Thursday, 19 March 2009

A little political history

I was having a discussion a few days ago with a British Jew who claimed the BNP were at the battle of Cable Street in the 1930's! I knew this was a great big piece of misunderstanding and leftist propaganda as the BNP formed in 1982! This prompted me to do a little digging so I could get some facts to counter this persons argument, as she wanted an apology from the BNP for the way her parents were treated. I said the party couldn't, and wouldn't, apologise for something it had no part in!

So this is what I discovered. The battle of Cable Street was actually by the BUF (British Union of Fascists), a group founded by a prominent politician of the time, Sir Oswald Mosely (1896-1980). He was a noted Philanderer and had a had a short romance with his wife's elder sister before marrying the younger Lady Cynthia. Born to nobility, his first marriage in 1920 boasted King George V and Queen Mary among the guests. During this marriage he had an affair with Cynthia's younger sister AND their stepmother! Cynthia died in 1933 of peritonitis and he married his then mistress Diana Guiness in 1936. The wedding ceremony took place in Germany at the home of Joseph Goebbels with Adolph Hitler present as a guest. Mosely spent a large amount of his personal fortune on the BUF and negotiated with Hitler to broadcast Fascist radio to Britain from Germany.

Not a particularly nice chap, blue blood and a black heart to match the black shirts of his fascists. His political career is much more colourful though.

At the end of the first world war, aged 21 Mosely decided to enter politics as a Conservative candidate. Although very inexperienced in political terms he was considered for a number of constituencies due to his family background. In 1918 he faced little opposition and was elected member of parliament for Harrow and was the youngest politician to take a seat. He was marked as a great speaker, rarely if ever resorting to notes and having huge self-confidence. He stood down as a Tory within a year when he crossed the floor to stand as an Independent over a dispute about the Irish policy and the use of Blacks and Tans to suppress the population. By 1924 he had become increasingly attracted to the Labour party and joined the ILP (Independent Labour Party) straight away. Mosely and his first wife Cynthia were ardent Fabien Socialists (as are Blair and Brown) in the 1920's and 1930's.

When Labour won the 1929 general election Mosely expected to get one of the top jobs but was given a job outside of the cabinet. When his proposals to tackle unemployment were turned down by his superior and the cabinet, he resigned in May 1930 and founded the New Party. This achieved nothing except to split the Labour vote and allow the Tories to win the contested seats, although Harold Macmillan was a big fan of his economic policies. When his party failed spectacularly in 1931 he went on a 'study tour' of the 'new movements' in Mussolini's Italy and was so taken that he formed the BUF. Many of his early party meetings were disrupted by hecklers so he instituted a corps of paramilitary stewards nicknamed 'blackshirts', frequently involved in violent confrontations with Jews and Communists, particularly in London. On June 7th 1934 a mass brawl broke out when hecklers were removed by blackshirts and the party lost much of it's support.

October 1936 saw Mosely and his blackshirts attempt to march through a heavily Jewish area of London, an event which would become known as the Battle of Cable Street as violence erupted between the blackshirts and the local Jews along with a nationally organised gang of protesters. Mosely abandoned that march but continued to organise other marches, policed by blackshirts. This concerned the Government so much they passed the Public Order Act 1936 which banned political uniforms and military-style organisations.

In 1937, as Europe moved ever closer to war, Mosely stood candidates with the slogan "Mind Britain's Business", an anti-war manifesto that showed allegiance to his Nazi German allies. After the outbreak of war he campaigned for negotiated peace but after the invasion of Norway he faced outright hostility and was almost assaulted. On May 23rd 1940 Mosely was interred for his anti-war pro-Nazi stance. By the end of the war his political career was ruined.

When the war ended he was persuaded to rejoin active politics and formed the Union Movement calling for a single-nation state covering the continent of Europe (known as Europe a Nation) and later attempted to form a National Party of Europe to this end (EU anyone?). When his meetings were physically broken up he left Britain claiming "you don't clear a dung heap from underneath it" (British hater?) By 1977 he was suffering from Parkinson's and was nominated for the post of Rector of the University of Glasgow. Although polling 100 votes, he came last and was once voted "worst Briton of all time"

That is a lot of information about one man, why would I go into such depth about such a hateful, self-serving, narcissist? All will be revealed! The person I was having the discussion with was shocked into silence by the above revelations when given a modern context. The BNP are often associated with the BUF, blackshirts, Hitler, Nazism, Fascism etc yet the BNP was not formed until 1982. How could it be involved with Mosely and the BUF? It couldn't. She was very surprised to learn that there was no way it had ever been possible that the BNP had "spat on my mother".

