man of integrity, class and human kindness, vote for his good friends in the EU-friendly Tri-partate of parliament. If you think he is a repugnant, anti-freedom, anti-democracy fascist who would deny people their right to a national identity and would see the world as a coffee coloured blend of sameness with no culture, no identity, no religion and no democracy then look beyond the Tri-Axis of Evil. Choose another party who offers an alternative to the last 50 years of treason.

I choose the BNP

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