Further to that, and you wont see this advertised by the Labour party, Mosely was a member of the Labour Party/ILP when James Maxton was the party Chair (Mosely isn't even mentioned in the party history except in his own biographies). Gordon Brown admits to being 'fascinated' by Maxton and wrote a thesis on him while at University and later a biography. Fascinated by a man who allowed an odious little creep like Mosely in the party? Nice. Maxton's ILP was also an abject political failure, nice that Brown can follow in his hero's footsteps.

I said Earlier that Mosely and his first wife Cynthia were committed Fabians? The Fabians were/are the driving force behind the Labour party. The Fabien society conceptualised the Labour party and continue to be the "think Tank" for Labour party policy, in truth, the REAL power behind the party, the unelected decision makers of Blair and Browns government. EVERY Labour PM/Leader has been a member of the Fabien Society, it is a qualification for the job. Key figures in the Fabian Society include Karl Marx, Fidel Castro and George Galloway. Not really patriarchs of freedom and democracy, more like slavery and communism. You really should read up on this nasty movement, who's foundation is based on reform over revolution (how many Labour reforms have there been) IE. the gradual erosion of freedom and the gradual increase in misery. If the change is slow enough it will not be noticed.

Finally, the nail in the coffin of the 'Fascist' accusations levelled at the British National Party is that Mosely tried to instigate a European Super-state, a European Union if you will. After his old chums Hitler and Mussolini failed to conquer Europe by force, he was of the mind to create a "Europe a Nation" by political consensus. He gave this up in '51 but by the early '70's a member of his old Labour party was signing us up to the very same ideal.

So Mosely was of noble birth, the BNP are anti-elitism and very society oriented. He was a Tory who crossed over to the Labour party and left them through petulance and narcissism, not getting his own way in either party. He sided with Hitler over the war whereas the BNP are very pro-forces and could never, would never, support anyone who killed British soldiers and civilian's in their millions. The BNP is just about as diametrically opposed to Marxism, the Fabian Society, the European Union and Common Purpose as you can get!

Next time you hear someone say "the BNP are Nazi's and fascists" just remember that the most notorious Fascist of all, Sir Oswald Mosely (why in gods name was he knighted?), stood for and believed in EVERYTHING the BNP are opposed to and EVERYTHING the current Labour government aspire too. He was a member of the same political organisations as Blair and Brown.

Winston Churchill said in 1943 I think, "We will see the return of Fascism, but it will be under the banner of anti-Fascism"

Labour support groups such as the UAF (Unite against Fascism) ANTIFA (anti fascism group) Searchlight (antifascist and strongly communist group) to name but a few. Labour are run by people who have the same political goals and ideologies as the "worst Briton of all time", a Nazi sympathiser and anti-Semite. Labour openly support THE most anti-Semitic bunch since the Nazi's, the Muslims. They support the Fascist dream of an EU superstate and lied about a democratic referendum on the EU constitution by renaming it the Lisbon Treaty and signing it anyway, semantics to enslave nations.

Ask yourself who are the fascists? The party outlined above or the party that promises to undo all of the anti-democratic and unjust laws imposed on us by the fascist EU? The party that promises referenda on all matters of National policy? The party that will remove all failed/bogus asylum seekers, illegal and criminal immigrants and use the money saved to nationalise public utilities and transport, create 'shared ownership' schemes where the workers own the company and share profits equally? To make use of the newly vacated prison cells to lock up criminals for meaningful terms and making the streets safe to walk? To recreate the countryside the Tories and Labour have tarmac ed over by flattening the vacated slum estates and building new houses where old, energy-inefficient ones have been demolished? To invest seriously in new energy sources to keep Britain as self-sufficient as possible? To rebuild our manufacturing industry so the countries wealth doesn't end up in the pockets of third-world dictators and sweatshop owners?

Is there any alternative to the BNP?


  1. The BNP came from the National Front and the National Front came from the same cesspit of ignorant hatred as the BUF.

    Your argument is pedantic and seemes to be intended to show insidious support for a party which you support.

    Keep trying - I'm sure some people will believe you. The ignorant mostly.

  2. Neither the NF nor the BNP came from the BUF. The first incarnation of the BNP started in 1960, Oswald din't like their ethno-socialism and Euro-seperatism and declined a coalition. The BNP dissolved in 1967 when the NF was born. The modern BNP was a more tolerant political movement of the NF.

    The BUF came from the Cesspit of hatred that is Fabian Labour. Oswalds son Max, a member of his fathers fascist Union Movement is now a major Labour contributor.

    Open your eyes, Labour are the Fascists. Lie all you like people are waking to the truth.

  3. An interesting article...